A Staff is a type of weapon that needs to be cast to use. Most of them are cast by swinging, but there are exceptions.

Casting a staff takes a moment to apply the effect (e.g. there is a certain time between the player pressing the fire button and the effect activating). If the casting motion is interrupted, nothing happens.

The staffs usually have quite moderate energy cost and speed so they're best to use with characters with high base energy, like the Wizard.

The Staff Buff can make a staff more powerful by maximizing its damage. For staffs that cannot deal damage, it will improve another effect of the staff.

Forging a staff usually requires Timber.


  • Although technically not a weapon, when the Wizard uses her skill, the process is the same as actually using a staff weapon.
  • Before version 1.9.0, the Trekking Pole was a staff in the Forge Table, but it could not be swung or used to deal damage.
  • All staffs that appeared before version 1.10.0 use the same standard design, such that they are cast by swinging and their head piece would glow when casting was completed.
    • Since 1.10.0, two irregular staffs, The Code and Wooden Cross, are added. These weapons are not meant to be swung, yet are considered staffs in-game.

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