This is a list of all known bugs and exploits, as well as other oddities in the game.

A bug would be a case of the game working in a way not intended by the developers, while an exploit would be a way the player can use the game's proper mechanics in a way that will usually benefits them more than intended.

Bugs and exploits are often patched through game updates. Many setups here have yet to be tested in the current update, so don't expect everything to work.



Altering Bullet Patterns

Having the Reflect Buff will sometimes mess with the spawning patterns of enemy bullets, even if these bullets are not reflected. This is easily seen with Phantoms, where the bullet circles they spawn will not be proper circles and some bullets will appear a little further from where they should.
Waiter is Necro

Wrong Waiter Sprite

There is a chance that the Waiter will appear as the Necromancer in her Bunny Lady outfit, likely due to the fact that NPC Necromancer and the Waiter have a very similar function. Strangely, this can happen even if you're playing as Necromancer.

Static Spheres

The rotating orbs Goblin Priest summons for one of his attacks will not spin around him in 2.6.7 and later versions.

Switching Skills Mid-Game

On devices with a very long proportion (aka much longer than wider), Soul Knight can have some trouble running. Once you select your skill from the character select screen and click the play button, the buttons usually slide to the right all the way off-screen and cannot be pressed again. On devices with a longer proportion, however, part of the button will still remain visible, allowing the player to switch skills freely during the game.

This allows the Knight to duplicate weapons infinitely. All you need to do is use Dual Wield, then when Dual Wield is active, switch to Superior Fire. This means you will now have a duplicate weapon in your inventory.

Boomerang Weapons not working

In update 2.6+, boomerang weapons (Buckler and Boomerang) work extremely inconsistently. When thrown from a certain distance to a wall, they'll go straight through it. Other times, they'll crash against it as expected. It appears Chillyroom may have tried to patch the "Boomerang Trapped Behind a Wall" glitch listed below in the patched section, but made boomerangs much more chaotic in the process. Boomerangs can still occasionally get caught behind a wall. Click here for a video on this weird bug.

Faster Weapons in the Lobby

Lightspeed mini uzi

Mini Uzi firing so fast the game runs at 0.3 frames a second. Click on the image for a video on the setup.

When having the "weapons fire faster/slower" challenge on the Task Board, it is possible to modify the speed of a weapon to infinity by having two weapons, choosing the challenge with one, picking another one up, cancel the challenge, picking the other one up and repeat. This will speed one weapon up and slow the other down. This can, depending on the weapon, crash the game or deplete the energy very fast. The glitch is only available in the Living Room.

Gun Graphical Errors


Glitched Gold AK

Sometimes, shooting guns at high firing rates (such as using Dual Wield) will leave an afterimage of the shooting graphic. The cause of this glitch is unclear, but it appears to have to do with dying and reviving while the weapon is shooting and thus showing the muzzle flash at the tip of the gun. This remains even after switching weapons or dropping the weapon on the ground. What seems to happen here is that with very fast firing weapons like Sweet Talk, the game will toggle the muzzle flash instead of triggering it with every shot, meaning while this glitch is active and you shoot the weapon, the muzzle flash will be gone, and will be present when you're not firing. The only way to lose this glitch is by passing through a Portal.

If you go through a Portal with The Emperor's New Gun in your off-hand, it will lose its usual ghostly pulsating effect. This glitch will only be lost upon shooting the gun or entering a Portal with the gun in your main hand.

Wrong muzzle flash

The gun isn't shooting, but the muzzle flash is there nonetheless

Also, when inflicted with the Weary debuff when using Next-Next-Next-Gen SMG, if the player shoots the gun constantly, the muzzle flash will appear at the normal times, but because the fire rate is halved, no bullets will come out in that instance.

Self-Defrosting Enemies

Frozen/Stunned enemies in motion have a chance to continue movement despite the effects. This can happen with Big Skeleton or Witch, in which case their rushing attacks will continue to move them and deal damage.

Out of Bounds Followers

Sometimes Followers are able to walk out of the room past the barriers. Enemies can still lock onto them and they will also try to attack through the barriers. More commonly, they can get locked outside the room after the player enters. This can happen to players in a laggy multiplayer match.

There is a setup that allows Followers to get out of the map boundaries entirely. For this, you need a

Out of bounds pigeon

A pet outside the borders. Click on the image for a video on the setup.

monster Mount and any Mercenary/character NPC/pet that is acting as a Follower. To pull off the glitch, you must ride the Mount and run until the Followers are almost off-screen, where they would usually teleport to you (for this to work, it's highly recommended to be in a hallway between two rooms when the Followers are almost off-screen). Once that happens, keep running in whatever direction you were doing so before, but go up until you cannot go further because of the upper wall of the hallway separating you from the void outside the map (you will see that your character's head goes through the wall). Once the Followers go off-screen, they will teleport to your character, which, due to their solid hitbox changing while riding the Mount, is inside the wall. Once the Followers are inside the wall, go to the room at the end of the hallway and go upwards a little to get the Followers outside the wall on the other side, and they will not be able to return unless if they teleport. Mercenaries and other Followers will teleport to you whenever you enter an enemy room that has not been cleared yet, but pets cannot get to you by any other method than you going far enough so they can teleport to their owner. As the Followers are behind a solid wall, enemies will not target them, making this glitch entirely useless.

Out of Bounds Items

Sometimes when an enemy dies near the edge of a room the gold/energy orbs they can drop will be dropped out of bounds. This could happen with torn pages of Pray/Vine, meaning your hard work was useless.

This is also possible with weapons (if a Chester is killed when near a wall, chances are the weapon it drops will get stuck in that wall) and attachments (if you switch weapons such that the attachment on that weapon is dropped right next to a wall, it can glitch itself out of bounds and become irretrievable).

Energy Hilt Outside the borders

Out of bounds Energy Hilt

Heavenly Sword in the wall

Heavenly Sword stuck in the wall

Hidden Chests

Chest in Statue

Chest inside a monkey statue.

End of room chests can be found behind cover/blocks (rarely they can also be on the same square). Zoom into the image so you can see this properly.

Copying a Level 6 Buff

A character can be shown to have a level 6 buff of another character while in the living room by selecting a character (which has a level 6 buff), then reselecting a different pre-level-6 character. However, they will not gain the benefits of the buff. Leaving the living room will remove this visual bug.

