• Akumaxx ws

    2020 autumn update leaks

    September 12, 2020 by Akumaxx ws

    Will update when more comes.

    • By clearing the standard Glacier level, there is 50% chance that a cage will spawn along with the standard portal. This cage will release a miner who will open a secret path to this new area.
    • In this icy cave:
      • Part of the floor is covered with slippy ice.
      • Explosions may cause ice spikes to fall from above. They hurt.
      • New enemies like stronger miners and crystalized beasts.
      • New boss: An ice worm. It may summon ice blocks. If these ice blocks are not removed quickly, the boss may eat them, restore health and grow bigger. This boss also has a special intro animation where two miners are digging crystal mines.
    • If the player manages to clear icy cave without losing health (like Agility Trial), get a special condition equa…

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  • Matheus MNC


    September 9, 2020 by Matheus MNC
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  • Matheus MNC
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  • Gimmeapackingname

    Did anyone do this? Anyway i'll be covering 6 aspects:

    • Unlock
    • 2nd skill
    • 3rd skill
    • 2nd anniversary skin set
    • Boss skin set (Trader skin included)
    • Chinese myth skin set

    This might help for future investments that i make in the game.

    Character Unlock 2nd skill 3rd skill 2nd anniversary Boss Chinese myth
    Knight Free Gems
    Gems Paid Gems
    Rogue Gems Paid
    Paid Fragments (easy) Paid
    Wizard Gems Gems Paid Paid Fragments (medium) Paid
    Assassin Gems Gems Gems Paid Paid Paid
    Alchemist Gems Gems
    Gems Paid Paid
    Priest Gems  Fragments (hard) Paid Gems Fragments (hard) Paid
    Elf Gems  Paid Gems Paid Fragments (easy) Paid
    Robot Special Paid Gems Challenge Paid Fragments (hard)
    Officer Special Gems

    Engineer Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Fragments (hard)
    Vampire Paid Paid
    Paid Fra…

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  • JankyDanky

    Anubis is a boss which is easier to beat than other bosses like Volcanic Sandworm, Baby Dragon Bros, Varkolyn Leader, Floating Laser UFO and Gold Mask (which is a 1-5 boss), so maybe they should change its attacking style. Me and my brother have been discussing about the difficulty of this boss and we tried to find ways how to toughen this bad boy up.

    1. Ruined Obelisk is pretty weak, especially because it is easy to target, kill and avoid. So we suggested that it should attract the player near it every 2 (or 3) seconds similarly like the Horn. While the player is within its radius, it will slow down the player's speed, giving its summoned pool a better advantage at damaging the player.
    2. The Headstone has the capability to summon Mummies, but i…
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  • Dakaweewee

    I just created this because I feel like no one is recognizing how awesome and amazing and fun the wiki really is. It made my life better and I hope it made yours too!

    I get really sad when I see hate comments and snarky critiques about this wiki. All of us are doing are best to keep this wiki up and going. Soul Knight is a pretty big game, and we just want this to be a place of learning. Please don't ridicule all the hard work put into this wiki! We have a great admin and lots of editors making a contribution! To everyone in this community: Thank you for staying with us all this time. You are the best.

    Have Fun!

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  • Matheus MNC
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  • Dakaweewee

    Today I will try to persuade you to NOT read my blog posts! YAY!

    • Cheesy Jokes
    • Holy Water
    • Grammar Mistakes
    • Michael Phelps
    • WiFi
    • Too many bullet points
    • Secret information the GOv'MinT doesn't want you to know.

    Ok Ok Ok Lets start.

    I made all of them before update 2.7.0 and didn't bother to update them due to my innate laziness and the fact that I have absolutely no screentime.

    Some examples.

    • First of all, my Ranking Characters Blog Post: Doesn't Contain Taoist OR OFFICER
    • My Ranking Skills  blog post has nothing NOOTHING. No third skills, not taoist or officer skills.

