Badass Mode Icon

The Badass Mode Icon

Travel Ladies

"Did you ever experience desperation?" Badass Travel on left, Loop Travel on right. Do you think they're twins?

"Complete the game after unlocking everything in the living room to unlock Badass Mode."

The Badass Mode is a difficulty in Soul Knight. The Badass Travel will allow the player to switch between levels of difficulty.

How to unlock

After unlocking every other Living Room extension, the player must then beat the game by reaching 3-6.

The Badass Travel will then spawn in the Living Room, offering the player to switch between Normal and Badass Mode for the next run.


Screenshot 2019-07-27 174404

A sample of a "Game Complete" certificate in Badass Mode.

  • A purple monster icon Badass Mode Icon will appear to the right of the status bars, similar to the icon shown in the minimap indicating a boss room.
  • Enemies will spawn and attack more frequently.
    • Champions spawn rate increased.
    • All bosses will be champions, which means that they will have bonus health.
  • Players take 1 extra damage from all sources, including enemy attacks, debuffs and environmental damages.
  • Armor mounts will have 1 extra defense. Monster mounts also have 2 extra health.
  • Enemy projectile velocity greatly increased.


  • The player will need all possible methods to survive, especially when entering a room crowded with enemies near the door.
    • Either the Poison Buff or Fire Buff are vital, since the long lasting damage of the effect is high enough to break the player's armor soon. Explosove barrels can one-hit-KO the player since the barrel deals 6 damage, then the Burn debuff deals 2 damage twice, ending up with a total of 10 damage, which is enough to kill most characters. Also, this means poisonous bullets are now insanely powerful.
    • Choosing a weapon buff in early stages is not recommended, since it is likely the player will pick up different weapons later on.
  • Gold and Energy are not a big problem, since enemies (especially Champions) will drop more. Thus, the Sale Buff and Get Energy Buff aren't as recommended.
  • If the player worries that they would die early, using the Gashapon Machine in the Living Room or watching TV in the Workshop to get a good weapon can help them.
    • The player may also forge weapons in the Workshop and get extra support in the Garden.
  • Unless the player is confident of their "bullet hell" reading and dodging skills, a full defensive passive build is recommended.
  • Playing with a fixed D-Pad can be useful since it allows perfect movement.
  • Getting Milk means everything will deal the usual amount of damage.

Related Achievements

Awesome! Awesome!

Complete 1 game in badass mode

Reward: 5000DailyGems

Speed Runner II Speed Runner II

Clear badass mode within 23 minutes

Reward: None

Strong Fists Strong Fists

Clear Level Mode - Badass with no weapons

Reward: None

Going Strong Going Strong
Clear Boss Rush Mode - Badass

Reward: None

Epic Win Epic Win

Clear Boss Rush Mode - Badass within 15 minutes.

Reward: None



  • Before version 2.0.6, the Badass Mode icon Old Badass Mode Icon was thinner and plain.
  • During version 2.0.6, the Badass icon Fat Badass was bigger.
  • "Game Complete" certificates in Badass Mode have golden ornaments around them instead of silver in Normal Mode. The golden ornaments will not be overridden by Normal Mode runs.
  • When the "Game Complete" certificate was in the old pattern, a badass clear would be recorded as silver ornament around the Magic Stone in the center.
  • The Badass Girl, the character behind Badass Travel's table can also be found in the Secret Signal Room, and will wear different clothes during seasonal updates.
  • In version 2.7.0, the travel desk was changed to include the Loop Travel as well.
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