Buffs (or perks) (sometimes known in-game as "powers") are passive abilities that are intended to boost the player.

Types of Buffs

By means of obtaining, there are two major types of buffs: Buff slot buffs and extra buffs.

Buff slots

By default, a character has six buff slots, with the sixth being locked. Between some levels in a run, the player has to choose a buff among 3 randomly generated buffs. The chosen buff will then occupy the empty buff slot, until the player runs out of buff slots. These buff selections happen after level 1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 2-3, and 2-5 and are different in Boss Rush Mode. An already chosen buff will not appear again in the same game, yet a non-chosen buff that has already appeared and been ignored can.

The player can also gain or lose empty buff slots.

  • Gained slots will take place before the sixth buff slot, and will be instantly available to use after every level that is not a buff selection level itself (although the selection still takes place one by one). These can be gained by using Heptacolor Viola, drinking Tea, or under the "Max number of buffs +3" condition. Buffs gained via these methods are resettable.
  • Lost slots will not disappear, but will simply become locked/unusable, displaying a minus sign indicating it. This can happen under the "Max number of buffs -3" condition. Using Heptacolor Viola under this condition will restore the locked slots first before creating new ones.

By upgrading a character six times, the locked sixth buff slot will be replaced by a unique starting buff that complements the character's play style. This buff is available from start and cannot be interfered with.

Other than the character buff, all other buff slots can be reset, starting from the most recently chosen. This can be done by using the Scammer, or by drinking Amnesia Potion. The reset buff will become an empty slot again, that will be available for choosing before the next level.

Extra buffs

Apart from the aforementioned slots, additional buffs can also be gained. These buffs will appear after the character's starting buff slot, such that they can't be interfered with.

Extra buffs can be gained by:

  • Picking up buff bubbles (a glass sphere Buff glass with a random buff inside). They can be bought from Mysterious Trader at a cost of 1 maximum health, or taken for free in The Origin.
  • Using certain plants in the Garden. These plants are:
    • Dragon Fruit Tree - Fire Buff
    • Mandrake - Poison Buff
    • Caterpillar Fungus - Health Buff
    • Cactus - Trap Buff
    • Magic Flower - Energy restore upon kill Buff
    • Crystal Mushroom - More gems buff
    • Guardian Flower - Damage limiter shield buff
    • Mirror Flower - Bounce Buff
    • Radar Flower - Laser buff
    • Watermelon - Charge buff
    • Binary Tree - Shotgun buff
    • Fantastic Flower - Random buff not owned in any slot and multiple plants stack
    • Heptacolor Viola - Empty buff slot and multiple plants stack

Buffs on NPCs

Some buffs can also apply to friendly NPCs such as Pets and Followers. Mostly, these are buffs that affect weapons, since they can also affect the weapons of the followers. These buffs are:

  • Increase the effectiveness of pets and followers.
  • Increase the beam width of laser weapons.
  • Increase accuracy and critical hit chance.
  • Melee weapons can bounce bullets.
  • Increase the number of bullets of shotguns.
  • Bullets can bounce.
  • Increase the attack range of melee weapon.
  • Increase the number of combo hits for combo-hit weapons.