    See? That's all outdated SHI-

    These cases are also due to my innate laziness. If I feel like a blog post is a bad idea, do I ask an admin to delete it? nOoOoOOOoOoOOOoOooOoOOlooloOOLolOlOL. I'…

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  • TriaVR

    1. It's round

    2. It spins into the end of time

    3. It's blue, blue looks nice

    4. It depicts the Wiki Owner, very majestic

    5. Its shape represents the circle of life

    6. It is versatile

    7. It can be used for communication purposes

    8. Just look at it: ↓

    Thank you for listening to my TEDtalk.

    TriaVR (talk) 16:46, July 27, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Gimmeapackingname

    Before i start, i just want to clarify that it's actually very hard to actually conclude that any boss is harder since it is mostly opinions, people's opinions are different, and your opinion might be better than mine.

    One of the hardest bosses in the game IMO, his room has little cover (1 block) and he spray bullets like crazy, so crazy i'll say it is impossible to dodge. Just in case you managed to find cover, he has spitting bullets that attacks from many angles, lots of TNT and most importantly, poo falling from the sky, all limiting the area where you can run

    A boss that got dramically harder in phase 2 as the boss detach, the horse uses charging attacks and the knight fires bullets.Of course it's much harder to focus 2 targets. But the …

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  • Dakaweewee

    Ranking Skills

    July 24, 2020 by Dakaweewee

    PSA: I will not be including either of Officer's or Taoist's skills or any third skills until I collect enough information (watch a bunch of YouTube videos). If you have any suggestions as to where I should rank them, tell me in the comments sections.

    Ok! Without Further ado, let's start!

    Ahh. Time for yet another rant about DRUID'S FLUFFY WOLVES. 

    How about we start with the fact that they do nothing at all? Ok, maybe something, somtimes, but such occurences are as rare as being killed by a vending machine coconut shark. Do you know why? Because PETS ARE FRICKING USELESS. the one upside to this skill is you have additional emotional support and if you don't know how to use your BASIC MELEE ATTACK you can do the world's longest speedrun while…

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  • Abcabcabcabcabc

    Origin tips

    July 21, 2020 by Abcabcabcabcabc

    A lot of people complain of lag in origin in later waves. I have gotten to wave 200 or so in origin myself using turrets, and I saw for myself how bad the lag is. However, this lag is not something hard to solve. Using the method below, I can get to wave 300 easily without any lag. I barely need to do much bullet dodging, all I need to do is stand there and shoot. Easy.

    The method below uses minimum turret, to ensure there is no lag. I have tested it and everything works very smoothly thanks to less bullets on the screen.

    1. Magic bow
    2. Pierce buff, Charge buff, Shotgun buff, Accuracy buff
    3. Rogue skill 1 or Elf skill 1 (In the case of rogue, he already comes with pierce buff, as for elf, she has charge buff as the passive buff)
    4. Fine magic staff/fine …

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  • GrandWiz05

    (I took Dakaweewee's suggestion and moved this from the Boss Rush Mode comment section to here.)

    One of the best weapon for Boss Rush Mode in my opinion is the Frost Bow.

    For the low low price of 8 wood and 4 iron stone, you can beat Boss Rush + Badass mode with ease.

    All you need is a Wizard with elemental buff (6th upgrade), so that you do 32 damage on crit for 3 energy every shot (no need for upgrading starter weapon) and Piercing Frost if you like. I take it because it reduce retaliation by destroying bullets from bosses, but Lighting strike works fine as stun can stack on top of freeze.

    If you are not too confident, consider taking fire buff from the Dragon Fruit Tree. Explosions are scary in Badass after all.

    As for drinks, the followings…

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  • Pixelboy77

    The SWAT is a playable character in Soul Knight (currently just an idea right now). He wears typical SWAT attire, consisting of a helmet, body armor, gloves, tactical pants, and black boots.

    Once unlocked, he can be encountered during a run as an NPC, wielding the Tactical AR. He will follow and assist you on the current floor only.

    The SWAT can be unlocked at the cost of 15,000 gems.

    • Blue SWAT - Cost: 5,000 gems
      • The SWAT will wear a blue version of their default outfit.

    The SWAT has decent health and good armor. However, his maximum energy is rather low, so you have to make sure that you conserve your shots.