Co-op lag

Lag can cause the players to leave the boundaries of the room, get locked out of the room or enter the room but not get locked in (aka all enemies won't attack and won't take damage). The latter can also happen rarely in a single-player game and usually fixes itself when getting near to another one of the room's entrances.

Lifeless Characters

This happens in various versions. Sometimes, if a character (bosses and sometimes followers) dies, the sprite does not change to the death sprite, and it does not move or attack. In a few other cases, the sprite can be white. In the case of bosses, the cause of the reamaining sprite seems to be that you killed the boss at roughly the same moment the boss undergoes the animation for an attack, confusing the game in a way that it doesn't know what sprite to use and uses the default one instead. This is far rarer in version 2.6.8 than it was before, but still works. In the latest versions, Mercenaries that get affected by this glitch will very rarely turn white like they sometimes used to do.

Dead Legendary Apprentice?

Dead Grand Slime

Dead Grand Slime

Enemies Stuck in Blocks

Claustrophobic Tentacle

Look closely and you'll see the lower end of a Tentacle

As of version 1.7.9, sometimes, enemies (typically those that stay stationary in their lifetime) appear inside or stuck in a block or wall. If the enemy that got stuck is capable of moving, it can move out without trouble. In 2.5.5, they usually get stuck in the corners of the 2020 pixel arts, probably because they are new and thus interfere with the enemy spawning patterns.

Stuck Stone Guard

Here, the Stone Guard spawned inside a statue.

Unbeatable room

Sometimes, while playing multiplayer mode, enemies may become totally immune to all incoming damage and slide slowly to walls. You are able to push them in this condition, though this will not help at all. If you are lucky enough, the game may continue being normal after a while and you will be able to kill enemies again.

Weapons Cannot be Picked Up in Multiplayer

Sometimes, weapons that are found (most commonly if bought from a Vending Machine) in Multiplayer mode will cause a glitch where either said weapon or the weapon that has been dropped in exchange for it cannot be interacted or picked back up by other players. This also causes a mix of processions in the game; a player can be holding one weapon on his/her screen, but on another player's screen, he/she is holding and using another weapon. This bug causes the player to be unable to pick up some weapons from chests.

  • In some cases, this will cause chests to be locked for one player.
  • This also happens in some cases with Attachments.

Wrong Weapon damage with Challenges and Attachments

When there is a challenge that affects weapon damage, if a weapon is given an attachment which provides extra damage, upon entering next level, the weapon basic damage will also gain extra value (at "Weapon damage +100%, fire rate -50%" case) or lose value (at "Weapon fire rate +100%, damage -50%" case) according to the value of that attachment. This can be removed if the weapon enters next level without that damage attachment.

  • For example, if a Wooden Hammer (12 base damage) is given a white Grindstone (+2) and the condition is "Weapon fire rate +100%, damage -50%", at next level, the weapon basic damage will become 5, such that the final damage is 7 instead of 8.
  • In another case, a Twin-barrel Pistol (3 base damage) is given a white Gauss Coil (+1) and the condition is "Weapon damage +100%, fire rate -50%", at next level, the weapon's basic damage will become 7, such that each bullet will deal 8 damage instead of 7.

Chester Sprite on Task Board

Since Update 2.2.5, the Chester will appear as a blank white box on the Task Board. This is extremely rare in the latest versions.

Odd Boss Movement

Varkolyn outside the Boss room

Varkolyn for dinner! Click on the image for a video.

When Varkolyn Leader is killed while using its laser attack with a weapon that deals knockback, its corpse may start moving, and the player might be able to kick the corpse around. This can also happen with other bosses, although it is much more common with Varkolyn Leader. This can happen more easily if a boss using a laser attack is hit by Iado, in which case the boss will go flying towards the next wall in an exaggerated fashion. This can even be exploited by using it to push a boss into a corner and take it out more easily there.

Heptacolor Viola ineffectiveness in Co-Op

If any player but the host in a multiplayer game takes Heptacolor Viola, the buffs will show accordingly on their screen but not on the host's, as the host doesn't have the buff from the plant. As only the host can choose buffs, this means the other players will not be able to get the benefits from the Heptacolor Viola.

Due to lag, Buffs can show up in all levels on the guests' screens even if they don't have Heptacolor Viola.

Chinese New Year Weapons' Certificates


The glitchy square

Glitcy square v2

Glitchy square v2

Channeling Monkey, Rocket Fireworks, Firecrackers and Candied Hawberries will show a white square in the "Game Complete" certificates. This is likely because they have no Cellar entries.


Weapon Names in the Wrong Place

To recreate this, get close to a weapon and make your mercenary follow you there so that they'll pick it up. At roughly the same time your mercenary picks up the weapon (it usually works better if you do it slightly afterwards), start switching weapons relatively quickly (you must switch to the next weapon before the weapon's name starts to fade). When you switch weapons, what usually happens is that the name of the weapon will appear above your head, but when this glitch happens, after the mercenary picks up the weapon, the name of your weapons will show above the mercenary's head instead. The bug will stop working when you stop pressing the switch weapon button. Click here for a video on this setup.

This also works with Hologram Turrets, in which case it seems to be far less strict timing-wise.

Spelling Errors

There are multiple spelling errors in tooltips and descriptions. This could be due to mistranslation or carelessness, likely the first as these have yet to be fixed. Some of the misspellings are as follows (the correct spellings are in parentheses):

  • "Monster meat for diner (dinner)" BarBarQ after clearing a room.
  • "Bassball Bat (baseball)" in the weapon name.

Turret Animation Glitches

Weird Turret

The glitchy vault. Click on the image for a video on the setup.

When you use the Staff of Anubis on a Turret from a Turret Room, it'll turn into a mummy but also mess with the closing animation of the vault, where after a second or two, half of the vault seems to not close properly. The open part also vibrates a little, despite it not being visible in the image.

Note: This does not happen with the Death Note, despite the fact that its mechanism is similar to that of the Staff of Anubis.

Floating Arrows

Some enemies in the game have projectiles that stick themselves in the character they hit, and there's a glitch that can make one of these float.

All you need is to get yourself a Mount from the Mount Merchant. These extend your hitbox downwards. Make sure the Mount gets hit, then get off the Mount and the arrow will be floating beneath you, as it would usually be stuck to the Mount but in getting off it's still programmed to follow your sprite around.

Floating arrow

Floating arrow after the Snowman King's jump.