List of Buffs

Icon Message Description / Notes Category ID
Critical hit bullets can pierce enemies.
  • Once triggered, the bullet will also deal critical hits on secondary enemies.
  • No benefit if using pure melee weapons.
  • Affects weapons that already penetrate enemies, including laser weapons, such as they would be able to land critical hits on every enemy hit within a single shot.
  • Rogue's Starting Buff.
Weapon 1
Increase the beam width of laser weapons.
  • Laser beams and electricity beams have increased width.
  • Also affects weapons with exploding energy balls and shockwaves, such that the radius is bigger.
    • This does not increase the damage, however.
    • Stacks with Melee Range buff on hammers.
  • Some of the affected weapons will be able to deal extra damage. Results may vary.
    • This includes laser swords, which do not fire any beam.
  • Affects the Elf's Arrow Rain, such that the explosion radius of the arrows is larger.
  • Affects the Wizard's Lightning Strike, such that her lightning bolt is bigger and deals more damage.
  • Affects the Robot's Electric Overload, such that the beams become wider and deal more damage.
  • Obtainable from Radar Flower.
  • Robot's Starting Buff.
Weapon 2
Increase the number of bullets of shotguns.
  • Shotguns fire more bullets (usually 2 more) outside the normal bullets. This may widen the spread angle.
    • Some weapons will change their attack pattern and may also have increased energy cost.
  • Applies to several non-shotguns if they can fire multiple bullets per shot.
  • Applies to throwing weapons, so that they can load more bullets.
  • Affects the abilities of the Statues of the Assassin and Sorcerer.
  • Affects the Robot's Electric Overload, such that it will fire an extra electric beam.
  • Affects the Wizard's Piercing Frost, such that it now fires 5 trails of ice spikes in a wider angle.
  • Obtainable from Binary Tree.
Weapon 3
Melee weapons can bounce bullets.
  • Melee weapons may reflect bullets.
    • Reflected bullets become gold in color and can only hit enemies.
    • Does not reflect every bullet (some can only be destroyed).
  • Reflected bullets can land critical hits on enemies, although the chance seems to be low.
  • Other certain weapons such as the Buckler and Shield can also reflect bullets.
  • Affected by the Slower bullet buff as under all conditions, projectiles will travel at the same velocity, and therefore that buff will simply slow down all bullets.
  • Affects the Assassin's Dark Blade.
  • Affects the Paladin's Energy Shield. He still gains energy normally.
  • Affects Followers and Enemies that uses melee weapons.
  • Affects the shockwave of Statue of the Elf and Apocalypse.
  • Affects the Robot's emp
  • Unique bonus for Laser swords: Reflected bullets gain extra speed. The speed bonus is neutralized if the slower bullet buff was present.
  • Assassin's Starting Buff.
Weapon 4
Shorter charge time for weapons that require charging.
  • Bows, railguns, lasers, and other chargeable weapons will get to maximum charge faster.
  • Certain throwing weapons will load up faster after being used.
  • Weapons that increase fire rate over time (e.g. Bleach) will reach their maximum fire rate faster.
  • Obtainable from Watermelon.
  • Elf's Starting Buff.
Weapon 5
No extra damage when shield is broken.
  • When referring to shield, the description means armor.
  • If the player takes a single hit that has damage more than their armor, the armor would be depleted as normal, though it serves as a damage limit - excess damage would be negated.
  • Does not stop damage from Poison/Burn ticks if it is more than current armor - it is only mitigated for the tick that removes the last bit of armor (i.e. explosion that would remove all armor and health will only remove armor, but if the player also becomes burned the burn damage will still tick and remove health if possible).
  • This is a valuable asset for almost every hero in the entire game.
  • Obtainable from Guardian Flower.
  • Knight's Starting Buff.
Survivability 6
Immune to traps, and immune to collision damage.
  • Immune to damage taken from spike tiles.
  • Does not make the player immune to other sources of environmental damage.
  • Immune to contact damage from touching enemies like the Boars.
    • This does include other collision damage, like a Dire Boar charging. But it does not protect the player from enemy melee weapons.
  • Obtainable from Cactus.