    Each upgrade changes the stats slightly.

    1. +1 HP - cost: 500 gems
    2. +1 Armor - cost: 1,000 gems
    3. +20 Energy - cost: 1,500 gems
    4. -2s Skill Cooldown - c…

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  • Dakaweewee

    I'll show you a picture of a weapon from Soul Knight and you guess what it is!

    The answer is Active Wiki Editor!

    Next one!

    Charged Railgun!

    Seriously, am I the only one who thinks Charged Railgun looks like a duck?

    Anway: Next.

    Did you guess it? No? Neither did I. I don't blame you. Well, anyway, lets move on. ===  Say these tongue twisters 5 times fast:===

    Lenny Likes Lasers like Like Laser. 

    Patrick Poophead Painstakingly pained pied piping pipper piper's blowpipe.

    Supertank reverted all of Dakaweewee's stupid edits.

    Wait, that last one didn't come out right.

    You can watch this video. When you're done, rate in in the comments.

    Take my patented IQ test and we'll see how you do. There will be 30 questions. 

    0 …

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  • Dakaweewee


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  • Akumaxx ws

    Trying to snatch info from Bilibili. Anyone can get Youtube videos for reference.

    ETD of new update: Jul. 23re, 10:00 (UTC+8)

    • Officer is playable with Combo buff. Has new skin.
      • First skill plays with own revolver by fitting special bullets.
      • Second skill tags enemies to gain gold on kill.
    • A Taoist. Needs to buy. Has a new buff. Full stat is 5-5-200-5.
      • First skill summons many flying swords like a boosted Bayonet in a Gourd, but shorter.
      • Second skill generates a circle to reflect bullets and increase ally damage. Unlike Paladin, this does not grant invincibility.

    • Priest can shoot light and dark projectiles.
    • Berserker can jump around.
      • Buff changed to Fire Rate buff.
    • Elf can summon one of 3 fairies to assist.
    • Wizard can summon rotating fireballs.

    • When an …

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  • Dakaweewee

    Ranking Characters!

    June 18, 2020 by Dakaweewee

    First of all, don't read this in the evening. I just told you good morning.

    Second of all. this is all MY OPINION, soooooooooooo...

    Without further ado, lets start!

    I admit, I'm biased. I've only played with an unupgraded druid first skill, so not exactly the best light to put him in. I've seen the second skill work magic, and it looks great, but as of now, Druid must contend with last place do to his lack of good stats (armor is always better than health) and emmm... Fluffy first skill.

    On the plus side, Druid has extraodinary skins and probably looks the best. Plus, he seems like a nice guy, maybe thats why he isn't good at fighting monsters...

    Also, I've heard Druid is good for BANWR (badass no weapons run)? Someone confirm because I can't s…

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  • All-Star SILVER

    In this blog post you can see all the memes I've made! Making memes has recently become a hobby I quite enjoy. Also, keep in mind that all these are jokes, often based on my own opinion, so don't get mad at me down in the comments section. Another thing: please, don't post meme ideas down here unless if they're really good, as I want this page to be my own memes. You could comment some improvements on them if you want, though. If you can't read some of the writing properly, you can click on the image to see it in full screen. Keep in mind that I'm not particularly good at making memes yet and often don't follow any pre-made meme templates, so some of these memes aren't really going to be memes, just funny (or maybe not so much) jokes. Have…

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  • Technocat07

    New update

    June 15, 2020 by Technocat07


    I still love Soul Knight, and it's one of my favorite games

    But I don't think they should have done this new update, and I liked it before

    Of course this is my opinion so feel free to post yours

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  • Dakaweewee

    This blog posts purpose is ranking all the bosses. Remeber, these are all my opinion, so you may not agree. I'm not the most knowledgeable person, and you may consider me a noob with only 3 months of experience and ~80 wins. But without further ado, here are my bosses ranked!