This can also happen easily with the Snowman King or King Snow Ape, where if you hit them in the middle of their jumping attack, their hitbox is in the same place but the stuck arrows are programmed to follow the sprite and not the hitbox, so when the boss comes down from its jump attack, the arrow will move downwards in the same manner and just float there.

Random Projectiles Becoming Large

Every now and again, when using the Statue of the Berserker nearby a source of bullets (usually blue or white Trap crates), the spawned bullets can become large as if they too were affected by the red hexagon effect, although you can still get hit by them. When this happens, usually only one or two bullets are made large, and the converted bullets are always from the same attack, as this can only happen in a reduced time frame.

Badly Centered Sprites

Some weapons (namely Box, Super Buddy and occasionally Ion Coilgun) have their sprite programmed in a certain way so that it's offset upwards or sideways, mainly so that the animation of the gun when in the character's off-hand functions properly, like how Super Buddy is supposed to stay on the character's back and without the sideways offset it would just sit in the character's sprite. This is fine for when the weapon is being carried, but causes some odd things to happen when it's achieved from different sources like Chests, Wishing Wells or Turret Rooms, where the sprite might sit off the pedestal or above it, maybe even go inside an opaque part of the Wishing Well so part of it isn't visible. Here are examples:

Super Buddy in the well

The Super Buddy's nose is under the Well's opaque section, thus is invisible.

Box weirdness

The Box is offset upwards, meaning it sits above the vault.

Super Buddy of the pedestal

Because it's offset to the left, Super Buddy hangs off the pedestal.

Note: for the guns offset upwards, this means the animation of them coming out of a chest will be just as long but will make them travel more distance, resulting in a faster ascention from the chest. This is inconsistent with Ion Coilgun.

Empty Freeze Crystals

Empty Crystal

An empty Freeze Crystal

Phantoms are capable of going invisible while frozen, despite the fact that Freeze usually keeps enemies from doing anything. This leaves empty crystals behind that cannot be damaged or targeted. The Phantoms still can't move in this state. This is probably because the invisibility is scheduled to trigger after the Phantom's attack, thus doesn't count as an action and can be done during Freeze if the Phantom was able to attack before being frozen.

Wrong Energy Consumption

Wrong energy consumption

Shotgun Buff+Shotgun M3 costing 3 energy

When using any weapon that gets increased energy consumption when used in combination with the Shotgun Buff (eg. Cherry Blossom, Snow Fox Rose Gold, Shotgun M3...) while you have said Buff, going through a Portal with one of the above weapons will cause the energy cost to not update (aka not increase) until you switch to your off-hand and switch back or after dropping the weapon and picking it up again.

Fertilizer not Updating

If you have no Fertilizer, the stack in the garden will be shown as empty, but if you then get Fertilizer from the Trader in the Workshop the stack will still seem empty. Exit to the Home menu and reenter the game or interact with the stack if you have more than one Fertilizer and everything will go back to normal.

Useless Box Icon

Random Box

For some reason, after all the Living Room items have been unlocked, the icon that would usually show where the next item is achieved will appear at 0-0 while the Game Complete certificate is being shown. This disappears when you leave the Game Complete certificate.

This also happens after losing a game, but the box icon is only shown before you press the "Play" button at the bottom to see the run results.

This even happens in the victory/game over screen of the Digital Space.

Extra/Merge Button Malfunction

  • Merge button doesn't appear

With two weapons that can be merged and a spare weapon, leave one of the mergeables on the ground and get into interacting range so that the Merge button will appear. Then, switch weapons. This will cause the Merge button to be inactive. Exit interacting range to get rid of the glitch.

Inexistent Merge button

Damaged Blade+Broken Hilt=Reforged Sacred Sword, yet there is no Merge button. Click on the image for a video on the setup.

  • Ghost extra button

If you eat a consumable weapon when you have no other weapons in hand, the extra button required to eat it will stick around. This extra button does nothing.

Useless extra button

The Extra Button sticks around after drinking the Crimson Wine Glass.

Moving in the Pause Menu

For this glitch, go to the Task Board or go next to a Game Complete Certificate and interact with it to see your current tasks and challenges or your latest win against a certain boss. Then, exit the game by returning to your phone's home page, which forces the game to pause, reenter the game, and exit the Task Board/Certificate. You will now be able to move while in the Pause Menu. However, you're unable to do anything else, and the game is still running like it usually would. Its one practical use is to be able to switch controls and settings more easily while playing, as the Pause Menu works as it usually would. Setting the joystick to "Fixed Joystick" will make it disappear and thus making it impossible to move, indicating that the controls usually move off the screen when the game is paused, but the joystick in a non-locked position is still able to follow the player's touch. The glitch is lost upon entering the dungeon, and there are no objects with similar properties upon interaction to the Task Board or Game Complete Certificates within a run, so there is no way to trigger it in the dungeon. Click here for a video on this glitch.

It is possible to die in the pause menu for some slightly weird side effects. Click here for a video on this.

Wrong Weapon Icons

Tilted H2O

H2O captured in the middle of its spin. You can get different results depending on when you switch weapons, from a very tilted to a slightly tilted H2O

For this glitch's first setup, you must have Engineer's Ruler Huang Tian skin. While H2O is in its Ruler Huang Tian skin, it will do a full spin occasionally while not being fired. Take H2O and a second weapon, and switch weapons so that H2O is in your off-hand. When the H2O in your off-hand starts spinning, switch weapons to get it into your main hand, and the weapon icon will show a tilted version of H2O as if it were in the middle of its spin. This is fixed by switching H2O into your off-hand then switching it back into your main hand while it's not spinning.

Wrong Bomber Sprite

Bomber's supercharged sprite in hand and in the weapon icon despite it is not shooting missiles.

For the second setup, use Bomber. Bomber starts accelerating when you hold down the fire button, and upon shooting 6 times while holding the button, it will start firing missiles, but its sprite will also change slightly. If you hold the button until Bomber starts shooting missiles (and changes sprites) then switch weapons at any moment while still holding the fire button, and when you switch back, not only will Bomber still be showing its missile-shooting sprite, that sprite will also be in the weapon icon, which is not supposed to happen. Bomber still works normally and the weapon stops showing the sprite after it's shot at least once. The sprite in the weapon icon only changes back to normal once you switch weapons then switch Bomber back into your hand, in which case Bomber's sprite is also fixed. Click here for a video on these setups.

Co-op Badass/Normal

If you lose a game in co-op with one player playing Badass Mode and the other playing normal mode (but the game was set to Badass mode), the next game will be bugged making one player play in Badass Mode and the other playing in normal mode. Therefore, the player in normal mode will face less Champions.