  • Werewolf's Starting Buff.
Immunity 7
Immune to poison gas and slow effect, increase poison damage to monsters.
  • Immune to damage taken from green poison pools.
  • Immune to Slow effects from slow tiles.
  • Immune to Poison effects (from poisonous bullets or purple poison pools).
  • Immune to the Weary debuff caused by Anubis and Gold Mask.
  • Increase poison gas damage against enemies from 1 to 2.
  • Increase poison debuff damage on enemies from 2 to 3.
  • Does not increase weapon damage.
  • Obtainable from Mandrake.
  • Alchemist's Starting Buff.
Immunity 8
Immune to fire, decrease explosion damage, and increase fire damage to monsters.
  • Immune to damage taken from fire pools and lava floors.
  • Immune to Burn from explosions or enemy attacks.
  • Increases burn damage against enemies from 3 to 5.
  • Standard explosions will deal 3 less damage to the player.
  • Reduce explosive splash damage to player by 1.
  • In most cases, does not increase weapon damage unless it is fire-based.
  • Obtainable from Dragon Fruit Tree.
  • Engineer's Starting Buff.
Immunity 9
Store price lower.
  • Reduces the gold price of all items, like Shops, Vending Machines, Statues, the Scammer, and hiring Followers, by a certain amount. The effect may vary depending on items.
  • Also reduces the gold cost of the Money Gun.
  • Also affects the price of goods of Mysterious Trader, such that their prices can be reduced by 1, but not to the point that the price is less than 1.
  • Affects the item price in the Workshop. However, it requires getting the buff from Fantastic Flower, and can only affect the restocked items.
  • In The Origin, the cost is only reduced by 6.
  • Obtainable from Golden Mushroom.
Money 10
Chance to gain life after killing an enemy.
  • Chance to restore 1 health immediately upon the death of an enemy. This buff is not affected by anything else.
  • Effect can trigger upon kills caused by friendly characters.
  • Vampire's Starting Buff.
Recovery 11
Improve potion effectiveness. Enhancement 12
Get energy whenever you kill a monster. Recovery 13
Decrease monster bullet speed, larger pickup radius.
  • Enemy bullets are slower and easier to dodge, though not significantly.
  • Increase the radius of picking up gold and energy from 5 to 12 tiles.
  • It seems to extend the aiming time of lasers, since they would still instantly hit their target when fired.
  • Necromancer's Starting Buff.
Survivability 14
Get more gems at the end of each game.
  • Despite the fact that it says "each game", this buff applies for the current run only. This is a translation error.
  • Gems gained from kills and remaining gold are increased by 25%.
  • Obtainable from Crystal Mushroom.
Money 15
Increase maximum life.
  • Permanently increases health cap of current run by 4.
  • Also heals the player by 4.
  • Obtainable from Caterpillar Fungus.
Survivability 16
Increase effectiveness of pets and followers.
  • Pets and Followers have 25 more health.
    • This also includes summoned minions and Assassin's Doppelgänger clones.
    • However, the turrets of Engineer are not affected. Instead, they will fire more bullets with each attack.
  • Pets deal 3 extra damage.
  • Mercenaries are able to equip weapons of Purple or better rarity regardless of their upgrades.
  • Some mounts have more health.
  • Obtainable from Red Spider Lily.
  • Druid's Starting Buff.
Enhancement 17
Release a radial blast when the shield is damaged.
  • When referring to shield, the description means Armor.
  • Destroys bullets in a small radius.
    • Affected by the Reflect buff.
  • Will trigger whenever the player's character takes damage and loses armor.
    • If the player's character is already out of armor, or if the damage is blocked by mounts or anything possible, nothing happens.
  • Paladin's Starting Buff.
Survivability 18
Increase the chance of potion drop when breaking crates.
  • Broken crates have a chance to drop small Health Pots.
  • Despite the description, without this buff, potions would never drop when breaking a crate. However, this is a translation error. The original description is "Breaking crates may cause Health Pots to drop."
  • Crates spawned by the Box are also affected.
Recovery 19
Increase accuracy and critical hit chance.
  • May decrease weapon spread and/or increase critical chance.
    • Values vary between weapons and will be visible in some method.
    • Does not affect every weapon, results may vary.