    Note that I will not be seperating bosses by levels. (i.e Grand Knight above Anubis)

    A joke to all bosses. Yes, the stone archers are annoying. Yes, the shockwaves can injure you. But this boss doesn't have any strong attacks, is immobile, and just plain sucks. I'm sorry Prehistoric Colossus, but you are just bad. The fun little black spirit is cool though, watch it as you battle, it has so many different expressions :3


    Stay behind cover and nothing can touch you. Y…

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  • Камешек
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  • All-Star SILVER

    As you'll know from my profile, I am one of the most (or possibly the most) active editors on the Bugs and Exploits page and have added many setups and many images to improve the page's quality. Every update I test all the glitches I can do easily, and I am currently in the process of recording these easier to set up and more consisten glitches to complement the explanation and images if necessary. I am here to say that I am practically doing this on my own and I need help from other people if we want to make this page great. It is definitely the longest page in the entire wiki, and for a good reason.

    What I am doing here is asking for help. I need help recording some of these setups. For example, I cannot record the one regarding a graphic…

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  • Камешек

    I'm new here. Oink oink.

    But I'm a pro on the Russian wiki. Kwa.

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  • LoafMcBloke

    Who do you main?

    May 17, 2020 by LoafMcBloke

    I've come to the conclusion that Rogue is the best character (my opinion), and Rogue is my main character.

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    Hello there, viewers and editors. In case you aren't familiar with me, I am an Administrator and Bureaucrat of the Soul Knight Wiki. As the only admin still contributing to the Wiki, I am always trying my best to make the Soul Knight Wiki an informative, secure, and pleasant community for everybody.

    A request has frequently emerged in the past to enable a Wiki Feature that restricts all editing, commenting, and Message Walls to registered (logged-in) users only. For the past two years, neither Visphiric, the head of the Wiki at the time, nor I found this to be necessary. However, recent vandalism and the fact that there are less wiki authorities active have made me reconsider our decision.

    Unfortunately, Visphiric is no longer with us. This w…

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  • Dakaweewee

    Oh, no, looks like this blog was deleted by yours truly. I may decide to dredge this up at a later date, but it's gone for now. 

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    I guess... It's a good ability, however i do think it should've costed in-game currency, especially when you consider some other secondary abilities ( e.g. vine and doppleganger, to name a few ). Alot of characters and secondary skills cost money, and that sucks. Skins, too... yeah, they look neat, but they don't do anything?????? I personally think skins could have passive effects, like slightly more damage, or +1 armor, etc. Not buffs, though. That's too op. I used a free trial voucher to use drone swarm on my robot. I almost won, but i couldn't get the poison immunity buff, i fought against giant laser UFO and lost, adding insult to injury i would've achieved the agility trial achiemement... Yeuch. Anyways, for 1,84 Euros ( or 1,99 doll…

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  • DragonBugs

    Hey Guys,

    This is Dragon here. Do check out my gameplay of Soul Knight...Hope you like it.

    All Suggestions are welcome. Which is your favourite part of the Game? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Early game

    The early game was nothing special. I battled the goblin priest, and at around 1-3 i employed SootSoot, but that's about it. 

    Mid game

    The mid game was just as uneventful. I got a floating laser from a vending machine, witch i had to give to SootSoot because that's just the rules. I also got a statue of paladin.

    Late game

    Late game was nice. At 3-2 i got an energy hilt, witch was amazing! It helped alot, shame at 3-1 i had to use a revive because of a CHESTER. Also, i accidentaly picked up a nasty laser, but i didn't use it since nasty laser is such crud and i had an energy hilt. Also, this is the primary weapon run, so, uh, yeah. To prove i didn't use it, i recorded the boss battle against varkolyn leader. It is worth noting that i …

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  • Dakaweewee

    This is my new blog, I guess. Well, brush your teeth twice a day, eat your vegetables and um... Ok. I guess this blog post is over!

    Just kidding, I should at least give some tips, so I don't get edit-blocked, Soooooo.....

    Watch out for the Baby Dragon Bros, they're harder than you think.

    Welp, the end!

    Like, Comment, and Subscribe! hehehe.

