Throwing weapons are a type of weapon that do not include a shooting mechanism. Instead, the player will throw copies of the weapon directly.

There are two major types of throwing weapons:

  • The first type can only be thrown, but when not used they can load and stack up in hand, up to a specific number of that weapon. When used, all stacked copies in hand will be thrown together. They can still load up even when switched as a backup weapon or even when they're on the ground.
    • Most of this type of weapons are affected by the Shotgun buff, such that the number of stack can increase. If the player finds these weapons while having the buff, the weapons will be shown in buffed amount.
    • One change happened in version 2.1.0, such that if there are any enemies in the room, switching to any type of throwing weapon will throw it immediately. Oddly, this can be done even if the player is frozen.
      • This is especially useful because if suddenly a large number of enemies cluster together, you can simply switch weapons twice (or thrice) and your throwing weapon will instantly fire. This can be done extremely quickly to pile up huge amounts of damage.
      • This function is glitched in multiplayer mode in such a way that when you're outside enemy rooms, switching to Channeling Monkey will not cause the weapon to fire on your screen but it will on the other players' screens. This doesn't cost energy as you're not actually using the weapon, it's just a graphical glitch.
  • The second type will also contain a melee function, such that in close range they are used as melee weapons (and do not use energy), while in long range they can be thrown at a cost of some energy. This type can only have one copy at hand.

Some throwing weapons, such as the Molotov Cocktail, are projected in an arc into the air instead of in a straight line, so they do not make contact if another object gets into the way. Instead, they will land perfectly to their destinated location. If the projectile hits a wall, they will slightly bounce off before landing on the ground nearby.

  • In a rare case, these can be thrown through a one-tile wall and hit enemies behind.
Normal Throwing weapons
Meleeable Throwing weapons

Boomerang  •  Buckler  •  Channeling Monkey  •  Damaged Blade  •  Electric Ninja Stars  •  Green Essence  •  Hand Grenade  •  Happy New Year  •  Ice Spikes  •  Molotov Cocktail  •  Monster Cuisine  •  Ninja Stars  •  Ninja Stars Plus  •  Paper Slip  •  Pill  •  Quantum Ninja Stars  •  Reusable Energy Pot  •  Reusable Health Pot  •  Reusable Restoration Potion  •  Rocket Fireworks  •  Spike Knives  •  Spike Knives Eagle  •  Whisper of Dark  •  Windforce Ninja Stars  •  Wrenches

Bamboo  •  Crispy Bone  •  Frost Spear  •  Giant Axe  •  Green Basin  •  Heavy Hunter Axe  •  Jack and Mary  •  Javelin  •  Millennia Bamboo  •  Throwing Axe  •  Zeus Thunderbolt


  • Most throwing weapons can still spill out projectiles even if already put away- this is more commonly seen with ones that use a long period of time to throw all the loaded items, such as the Spike Knives. This is probably a glitch.
    • In an old version, this could also be done after death, since it was still possible to switch weapon when killed. It is fixed as a result of disabling the death switching.
  • In an old version, when you dropped a throwable item, it would automaticly reload fully, meaning that you can kill a boss in a few seconds by picking up the weapon and picking up another throwable weapon.
    • This could be done with Knight with Superior Fire, such that he could carry desired weapons in extra slots, and move them through rooms.
  • During version 2.2.x, the second type of throwing weapons could perform melee attacks anywhere by using the extra button.

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