  • Homing shots will turn faster while flying, making them better at homing.
  • Applies to the Statue of the Sorcerer: bullets fire 180° in the direction the player faces instead of 360°
  • Affects weapons of Followers if possible.
Weapon 20
Reduce skill cool down.
  • Skill cool down is reduced by 25%.
  • Does not affect skill duration. (Rogue still takes 0.5 seconds to dodge.)
  • Affects statue cooldown as well.
  • Reduces the cooldown of certain weapons (like Bayonet in a Gourd) by 3 seconds.
Enhancement 21
Statue effects trigger twice.
  • Statue effects will get triggered twice. E.g. Statue of the Knight summons 2 knights instead of 1.
  • The second trigger is delayed for 0.4 seconds, but with same effect.
  • The statue ability cooldown remains the same.
Enhancement 22
Immune to freeze, and extra freeze time for the enemies.
  • Immune to freeze and take 1 less damage from freezing projectiles. Reduce the damage from ice trails attack of Snowman King and King Snow Ape and summoned ice spikes of Giant Crystal Crab and Giant Golden Crab by 2 (despite the Golden Crab dealing flame-based damage).
  • Minor enemies can be frozen for 4 seconds. Freeze time for bosses is slightly increased.
  • Affects the Alchemist's Elemental Potions, such that his ice pool deals 1 extra damage per tick.
  • Does not increase weapon damage.
Immunity 23
Bullets can bounce.
  • If affected, bullets will bounce once upon hitting a wall.
    • Bullets that already bounce will bounce one more time.
    • However, bullets may also bounce on half-height objects that would otherwise be passed through.
  • Some of the affected bullets may deal fewer damage after bouncing for the first time.
  • Applies to normal bullets and laser beams.
    • Also applies to Electric Therapy and Laser Therapy, allowing the weapon's beams to attack multiple enemies as well.
      • This includes the Robot, whose first skill works with same mechanic.
  • Does not apply to arrows, explosive shots and some large bullets.
  • Applies to the bullets of Followers.
  • The bullet won't bounce upon hitting destructible objects such as boxes, unless the power is too weak to destroy it.
  • Obtainable from Mirror Flower.
Weapon 24
Take an extra weapon into the fight.
  • Players can now possess 3 weapons simultaneously.
  • The 3 weapons will be arranged in a cycle.
    • For example, if player is holding weapon A while having weapon B in backup, and picks up weapon C, the weapons will be in a cycle of C->B->A->C.
    • If this buff is removed, the weapon placed at 3rd slot will be dropped on the ground at the start of the next level.
Enhancement 25
Elemental bullets deal double damage on critical hit.
  • If an attack would cause debuffs on enemies on critical hits, it will also deal double damage, like an attack without debuffs.
  • All launchers are exempt from this buff.
  • Wizard's Starting Buff.
Weapon 26
Increase damage of staves. Weapon 27
Armor +1.
  • Permanently increases armor cap of current run by 1.
Survivability 28
Increase melee range
Increase the attack range of melee weapon.
  • Extends the melee range of melee weapons and weapons that has melee function by 1.5 tiles.
    • Also affects the shockwave of hammers. Stacks with Laser buff.
    • This does include the default melee attack, though the effect is minor.
    • Does not affect the attacks of a transformed Werewolf.
Weapon 29
Buff energy plus 100
Max energy +100.
  • Increases the energy cap of current run by 100 for the current run.
    • Effect is reduced to +50 if "Max Energy -50%" is active.
Enhancement 30
Increase combo hits
Increase the number of combo hits for combo-hit weapons.
  • Weapons with combo-hit ability will fire 1 more time each attack. Stacks with Attachments.
    • The interval between the combo hits will be shorter, such that the total attack time stays the same.
    • An exception is the Eagle of Ice and Fire which seems to be designed to not be affected.
  • Skills with stack counts (like Iaido and Elemental Potions) can stack one more use.
  • Affects the Wizard's Piercing Frost, such that each ice trail will gain extra spikes and thus can travel further.
  • Officer's Starting Buff.
Weapon 31
Increase fire rate
Increase firing speed of weapon.
  • Increases fire rate of weapons by 10%.
    • This includes the charging time of weapons that require charging (Bows, Railguns and some other weapons), though the effect is minor.
  • Berserker's Starting Buff.
Weapon 32