Moving while Reviving in Co-op

If you use the Rogue's skill or get knocked back out of the reviving range while reviving, you can revive your teammates while moving around without having to stand near your partner's body.

Extra Weapons in the Lobby

This glitch allows you to hold more than 2 weapons in the lobby. To use this glitch, you need Knight's 2nd skill, an empty garden space, and a Carrot/Vine/Green Onions seed.

For starters, plant one of the above seeds and then exit and reenter the game to have them fully grown.

Your Knight should be holding 2 weapons. Harvest the plant while using Superior Fire and the weapon the plant becomes will be placed in a third slot you don't have, resulting in you having 3 weapons. You can swap any weapon with another one if you need to. Click here for a video on the full setup.

The 3rd weapon will be dropped automatically when you enter the game. However, you can still merge the weapons if the weapons you got are mergeable.

Panda Feed Prompt in the Wrong Place


The Panda trying to get the Berserker to feed it

The "Feed" prompt that appears over the Panda's head whenever you get close to it can not only appear when the Panda is close to you, but to any other hero character in the Living Room (e.g. Assassin, Engineer, Necromancer...) The player won't get the option to feed it unless it is near you as usual.


Growing Thunderstorm Hammer

Fixed in update 2.7.3. In Loop Mode, the lightning damage of Thunderstorm Warhammer will increase by 2 per tick every loop. This made some players able to clear more than 600 boss rush floors when used with Freestyle Berserker.

Sticking Bosses in Walls

With Berserker skill 3 and Super Shotgun's grapple attack, you can stick bosses in walls, and kill them while they are defenseless and stuck.

It is recommended to do the following while the boss is stationary. Otherwise it will move around too much and make what you are going to do too difficult. It is recommended to use the Berserker Leaping Out of Bounds with an Armor Mount glitch listed below to get into the boss room without triggering it. Keep in mind that these un-triggered bosses can be pushed around easily. Therefore, do not touch them or they will go flying around in random directions. If they happen to fly through the gate and out of the room, there isn't much you can do but to re-roll the level or no portal will appear. After you get in successfully, do the following.

  1. If there are any obstacles in the room, clear them with the shotgun attack of super shotgun.
  2. Use the grapple attack to drag the boss to the lower section of the room. If the boss room gate is also in that direction, be careful not to get too close to it or it will trigger the room and start the boss fight.
  3. Move to the upper section of the room and run yourself into the upper wall with the joystick.
  4. Press the grapple attack again.
  5. Because of the distance between you and the boss, there will be a less than 0.5 second delay before the boss is dragged to you. Use your skill now and time it perfectly.
  6. If everything goes right, your sprite and super shotgun would be out of the room during your leap duration. The boss will now be dragged into the upper wall of the room. If not, drag the boss to the bottom half of the room again and repeat the process until it works.
  7. After confident that the boss is stuck in the upper wall, move to the boss room entrance gate and trigger the room. The real boss fight would start at this point.
  8. Visit the boss that is stuck in the wall. Because the boss is "inside" the wall, it won't technically see you and thus won't attack. Use the shotgun attack of super shotgun to kill it.
  9. Since the boss is stuck in the wall, after you defeat it most of its material drops will still be within your pickup radius. Go and pick them up.

This bug can be used to play Loop Travel Boss Rush Mode as long as you like. However, keep in mind that there are two bosses which are immune to this bug. They are the Devil's Snare and the Prehistoric Colossus. These two bosses are stationary and cannot be dragged in anyway. If you encounter them, re roll the level and if you are unlucky enough to meet them again, then you will have no choice but to fight them without the aid of this bug.

This was patched along with the Berserker Leaping out of bounds glitch in the current update 2.7.3.

Duplicate Vouchers

Available during update 2.7.0 ~ 2.7.2. At the Workshop, do the following:

  1. At the locker, choose the voucher you want to duplicate, and take out as many until there is exactly one remaining. All other vouchers can be placed anywhere else.
  2. Move to the locker so that interact button appears. Press pause button and then interact button, within an interval of about 0.1 second. If succeeded, both pause menu and locker menu will appear.
  3. Close the locker menu so that your character can move, then move away and return to the locker, so that you may interact again while keeping the pause menu.
  4. Press interact button and then pause button, within an interval of about 0.1 second. If succeeded, your character can move again while the locker menu is open.
  5. Set this locker menu to voucher page and locate the voucher you want to duplicate. Then, move away and return to open the locker again. You now have opened two locker menus.
  6. At second locker menu, take the voucher out. The first locker menu is still there with one voucher left, take it too. Now you have gained an extra voucher.
  7. In order to continue duplicating, put exactly one voucher back to the locker, then repeat process 2~7 until you have the desired amount.
  8. Finally, put all vouchers back to the locker, and upload your cloud save. Done.

While any seed or weapon voucher can be duplicated, only the Orange/Epic and Red/Legendary weapon vouchers need to do so since there is only one of each available in the game.

This bug worked during the 2.7.0 ~ 2.7.2 updates. This bug doesn't function anymore in Update 2.7.3 due to one locker window being able to open at maximum.

Berserker Leaping out of Bounds

Soul Knight Glitch Setup- Leap out of the Cellar (2.7

Soul Knight Glitch Setup- Leap out of the Cellar (2.7.0)

How to glitch yourself out of bounds.

Most border walls cannot be leaped over with Berserker's third skill, Leap. However, the walls of the Cellar can be jumped over no problem, and thus access the black void outside the base. All the base's rooms will be completely blacked out as you're supposed to be in the Cellar, and it is possible to access the Secret Signal Room in this fashion, as its walls can also be leaped over. It is possible to get the Motorcycle or any other mount out of bounds by leaving it on the ground next to the wall you want to jump over, using Leap then quickly getting on the mount with the fire button and moving forward to clear the wall. This out of bounds glitch is thus one of the most practical of all, as you can carry the Motorcycle outside to move much faster into the neverending black void.

By using the Secret Signal Room, which can be found by travelling in the void and going above the base, it is possible to bypass the non-jumpable walls in the base and get the Motorcycle in the base, something that is not supposed to be possible. There was a method to do this in 2.5.0, but was patched, so now we have another one. Click here for a video on the setup.

After returning to the base after doing this glitch, one must move near the entrance of the Cellar to keep the room from being completely blacked out the entire time and have light and color return to the base.

