The banner that pops up right before a battle between a Boss starts.

"Boss inside. You have been warned."

Bosses are strong enemies with high damage and hp found on the 5th level of each floor (levels x-5). Based on the current terrain, Bosses are chosen at random.

After defeating a Boss in level mode, a Golden Chest with higher chance of dropping a rare, epic, or legendary weapon will spawn. This does not occur at 3-5, as there is no point in giving the player a weapon after the game is over. However if the player has Loop Mode on, a golden chest will spawn.

Sometimes the summoned minions of the Boss will still be alive even after its death. This can happen if the boss dies before the minions appear from the summoning attack, as any minions already summoned will die with the boss.

Since version 1.5.1, Boss rooms are indicated by red entrances in some versions, which turn normal after entering the room. This entrance is not to be mistaken with an all-champions room, in which all the enemies in the room are Champions. Two Bosses will spawn if the player has the “Fight with 2 slightly nerfed bosses in each Boss room” Challenge condition.

  • This condition can spawn bosses from different biomes. It will also cause static bosses to be offset from the center, as there are now two bosses. The Boss arena is always the one of the left Boss, which spawned first.
    • This can be confusing, as the player will see a boss from a different biome as the right boss from time to time.

Enraged Phase

If the Boss has less than half of total HP, it will become enraged Baka!.png and will start to use more powerful attacks, as well as attacking much faster and more aggressively. In addition, Enraged Bosses will recover from debuffs much faster than usual (1 second instead of 2). At half of its total HP and upon death, they will also drop 10 energy orbs for players to recover. Upon death, they will drop a lot of Gold, materials and energy.

There are exceptions, however:

  • The Giant Crystal Crab and the Giant Golden Crab can restore health during the enraged phase, but restoring over half HP once enraged does not stop the enraged phase. This goes with Cave Ice Bug when it eats a ice crystal. Anubis can also indirectly heal by summoning Staff Mummies.
  • The Baby Dragon Bros have separate health bars, but they're shown as one. This means that either one will become enraged once their health drops below half.

List of Bosses

Here is a list of all Bosses, sorted by floor:

Floor 1 Bosses (Forest)

Sprite devilsnare.png Sprite goblinpriest.png Sprite christmastreant.png Sprite Easter Bunny.png
Devil's Snare Goblin Priest Christmas Treant Easter Bunny

Floor 1 Bosses (Glacier)

Sprite kingsnowape.png Sprite giantcrystalcrab.png Sprite snowmanking.png Sprite Giant Golden Crab.png
King Snow Ape Giant Crystal Crab Snowman King Giant Golden Crab

Floor 1 Bosses (Relics)

Sprite Prehistoric Colossus.png Sprite Gold Mask.png
Prehistoric Colossus Gold Mask

Floor 2 Bosses (Knight Kingdom)

Sprite Grand Knight alt.png Sprite Grand Wizard.png Sprite Grand Slime.png Sprite Dark Grand Knight.png
Grand Knight Grand Wizard Grand Slime Dark Grand Knight

Floor 2 Bosses (Dungeon)

Sprite Skeleton King alt.png Sprite c6h8o6.png
Skeleton King C6H8O6

Floor 2 Bosses (Halloween)

Sprite phantomking.png Sprite headlessknight.png
Phantom King Headless Knight

Floor 2 Bosses (Cave)

Ice Bug .png
Cave Ice Bug

Floor 3 Bosses (Spaceship)

Sprite varkolynleader.png Sprite zulan.png Sprite Floating UFO.png
Varkolyn Leader Zulan The Colossus Floating Laser UFO

Floor 3 Bosses (Volcano)

Sprite volcanicsandworm.png Sprite dragonwhite.png Sprite dragonblack.png Sprite Anubis.png
Volcanic Sandworm Baby Dragon Bros Anubis

Special Boss (Floor 2 in CNY event, Boss Rush Mode or Fight with 2 slightly nerfed bosses in each Boss room condition)