    Uh, no. BYE! :))))

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  • SewaMinamoto

    Being able to stream your gameplay usually means having a battlestation of a PC with graphics cards and 32GB of RAM and 3 screens and whatnot which is not the average man can afford or even consider for one reason or another. The same can be spoken for phones and tablets and whatnot. If it's ass tier, you're dead. So this guide aim to give people with lower spec devices the ability to record their gameplay or stream without using on-device apps which poses a big privacy concern.

    Note that this guide will be fairly technical, and I will only cover Windows. If you're on Linux, you're on your own because who would be using Linux if they aren't tech-savvy. Also, this guide only applies to Android. If you're on iOS, sucks to suck.

    1. Get comfortable with …

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  • Lowhaojacob

    Won again(sorry no pic)

    February 13, 2020 by Lowhaojacob

    I won with my friends. Yay!

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  • All-Star SILVER

    Overrated Weapons

    February 9, 2020 by All-Star SILVER

    Like I said in the blog post I made previously (Underrated Weapons) the rarities in this game aren't always right. Susprisingly, many weapons in this list are of Legendary/Red rarity, but I'm sure that anyone who has tried any of these weapons will know they're really bad despite their extremely good rating. Leave your suggestions in the comments down below! I'll mention who added them. So, without further ado, let's begin. One last note, this is based off my opinion and playstyle, you may not agree with me.

    This weapon is basically useless. Stats-wise, it deals 5 damage for 1 energy, and you'd think this would be a very good ratio, but when you try this weapon out you'll know this thing ploughs through your energy like nobody's business. T…

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  • All-Star SILVER

    Soul Knight can be hard to grasp when you've just started. It's intuitive, but complex at the same time, and that's the thing I love the most about it. This means there are a variety of different things you can do to help improve your skills. I am aware that some of these are commonly known but they are basically essential, so I'll put them in here anyway. If you have any tips of your own, comment them down in the comments section and I'll add them shortly (or at some point :|. Don't rush me). By the way, you don't have to agree with absolutely everything I say, this is just my point of view and opinion.

    This one is pretty much an essential one. Fire and Poison are debuffs that can be applied by certain enemies and traps. You can use buffs …

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  • StardriveTrumpeter

    This blog is all about the challenge conditions in The Origin mode, ie endless mode, in which the modifiers were categorized as below:

    1. Works in endless mode.
    2. Doesn't work in endless mode.
    3. Think twice before you enable it.
    4. Avoid it at all costs.

    • No pets or mercenaries: Avoid it at all costs, since you need pets to distract the enemies, if you enable it you'll turn yourself into a loner, leaving both you and the Magic Stone defenseless. (Unless you are playing as any characters that can summon minions.)
    • Enemy defense +1: Avoid it at all costs, this will improve the attackers' durability, making them slightly harder to kill in short time.
    • More enemies in the dungeon: Think twice before you enable it, since there'll be tons of attackers, unless you n…

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  • All-Star SILVER

    Underrated Weapons

    January 23, 2020 by All-Star SILVER

    As you'll know if you've played Soul Knight for more than about 10 seconds, this game has a bunch of different rarities, from worst to best:

    -Common (White)

    -Uncommon (Green)

    -Rare (Blue)

    -Very Rare (Purple)

    -Epic (Orange)

    -Legendary (Red)

    Now, these rarities are fine and all, but don't let them fool you: there are still a lot of low-rarity weapons that are VERY good, or at the very least are worth trading for a higher rarity gun. Let's begin with the list of weapons that are quite common but really quite good:

    M4 isn't a very impressive weapon, I'll agree to that, and it's definitely not one of the best weapons in this list, but it still deserves a lot better than common rarity. This weapon is a regular AR that shoots 4-damage bullets for 1 energ…

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  • PixeLorD1001
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  • SewaMinamoto

    PvP (datamined)

    January 11, 2020 by SewaMinamoto

    This page is dedicated to the possible upcoming PvP mode for Soul Knight. All data presented are found in the v.2.5 (and possibly v2.4.2) update on Google Play.