Another side effect of this is that you can Leap over the walls of the Secret Signal Room to enter the void and get to the area where the Cellar usually is but before it has been loaded. This leads to some interesting results. Click here for a video on the setup.

There is another setup allowing you to get out of bounds in actual levels through the usage of Mounts. What you must do is simple: get a Mount, then put it next to the topmost wall of whatever room or hallway you happen to be in. Dismount the Mount, then while holding towards the wall the entire time, quickly press the skill button to Leap, press the attack button to get on the Mount then press the skill button again to dismount the Mount. What seems to happen is that dismounting the Mount in mid-air cancels the animation of Leap, meaning Berserker will not come back down from the sky and instead stays at the apex of his leap. Depending on your timing, you might have to repeat the same steps again to get completely out of bounds. Click here for a video on the setup.

After you are out of bounds, you can go near the mount to get it out of the walls as well. You will need it to return using similar methods as well.

You can follow the outline of the map, and if it is not a boss level, simply find the portal and return using the same method. Enter the portal, and that is the level cleared. For bosses though, you will still need to fight them face to face. Follow the outline of the map closely, or you will get lost. If you find a chest room, you may consider to go in and grab the weapon, because you will still need good weapons for the boss fights. Be aware that when using this glitch, you will get much less gems than usual because you kill much less enemies, which are part of the calculation for gems.

This bug no longer works as of Update 2.7.3 because the Berserker now cannot mount in mid-air.

Melee Weapon Sprites

With certain melee weapons (for example, Flame Sword, Machete and Crystal Crab's Katana), with that weapon equipped, switching weapons and then switching back fast will cause the weapon to be upside-down for about half a second until it fixes itself. This may be due to the fact that these weapons flip upside-down when sheathed.

Tilted Skeletons

When summoning skeletons with the Staff of Skeleton while using Berserker's Free Style, the skeletons could appear slightly tilted.

Clipping out of Origin map
IMG 20200329 221317

At the bottom left edge in the Origin where the wooden wall of the store and the wall of the map meet, you can place 2 blindages in between it before the wave starts. Then, step on the pillar to let yourself be hoisted up the map and outside when a wave starts.

Crystal Crab Jail Break

Using Staff of Anubis on a crystal mine from the Giant Crystal Crab arena and killing the resulting enemy registers as a clear, meaning the gates will open and you can take the Giant Crystal Crab outside of the room.

Mount Weapon Afterimage

When you get on a Mount that gives you a custom mount weapon with no weapons equipped, two odd things will happen:

  • You'll be able to switch weapons freely despite the fact that, once there's a weapon in your hand, you're usually not able to switch back to your empty hand.
Mount weapon afterimage

Using an empty hand attack with the wrong weapon in the switch weapon box

  • When you switch back to your empty hand, the image of the mount's custom weapon with the energy cost and all will stay in the switch weapon box that usually shows the weapon you have currently equipped. This means there is no way to actually know what weapons you have equipped, except for the fact that the mount's weapon's name won't appear when switching back to your hand. The afterimage stays there even after you dismount, and only goes away when going through a portal (haven't tested what happens when you pick up a weapon in this state).

Boomerang Trapped Behind a Wall

If the Boomerang or Buckler are thrown behind a wall, and the player moves so that the wall stays in between the player and the boomerang weapon, it'll just stay there, as it can't come back through the wall. The boomerang weapon will not cease to follow the player around, and as the boomerangs can last for way longer than the delay between one shot and the next, this allows you to have multiple boomerangs active at once. They will disappear eventually though.

This was patched in version 2.6.7, although this clumsy "patch" lead to an array of different new glitches.

More than two weapons max in The Origin

While inside The Origin, the player can hold an unlimited amount of weapons by buying turrets or Blindage from the Mechanical Engineer, then picking up the desired weapons while still holding the bought items. If the player quits and re-enters, all extra weapons will be dropped. Because of lag, the dropped weapons won’t disappear.

Health Pots Stuck in Walls


Health pot in an unbreakable wall

Health Pots spawned from the Crate Buff seem to be able to get stuck in walls and crates every now and again.

Perpetual Black Hole Illusion

When the Black Hole Missile is paired with the Staff of Illusion, the black hole illusion the weapon makes is continuous and does not stop.

Outdated Knight Sprite

The Knight's sprite on some screens display his old appearance, with a rounder mouth. They include the Pause Menu and Multiplayer character selection screen.

Speed Boost Conservation

To do this, all you need is a charging weapon that changes your speed and doesn't fire when you charge it and then switch weapons (some examples are Meteo Laser Gun and Void Sword). The procedure for this is simple:

  • Charge the gun
  • Switch weapons (make sure you're still holding the fire button when you do that)
  • Repeat

The way this glitch works is because of the fact that these weapons are programmed to alter your speed until you shoot, but as you don't shoot the gun, the speed boost is kept, and as the developers never expected anyone to do that, there isn't anything keeping the speed boosts from stacking up. This can cause you to run straight off-screen as the screen isn't programmed to scroll so fast, thus can't keep up.

Fast Special Attack with the Ranger's Revolver

The Ranger's Revolver's special spin attack is activated by the Switch Mode button, and usually it can only be used once before it has to cool down for a long time. With this glitch, its activation system can be somewhat abused by using Superior Fire. One of Superior Fire's perks is that if your main weapon has the Switch Mode button and your off-hand weapon has different modes, it'll cycle between said modes on both weapons on the press of the button. So, for this glitch to work, you need to use Superior Fire while holding a weapon that can switch modes and have the Ranger's Revolver in your off-hand, and whenever you switch modes on your main, the mode will also switch (aka shoot a spinning revolver) for the Ranger's Revolver, effectively negating the cooldown and allowing you to kill bosses with ridiculous efficiency and speed. This costs a ton of energy, however.

Infinite Reviving

Go into a game of the Origin with a Nirvana Cross and a Knight with Superior Fire skill. Do these steps to get infinite revives:

  • Get a Hologram Turret.
  • The order of these next steps is very important:
    • Use your skill.
    • Drop your Nirvana Cross to the Turret.
    • Switch weapons and use your skill again.

What'll happen now is the hologram version of the Nirvana Cross will be moved from the Turret to your off-hand, and holo-Nirvana Crosses won't be destroyed upon death as turrets cannot use them, thus can be used as many times as you want.