  • In a past version, the "Get Energy whenever you kill a monster" buff was instead "Improve energy orb effectiveness" (increases energy recovery from orb from 8 to 12). It then got updated to "Chance to gain Energy after killing enemy."
  • The "Get more gems at the end of each game" used to give 10 gems per floor.
    • Before 2.2.0, it would give 15 per floor instead.
  • The "Increased accuracy and critical hit chance" buff used to be just "Decrease bullet spread."
  • Prior to Update 1.4.1, the "50% off in shop" buff used to be 40%.
  • Before Update 1.4.1, the "Release a radial blast when shield is down" buff did not destroy bullets.
    • Then before 2.1.0, it would only trigger when the player took more damage than remaining armor.
  • During version 1.6.5 to 1.7.x, it was the Reflect buff which increased damage of Laser Swords.
  • In version 1.8.2, the texture of some buff icons got updated.
  • During version 1.8.2 to 1.8.3, the Increase 4 health buff could not heal the player by 4.
    • This had lasted longer for Multiplayer.
    • It was partly corrected before 1.9.0, such that if the player restarts the floor right after getting this buff, the healing will not happen.
    • And during version 1.9.0, if the player got this buff through Caterpillar Fungus, the game would start without that 4 healing.
  • The side effect of Trap buff has gone through two changes:
    • Before 1.6.5, it would let the attacker take damage as soon as they hit the player.
      • This included damage on Paladin or Werewolf who can reduce damage with skills.
    • During 1.6.5 to 1.7.10, it would fire 4-damage knives at 3 directions when the player took hit.
      • It was affected by Shotgun buff such that 5 knives were fired instead.
    • After 1.8.2, it makes the player immune to contact damage, despite the description in English says "Immune to traps. Reflects some damage taken."
      • Switch to Chinese and the description becomes correct.
      • In Chinese, it says "免疫陷阱,免疫碰撞伤害" which can be translated into "Immune to traps, immune to collision damage." Though unmentioned, it prevents contact damage as well.
      • This confusion was cleared after version 1.9.7, as the buff was renamed to "Immune to traps, and immune to collision damage."
  • Before version 1.9.7, the "Armor +1" buff used to be "Armor +1, immune to collision damage."
    • Despite its old name, this buff did not grant the player the immunity to collision damage.
  • The Potion dropping buff description's was once misspelled as "Increase the charge of potion drop when breaking crates."
    • If set to Chinese, the description does not say "increase chance" at all. Rather, it says "Breaking crates may cause potions to drop."
  • During version 1.8.x, the Element buff could not affect laser guns (Ice Breaker alike).
    • This still happens under "Weapon crit rate +100%, crit damage -50%" condition.
  • Before version 1.9.0, players could only have up to 6 buffs (5 from runs and 1 from character bonus) each game.
    • At that time, when playing with a character without bonus buff, the 6th slot would also display a plus sign.
  • Before version 1.9.7, players with Poison or Fire buff could be briefly affected by enemy attacks that would cause debuffs, though they would be removed before ticking.
    • There was a glitch where if the player was hit by a poisonous shot, the slow effect would last for the full duration, while the poison damage was removed correctly.
    • Also, if the NPC Alchemist would cause poison, the effect would force a tick of damage even if player had the buff. Since version 1.9.7, nothing will happen if result is poison.
  • In version 2.2.5, there was a bug that when the "Increase melee range" buff was presented, the dash of Iaido became so massive that it can cover a whole room.
  • In 2.5.5, the "50% off in shop" buff was renamed to "Store Price Lower" and could only have 25% off in The Origin.
    • However, this name was reverted in 2.6.5.
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