    A new field was added to the shared preferences file of the game at


    The file can be opened as a regular text file. Inspection of the file yields a field called Sdk…

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  • All-Star SILVER

    In this game there are a bunch of weapons/armor mounts that can be combined with certain buffs or other weapons/armor mounts to make the game ludicrously easy and essentially give away free wins if that situation is given. Some allow you to beat Boss Rush mode with extreme ease or beat the game by doing virtually nothing. Make sure to comment your own OP strategies down below so I can showcase them here. Let's begin!

    This one's a classic and has been known about for a while. Let's start by how you can get these items:

    • The Extra Crown can only be found in the golden chest after the Phantom King boss is defeated.


    • The Wi-Fi Booster is an armor mount that requires to be designed first. The blueprints for the Wi-Fi Booster can be dropped by the b…

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  • Stathex

    Soul knight

    October 5, 2019 by Stathex

    Hey wassup players , im happy to play soul knight even overnight! this game makes me lazy sometimes because its so relaxing. I have a game concept such as endless mode , training room , and Monkey king a new boss! respect guys and please follow me on aoul knight kt play Stathex

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  • Duskcat

    Joined Soul Knight Wiki

    August 10, 2019 by Duskcat

    After playing the game itself for only a few weeks I have joined the Soul Knight Wiki!

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  • Q777WK

    no. I'm an introvert. I don't express my insecurities.

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  • 2057clones


    May 21, 2019 by 2057clones

    a story about my beating baby dragon bros

    so i had rocket gun m1 and missile battery

    fought them and won

    the end

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  • Awyman13

    Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

    Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

    • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
    • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
    • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
    • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

    Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 Talk Work 02:21, May 10, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Akumaxx ws

    Many players have been puzzled by the Task Board. Actually, for most of the conditions, there is a better solution to counter it. This is more important when playing in badass - you need every method to survive the extra damage.

    I will write about characters, weapons, and anything else important. If I didn't mention it, either it is not important, or I forget it. Feel free to comment.

    (Applied version: 2.5.5)

    The version of this author may be slightly different from most of the readers, but the guide shall cover all situations unless a critical change has happened, like a new weapon.

    This will obviously make Druid (wolves) useless. Necromancer is also reduced by half that her minions can't move. Anyone else is fine.
    Take note …

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  • Golurk 88

    General Tips

    March 5, 2019 by Golurk 88

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but on many pages it seems that the wiki lacks enough strategy and general tips for some reason. In this blog I will try to list general tips that I find quite useful. Enjoy!

    Nearly all buffs are useful, but I find these especially so:

    Note: I know that some of these also increase the damage dealt to enemies by the debuffs.

    • Immunity to Fire and decrease explosion damage.
    • Immunity to Poison and slow effect
    • Immunity to Traps
    • Immunity to Freeze
    • Get Energy whenever you kill a monster
    • Armour +1
    • Increase Maximum life
    • Chance of regaining health whenever you kill an enemy
    • Increase chance of potion drops when breaking crates

    All statues are useful in one way or another, but some are more useful or suited to particular play styles…

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  • ARandomCitizen

    Hello, it's me ARandomCitizen.

    Everybody is hyped about the 2.0.0 update, right? So many stuffs, new weapons, new items,... But that also means the wiki needs tons load of works to be done. So far, most pages have been added and finished, but there is one page that need editing the most: the Attachments page. It's hard to get the attachment during a run, so we have little info about them.

    So if you want to help:

    Whenever you get an attachment during a run, try attaching it with every weapon you can get (from Shops, Vending Machine, drops,...), then comment under this post: the name of the attachment, weapons that it can be attached to and weapons that it can't. The information will be used to complete the "Compatible weapons" column of the att…

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  • MeowmereSSS

     well actually i am just here to say i'm back.

    I haven't logged in this fandom since China government closed the access to discord server, after that I temporarily lost my interest in SK.But now it dosen't matter to me that much.What turly matter is that half a year has passed,much of the contents in game updated,but it's glad for me to see that each and everyone is still here.

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  • Akumaxx ws

    Quick fact:

    • A new NPC can provide attachments for your weapons.
      • Things like "damage +1, bullets are faster", "energy cost -2" and so on.
    • New weapons. Two of them are a throwing basin and a gun that costs gold instead of energy.
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