Speedup Bug in the Living Room

Steps to recreate
  • Go to the Mount Selector, then without doing anything, press Back on the device (This is universal, meaning it will happen no matter the device uses physical button or software button)
  • Go to the Cellar, then press Back to teleport back to the Mount Selector

This will preserve the multiplicative speed boost given to the player inside the Cellar; going into the Cellar again will not reset this multiplier, resulting in a massive speed boost if done multiple times. The speed boost does not carry over to gameplay. This doesn't work anymore as the Cellar no longer gives the player a speed boost.

Developed Weapons Couldn't Be Forged

When the Workshop was added, Developed Weapons could be developed but not forged. Fixed in 1.8.4.

Snowman Eagle Cellar Info Error

The Snowman Eagle is incorrectly labelled as Ice Spikes and even shows the info of Ice Spikes when checked in the cellar. This is also marked with not all 182 (as of 1.7.8) weapons registered as collected. Patched in 1.8.2.

Stuck in Base

By staying in a specific spot and then getting your daily reward from the Mail Guy you can get trapped between the Badass Travel and the wall.

Potions from Purple Vending Machines

You can sometimes be given a random potion (instead of a weapon) from purple Vending Machines.

Out of Bounds Levels

Sometimes when playing on 2-5 or 3-5 you will go out of bounds, rendering you unable to continue.

Spelling Errors

There are multiple spelling errors in tooltips and descriptions. This could be due to mistranslation or carelessness. Some of the misspellings are as follows (the correct spellings are in parentheses):

Remnant Sprites

Sometimes bullets from enemies will remain visible, but will not move and cannot damage the player. They will disappear after a short period of time.

Spinning Weapons

Sometimes if a player has the Firecrackers (prior to the 1.6.5 Update) and uses it a few times, the weapon's sprite will continue to spin even if you put it down. This could also happen with Nunchaku in more recent versions.

Absence of the Agitated Trunk

On iOS version 1.6.5, the Christmas Treant's boss chest has zero chance of giving Agitated Trunk, effectively rendering it unavaliable unless if the Xmas Tree is used.

Ping Pong Bodies

The use of excessive force (be it explosive or not) can cause the corpse of an enemy to bounce around the room, affected by physical contact with objects and entities. This is not a glitch.

Stubby Laser Shooting

After version 1.7.5, the Laser does not shoot out its laser fully. Instead, it shoots the length of a tile. Fixed in 1.7.6.

Fake Coins from Gashapon

As of version 1.7.5, if the Gashapon from Gashapon Machine gives coins, the coins are impossible to collect. Fixed in 1.7.6.

Laser Sword Red Not Displaying Info

In the Cellar, if a player walks near the Laser Sword Red, the name does not show correctly and the player is unable to trigger the information of the weapon popping up.

Dual Wielding One Punch Crashes Game

If a Knight uses Dual Wield and tries to use the One Punch the game will crash. The fix was found in 1.7.6, but it maybe had been patched earlier.

Mixed-Up Character Quotes

During 1.8.x, some NPC Characters would say lines that don’t belong to themselves. For example, the Follower Elf used the quote of an NPC Werewolf after clearing a room.

Glitched Kill Counts of Certain Enemies

During 1.9.0, these enemies have their kill counts glitched: GunShark, Baby Dragon Bros, Gold Mine and Crystal Mine. Their counts are reset and will no longer register.

Extra Room in Level 3-6

During 1.9.0, if the Task Board gave "more rooms in the dungeon" challenge, it would also affect level 3-6 such that players would be trapped in a glitched room with no enemies, unable to leave and complete the game.

Weapon Pickups Not Being Counted in Cellar

In some versions, the "Get" count of the Bamboo, Green Onions, and Vine did not increase in the Cellar even after the player picked them up.

Reforging Invalid Weapons Crashes Game

This glitch happened during version 1.9.7, under the "Melee weapons only" condition, where the game would crash if the player tried to reforge a non-melee weapon. Said weapon can be obtained by trading with your mercenary with a misc weapon like Carrot in the same floor, such that the mercenary weapon will not be filtered.

  • This also occurred with throwable weapons like Bamboo, such that it is fine to carry and use them, but they do not spawn, and reforging them would crash the game.
  • In version 1.10.0, this glitch is patched in the form that a Misc weapon will appear as the result.

Robot Repairing Prompt in Wrong Place

During 1.10.0, if the level map contains the lower left corner room of the 5x5 grid, the prompt of repairing the Robot will appear in the void below the lower right of the room.

Wrong Engineer "Musician" Skin

In version 2.0.5 of some regions, the "Musician" skin of Engineer was carrying his usual pump machine instead of a guitar. This was hotfixed.

Cellar Not Updating

In version 2.0.5 of some regions, all counters in the cellar could not be updated, and nothing could gain clear frames. This was hotfixed.

Motorcycle out of the Cellar


Bike in the Living Room

This setup is really simple and only involves these simple steps:

  • Get on the bike
  • Move it towards the top wall of the Cellar to align it properly
  • Move it in front of the door
  • Dismount the bike and walk by, and once you've walked slightly past it, abuse your character's pickup radius to pick it up and ride it.

This causes you to pick up the bike in such a way that it bypasses the thin barrier that would usually teleport it back, then you can take it into the other areas, but not into battle.


Destroyed bike

This causes certain side effects:

  • If you get on the bike and start buying Gashapons until you get a bomb, the bomb will destroy the bike, as it deals 7 damage (5+burn) and the bike has 6 health. This means you'll get kicked off and can't get on again like would usually happen, but it'll appear fine because it doesn't have a destroyed "skin", because it was never expected to be destroyed.

Cellar from the Magic Area

  • With the bike out, you can go to the very bottom section of the Magic Area and run against the wall until the screen scrolls down. Because the bike isn't in its spawning location, the game still thinks you're in the Cellar, meaning scrolling the screen in this way allows you to see the "Game Complete" certificates section of the Cellar, which is something you can't usually do.
  • If you try to drive the bike behind the Magic Well where it would usually block you off, if you drive the bike into the left side, it'll vibrate like crazy, but if you drive it into the right side, nothing weird will happen.

Skip to 3-6

Using the Gashapon Machine to die via bomb reward, reviving then going to the main menu and continuing will skip you to 3-6.

Continuous Shooting

Holding down the fire button (on a non bow weapon), pausing the game and then starting to record using the in-game function causes the current weapon fire continuously - without needing to press the fire button. This can be very useful on 0 energy weapons, weapons that increase fire rate as you continue shooting (like the Red Dragon) and on characters with low cooldown skills (like the Rogue). "Patched" due to in-game recording was removed on v1.8.2 update. If playing as Elf, just hold down fire button, then tap skill button (only works if ready) and quickly tap skill button after releasing fire button.

