Melee Weapons either swing in an arc, spin around the player in a 360º angle or stab enemies. Overall, their effective range is short, but have other benefits when compared to ranged weapons.

Most melee weapons do not cost energy unless they fire projectiles while used or otherwise have a unique/powerful melee attack. If they do cost energy, they still function as a melee weapon even when the player has zero energy, even if their functionality is drastically reduced. There are a few exceptions though.

All enemy bullets in the area of the swing/stab will disappear. With the Melee reflect buff, the bullets are reflected and can damage enemies. Some bullets cannot be reflected.

If an enemy is within melee range, using the attack button will always use the melee weapon, instead of the basic melee attack.

  • This does not interfere with the Druid, who can perform basic melee attacks with the skill button after his wolves have been summoned.

Some melee weapons are also thrown weapons that can only use their melee functions if an enemy is close by or the player has no energy.


  • When a melee weapon is being used, its sprite will disappear during the time the swing/stab is on-screen. However, if the melee weapon spins upon being used, the sprite will stay active for the entire duration of the animation. The sprite also spins when the weapon performs a spin attack.

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