Sprite Nian.png

Related Achievements

Boxer.png Boxer

Kill 20 bosses with One Punch

Reward: none

Special Attacks


  • Organic Matter
    • Varkolyn Leader, Nian, Baby Dragon Bros, Gold Mask, Grand Slime, King Snow Ape, Easter Bunny, Headless Knight (Horse).
  • Ironstone
    • Volcanic Sandworm, Floating Laser UFO, Zulan the Colossus, Prehistoric Colossus, Gold Mask, Phantom King, Skeleton King, C6H8O6, Grand Knight, Dark Grand Knight, Giant Crystal Crab, Giant Golden Crab, Cave Ice Bug.
  • Parts
    • Volcanic Sandworm, Floating Laser UFO, Zulan the Colossus, Prehistoric Colossus, C6H8O6, Cave Ice Bug.
  • Timber
    • Christmas Treant, Anubis, Snowman King.
  • Battery
    • Floating Laser UFO, Zulan the Colossus, Prehistoric Colossus, C6H8O6, Cave Ice Bug.
  • Fertilizer
    • Grand Slime, Headless Knight (Body).
  • Magic Fragments
    • Any: Goblin Priest, Grand Wizard.
    • Red: Baby Dragon Bros.
    • Blue: Zulan the Colossus.
    • Gold: Anubis, Gold Mask.
    • Green: Cave Ice Bug, Volcanic Sandworm.
    • Obsidian: Floating Laser UFO.
    • Purple: Varkolyn Leader.
  • Seeds
    • Any: Devil's Snare, Christmas Treant.
    • Devil's Snare: Devil's Snare.
    • Prehistoric Colossus: Gear Flower, Ironwood.
    • Carrot: Snowman King, Easter Bunny.
    • Mandrake: Varkolyn Leader.
    • Dragon Fruit Tree: Baby Dragon Bros.
    • Xmas Tree: Christmas Treant.
    • Snow Lotus: King Snow Ape.
    • Red Spider Lilly: Headless Knight (Body).
    • Crystal Mushroom: Giant Crystal Crab.
    • Golden Mushroom: Giant Golden Crab.
    • Caterpillar Fungus: Volcanic Sandworm, Cave Ice Bug.
    • Heptacolor Viola: Grand Knight, Dark Grand Knight.
  • Other exclusive drops:
    • Any 1-5 Boss: Threat Cassette.
    • Any 2-5 Boss: Rival Cassette.
    • Any 3-5 Boss: Finale Cassette.
    • Any Glacier Boss: Blizzard Cassette.
    • Any Relics Boss: Splendid Shrine Cassette.
    • Any Knight Kingdom Boss: Heroes' Avatar Cassette.
    • Any Dungeon Boss: Dark Dungeon Cassette.
    • Any Halloween Boss: Wraith on Halloween Cassette.
    • Any Boss: Super Buddy Blueprint.
    • Anubis: Torn Page (Pray, Priest), Anubis Skin Fragment (Priest).
    • Varkolyn Leader: Torn Page (Vine, Druid).
    • Baby Dragon Bros: Ruler's Seal (Engineer), Nuwa Crystal (Robot).
    • Cave Ice Bug: Torn Page (Close Air Support, Officer), Buried Secret Cassette.
    • Easter Bunny: Bunny Lady Skin Fragment (Necromancer), Call of the Spring Cassette.
    • Nian: Happy New Year Cassette, Dragon Dance Armor Blueprint.
    • C6H8O6: C6H8O6 Fragment, C5H6O5 Blueprint.
    • Zulan the Colossus: Zulan Fragment, WiFi Booster Blueprint.
    • Devil's Snare: Devil's Snare Skin Fragment.
    • Prehistoric Colussus: Shi Skin Fragment (Berserker).
    • King Snow Ape: Torn Page (Leap, Berserker)
    • Phantom King: Phantom King Skin Fragment (Vampire).
    • Grand Wizard: Grand Wizard Skin Fragment (Wizard).
    • Headless Knight (Body): Headless Knight Skin Fragment (Berserker).
    • Grand Knight: Grand Knight Skin Fragment (Paladin).
  • Boss Weapons (3-5 Boss' weapons do not appear unless Loop Mode or Boss Rush Mode is active):
    • Golden Cudgel (Gold Mask).
    • Fist Bump (Prehistoric Colossus).
    • Staff of Shooting Stars (Goblin Priest).
    • Nirvana Cross (Easter Bunny).
    • Agitated Trunk (Christmas Treant).
    • Cannibal Plant (Devil's Snare).
    • Snow Ape's Longbow (King Snow Ape).
    • Snowman Eagle (Snowman King).
    • Crystal Crab's Katana (Giant Crystal Crab).
    • Golden Crab Warhammer (Giant Golden Crab).
    • Grand Knight's Sword (Grand Knight).
    • Deep Dark Blade (Dark Grand Knight).
    • Staff of Wizard (Grand Wizard).
    • Magic Gloves (Grand Slime).
    • Bomber (C6H8O6).
    • Staff of Skeleton (Skeleton King).
    • Extra Crown (Phantom King).
    • The Emperor's New Gun (Headless Knight).
    • Sandworm (Volcanic Sandworm).
    • Dragon Bros' Sniper Rifle (Baby Dragon Bros).
    • Staff of Anubis (Anubis).
    • Floating Gun, Floating Laser (Zulan the Colossus).
    • Varkolyn Assault Rifle (Varkolyn Leader).
    • Dead Star Laser Gun (Floating Laser UFO).


  • Before version 1.3.5, Bosses used skull symbols Yummy~.png when enraged.
    • The symbol used now is pulsing veins.
  • Special music will play during the fight.
  • Goblin Priest is the only 1-5 boss that can drop any of the 6 magic fragments.
  • Before Update 1.4.1, there used to be two portals that appeared after beating the first boss. The left one took the player to the Knight floor and the right one took the player to the Dungeon floor.
  • A glitch occurred in version 2.3.0 such that boss shockwaves were much bigger than expected.
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