Super Boosted Laser Fish

Found in update 2.5.5 and fixed in 2.6.0. This glitch requires the Bounce buff, and a Laser Fish (whether grilled or not). There were two methods to achieve:

  • A: Use a Knight with Dual Wield, hold attack button to fire the main Laser Fish, then while still holding attack button, activate the skill. This could last until releasing attack button or skill is expired.
  • B: Get a Fully Automatic Device on the Laser Fish and move through a portal. On start of next level, the effect would appear until changing weapons.

In either case, the weapon would deal damage at about 30 times fast as usual. It can still deal damage when paused.

  • If the weapon is given Lava Stone, meteors will rain down in a super fast rate.

This glitch could actually be done with other continuous laser (Ion Laser and Illusion alike,) but they will also drain energy in a flash.



Elf Stuck in the Boss Room Door

Elf is able to use her first skill to be unable to move or be moved. This means that, with precise positioning, you can activate a boss room (or regular enemy room) and still be inside the entrance. Usually, these entrances push you out into the room if you're inside them. However, as Elf cannot be moved while using her first skill, she does not get pushed. As you are inside a solid object, most enemies will not be able to see you, and you're much harder to hit anyway, so you can clear the room from there. You can stop using your skill to enter the room again at any time. Click here for a video on the setup.

Weapon switching for extreme fire rate

The player can constantly switch between their weapons and firing to result in a terrifying fire rate. Almost all weapons can be boosted this way, but there are specifically two groups of them that needs to be switched differently:

  • Group A: <missing information>, and certain melees. These weapons with cool down instantly when you switch them, meaning that theoretically you can increase their fire rate to infinity. Having a Holster can immensely improve the switching speed, because you no long need to press the attack button, and only the switch button.
  • Group B: Snipers, and certain melee weapons. These weapon will not reset instantly, meaning that when you switch to another weapon after firing them, they will continue cooling down even when not in hand. They can only be fired when completely cooled down, making switch firing them slightly more difficult. You need to bring 2 or 3 of them, and constantly switch and fire at a regular pace. Too slow will cause the overall fire rate not to increase, and too fast results in the weapons not firing properly. Pace the switching properly, for example, if the three weapons you have have 1 second cool down, you need to switch and fire after 0.33 seconds. If you only have two, you need to switch and fire after only 0.5 second. Fully Automatic Device works very well on this group, you can now pace yourself much more easily with no need to press the switch button.

Both of these methods require a lot of practice, especially for the group B switching. This exploit effectively leads to the following strategy, revolver spamming.

Revolver Spamming

If you have two or more revolvers, you can shoot the first one and switch to the second one and shoot, and switching back will automatically reload the first one and if you repeat this, you can deal insane amounts of damage. This is similar to using groundwater, but you deal more damage per second.

Be aware that if you do spam revolvers, then you will use excessive amounts of energy, so use this exploit with the infinite energy buff.

You can do the same thing with any two pistol equipped with the Holster.

Completely Free Revivals

When the player watches an ad to be revived, the ad will play at the end of their run. In other cases in Soul Knight, exiting an ad before it finishes makes it so that the player gains no reward. However, the ad cannot undo the revival once the run is over, so players can prematurely exit with no consequence.

Infinite Verbal Fire

As Verbal Fire is a weapon that triggers when in your off-hand and holding down the fire button, you can hold down the button continuously with a charge or 0-energy-consumption weapon to fire it infinitely with no energy cost.

Time Travel

In-game daily activities like the mail man which give you 500 gems every day, the growth of plants in the garden, the refreshing of items in the forge shop and the amount of viewable ads for gems can be sped up by changing your device's date and time while offline (Typically adding 1 day). To make this work continuously, the player has to reach level 1-3 before adding another day. This exploit is most likely possible because most mobile games can be played offline (And optionally online) and depend on the device's local date and time.

  • However, doing so too many times may backfire that it will stop working at all and the daily activities will stop totally, until the pre-used time has passed.

Restarting a Floor

If you re-open the app and continue a game, you start at the beginning of the current floor. If you have taken too much damage or didn't like what you found, you can try for better RNG. You can only do this once per floor, as doing so twice will restart your current game. Doing so in x-1 might switch what biome you're playing in, and doing it in x-5 might switch what boss you fight against.

Vampire's Skill Regaining Free Health

Using the Vampire's skill just outside a room full of enemies means the bats can enter the room and bite enemies. They won't deal damage but they will restore health and energy. This way you can start every fight with a full health bar, and the skill ready if you wait for the cooldown.

Shooting/Hitting through Walls

If you fire a gun with a bouncing bullet while pressed against a wall it can make the bullet go out of the room and sometimes bounce back. This can also be done using melee weapons and when shooting between blocks using a long-barrelled weapon like PKP.

  • This can backfire if you box yourself in with the Box weapon and only have one other weapon with a really long barrel, as the bullets will appear further than the Box's hitbox and won't break them, meaning you can no longer break yourself out.

Health Given Back after Buying from the Mysterious Trader

If playing as Paladin, the player’s health that is taken can be given back.

When buying anything from the Mysterious Trader that costs 1 health, it can be gained back by loading into the next stage. However, while the maximum health will be reverted to before purchasing from the Mysterious Trader, it will not be healed. If the Extra Health Buff is equipped, the player can spend up to 4 health and regain it the next level.

Cherry-Picking Buffs

This exploitation requires a Fantastic Flower seed. First, you must acquire a Fantastic Flower seed. Wait for it to grow until it is fully grown. Then, exit your game and Cloud Save. Then, harvest your flower. If you do not get a buff you like, exit your game and open your cloud save and click "retrieve progress." Enter another game and harvest the flower again. Keep repeating until you get your preferred buff.

This can be used to get Extra Weapon buff, in order to merge weapons such as Star Bow and Fantastic Gun easily.

However, you must note that you are cloud saving, which means you are loading your saved progress. Anything that happens after your cloud save will not be saved.


Enemy Afterlife

Sometimes enemies and bosses can still attack after being killed (however, they cannot be damaged or targeted). For example, killing the Grand Wizard mid-attack can cause it to continue to spray out bullets (that can deal damage) even after its death. Big Skeleton can keep charging towards the player and dealing damage. This is also seen with Christmas Treant with its homing bullets attack, where it won't show its dead sprite until it's over. This usually fixes itself after the attack is over.

