Railguns are a sub type of laser weapons.

Unlike common laser weapons, they tend to fire energy projectiles shaped like orbs that pierce enemies. These orbs will explode when hitting proper objects, and deal another hit to enemies caught in the explosion. This explosion deals half the damage of the original orb.

  • Having the Laser buff will increase the radius of the explosion, but not the damage.

Since Railguns shoot projectiles, they can benefit from Gauss Coil (which increases projectile speed) but not Mirror Device.

Many of the Railguns require charging, like bows, such that their damage can increase over time. The Charge buff can reduce the charging time.

However, since version 2.3.0, a type of railgun called "coilgun" has been added to the game. This is a different type of Railgun that does not need to charge.

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