Death Note Killing Enemies While Outside the Room

In Soul Knight, despite the fact that enemies can get hit through the room boundaries if the player shoots while really close to the room but not quite inside, they're completely immune while outside the boundaries and thus are unkillable. Until you use Death Note on them. Death note completely ignores invulnerability, meaning it can get rid of enemies without coming inside. This can trigger further waves of enemies and even finish the room without entering it. To do this, simply get very close to the room entrance. If you go to the left or right entrances, go step by step towards the entrance until almost every part of the Death Note's sprite is in the room, then start shooting. As long as the enemies are in range, they will get killed. Using Elf with another weapon that shoots projectiles allows you to shoot the other weapon combined with Focus Fire to get rid of crates blocking your way. Note that the corpse of enemies killed like this is solid and does not allow you to move through it, but does allow bullets to pass through, like a half-height object.

Death Note exploit

Death Note getting rid of enemies before the room is activated

Death note exploit Wave 2

Death Note activating wave 2

Death Note exploit ending room

Death Note ending room without it activating

Complete Invulnerability

If the player is in a challenge in which there is the 'better defense but shield does not regenerate' condition, and is inside an Armor Mount with at least one defense, the player takes no damage as long as they are mounted. This is because all forms of damage do one point each due to the challenge conditions, but are reduced to zero by the armor. As such, as long as the player doesn't dismount, they can take as much damage as they want without any penalty. Fixed in 2.0.5.

Unlimited Gems

On version 1.7.0, if you do a cloud save and uninstall the app, the Mail Guy comes back, and so do all of the free gems from the Fridge. You can uninstall the game and keep collecting your rewards from the Fridge for an unlimited amount of times. It was patched in the 1.7.1 Update.

Statue of the Thief Inifinite Coins Exploit

Thief Statue

Statue of the Thief.

Similar to the Vampire's Skill exploit, after praying to the thief statue, stand just outside a room near at least 2 enemies and use your skill. Every use of the ability will steal 2 coins from the enemies giving you potentially unlimited coins. Coins get converted to gems at the end of your game so this gives you potentially unlimited gems as well. Works well with characters that have a shorter cool-down skill.

Healing by Re-rolling the Floor

Only applicable if the player has "Increase Max HP" buff. If so, re-rolling a floor will replenish 5 health for the runner and can be used once per floor due to the re-rolling exploit's nature. Fixed in the 1.8.2 patch.

Unlimited Fertilizer and Gem Tree

Only available in v1.8.3 of some regions. This exploit was caused by a mechanism where the forged weapons didn't disappear correctly if a player picked them up and used them but did not go into a run. It was done as follows:

  1. Be able to forge Fertilizer.
  2. Forge at least one Fertilizer.
  3. Bring it to the Garden and use it on any plant (for example, Gem Tree).
  4. Return to title screen without starting a run.
  5. The forged Fertilizer would stay on the table and could be used again.

Free Mercenary

Before version 2.1.0, this could be done with a weapon that the mercenary can use.

  1. Picking up a weapon can be done near the weapon, however the replacement is dropped right below foot. By repeating this process with a spare weapon, any weapon more than you may carry can be moved around.
  2. Use this method to move a suitable weapon to the mercenary, and he will just pick it up as if he moves to the weapon, while leaving his default weapon on the floor.
    • You may do this as many times as possible, since you may want to increase the pickup count of his weapon while keeping yours for next floor.
  3. If above step is done at least once, upon reaching next floor, the mercenary is tagged as "hired" and will follow you.
    • This can also be done under "No pets or followers" condition, such that in the following floors, no other mercenary can appear, while the Drillmaster can still spawn.

Change Conditions

Only available in single play before version 2.2.0. Do the following steps:

  1. At title screen, open the Multiplayer menu and get a set of desired conditions.
  2. When these conditions are still shown, return to title screen.
  3. Press and hold the "New Game" and "Multiplayer" buttons and prepare.
  4. Do the next few steps quickly:
    1. Release "Multiplayer" button and then "New Game" button in this order.
    2. Start the multiplayer game and open the character screen.
    3. Use the lower left button to return to title screen.
  5. Now wait.

If this is done correctly, after returning to title screen, the character select screen of single play will appear. Choose your character normally and the game will be using the customized conditions selected before.

However, doing so does not count as accepting a challenge, and starting a run with these conditions will make this game unable to restart any floor. Additionally, trying to accept a challenge will overwrite the conditions you have chosen before, with exceptions below.

Start with more buff slots

If above steps include the "Max number of buffs +3" condition, after entering the Lobby, accept a challenge, and these extra buff slots will not disappear, effectively making this run come with more buffs. This can stack with another "Max number of buffs +3" condition as part of the standard challenge, such that players can have up to 18 buffs in total.

  • This also applies to "Max number of buffs -3" condition, such that players will start a run with fewer buff slots than expected.

Knight Carrying more Weapons

Fixed in update 2.2.5. This requires a Knight with Superior Fire as the skill.

  1. Activate the skill so that all weapons are in use.
  2. Before the skill ends, walk to a weapon on the ground, then tap the weapon on the ground (not the interact button.) This will add the weapon to the inventory instead of switching the main weapon off.

Doing so will allow the Knight to carry two more weapons than he is able to, for a total of 4 (5 if Extra Weapon buff is used.) Attempting to grab a third extra weapon will simply cause the one in main hand to fall off.


  • Weapons placed at 4th and 5th slots cannot be used when Superior Fire is activated.
    • If some of them are weapons like the Floating Gun, they function normally.
  • Weapons more than supposed will be dropped on the ground upon reaching next floor.
    • If this happens when passing a portal at 3-5, all weapons being carried will be framed in the Cellar, though the "Game Complete" certificate can only show the first 3 weapons.

Knight and Infinite Super Buddy

Fixed in update 2.2.5. This requires a Knight with Dual Wield as the skill.

  1. Have a spare weapon on the ground.
  2. Equip Super Buddy and activate the skill.
  3. Before the skill ends, tap the weapon on the ground (not the interact button.) This will switch your Super Buddy at main hand with the one on the ground, while keeping the extra Super Buddy at off hand.
  4. Now attack. This will fire the Super Buddy copy created by Dual Wield, while the actual Super Buddy is on the ground, unused.


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