The Cellar Cellar is a location where all collections are found in the game.

It is unlocked by reaching level 1-5 and can be found to the left of the Living Room, between the Vampire and the Trash Can.

It contains 3 floors separated by staircases. When you reach the end of the showcase on either side, there is a sign notifying you that there is "Construction ahead" Construction. Interacting with it will return you to the staircase of the first floor.

Objects in the Cellar are displayed in frames. Some objects have larger frames than others. If the object is usable in-game (Characters and Weapons alike), completing the game with it will turn the frame silver for Normal Mode, or golden for Badass Mode. Some other items can also gain silver and golden frames through different methods. If you were to beat the game with a certain weapon/character in Normal Mode after beating it in Badass Mode with the same weapon/character, the golden frame takes priority.

Before Update 2.5.0, the player would gain a speed boost upon entering the Cellar. However, this was removed with the update.

1st Floor

The first floor shows all the weapons the players have picked up to the left of the staircase, and the latest "Game Complete" certificates against every final boss (the last one is reserved to Boss Rush Mode victories) and all the enemies they have killed to the right.

  • To the right of the weapon frames is a sign that upon interaction will show how many weapons the player has gotten out of the game's total number of weapons (Mercenary and CNY weapons are included).
  • Upon inspection, weapons will display their stats and a "get" counter showing how many times they have been obtained.
    • The weapon's name may also display its properties: No Chest "Does not drop randomly" and/or No Forge "Can't be forged."
    • The order of weapons from right to left can be found here.
    • The mechanism of the "get" counter can be found here.
    • Weapon tootlips will be silver or gold according to its frame in the Cellar, even for weapons that are not listed in the Cellar like Mercenary weapons.
  • Enemies will have a "kill" counter and a star GoldenStar level.
    • Each enemy can have 0 to 5 stars, depending on the kill counter. The star level doesn't have any effect on the enemies themselves.
    • If not at 5 stars, the kill counter will also display the number of kills required for the next star. The kill counter will stop at 9,999.
    • Enemies at the 5 star level will gain a silver frame. The golden frame requires 9,999 kills, or 250 kills for the enemies that require 25 kills for a silver frame.
  • "Game Complete" certificates have a silver frame for Normal Mode runs, and golden for Badass. In Badass Mode, the certificate will be lined in a more elaborate way, apart from the edges being golden, while in Normal Mode the certificate looks rather plain. The frames they are put in in the Cellar will also change depending on the difficulty.
  • To the left of the certificates is a small board which counts the total number of finished games (overall, Badass and Boss Rush in three separate categories), the player's best time in Boss Rush, completed Wanted tasks and challenges and the total number of enemies and bosses killed.
Wrecked motorcycle

There is also a Wrecked Motorcycle, which, similarly to the Damaged Robot, can be fixed by the Engineer at the cost of 15 Ironstone, 15 Parts and 10 Organic Matter. Once the Motorcycle is repaired, it can be mounted allowing the player to travel much faster through the cellar (+400%). This is almost essential if the player wants to travel the Cellar, as the weapons hallway is very long. It will stay in whatever place it was left in except if the player leaves the game or attempts to exit the Cellar with the bike, in which case it will teleport back to its spawn point.

2nd Floor

The second floor shows all the unlocked skins and pets to the left of the staircase, and all the in-game Achievements to the right.

  • Upon inspection, the skins and the pets will show a "Finished Times" counter, showing the number of runs completed with them.
    • Some of the skins will also show the name of the author.
  • Skins and pets can also gain silver or golden frames, depending on whether they were used to complete Normal or Badass Mode.
  • The achievements section shows the requirements and awards of the achievements.
    • Any achievement that has a reward can be claimed in their respective frames, aside from the Email. All achievement rewards are one-time only.
    • Secret achievements will not show the reward or method of unlocking. When you get a secret achievement and you look at where it would usually explain the procedure, it'll say "Hmmm I forgot how to unlock it."
  • Achievements that you haven't interacted with ever since you got them will glow white intermittently, in the same way the Design Table does when you can design something.

3rd Floor

The third floor shows all the plants of the Garden. Upon inspection, the entries will show the plant's yield/effect, growing time, and if they are reusable or not. The "get" counter indicates how many times that plant's seed has been found. For a plant's entry to show up, the player only needs to collect one seed of the respective plant.



A weapon inspection in the Cellar.

Inspecting each weapon will bring up its name, picture, stats (in this order: damage, energy per shot, critical chance and inaccuracy), as well as the number of times it has been found.
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An enemy inspection in the Cellar.

Inspecting enemies will show its name, picture, current mastery level (shown as a certain number of gold stars out of 5) and the number of monsters that are needed to be defeated to reach the next mastery level.
Cellar Golden Weapons

These are good weapons.

A sample of golden showcases for weapons.
Cellar skin

Who do you choose?

The left side of the second floor, showing your skins.
Cellar Pet Wings

Which is your faithful choice?

The far left of the second floor, showing your pets.
Cellar seeds

Will you plant a flower, or a tree?

The third floor, showing the information of seeds.


  • It was once referred in the game as "Basement."
  • The second floor of the Cellar was added in version 1.6.0.
  • The silver/gold color frame of weapons were added in Update 1.6.5.
  • Since version 1.7.5, enemies are shown with a silver or gold frame once you've reached the required number of kills.
  • At version 1.9.0, the pet info was moved to the left of the character info, while the seed info took the right wing of the 2nd floor.
  • In version 2.0.0, the plant info was moved from the second floor to the only entry in the third floor. The in game achievements took its place.
  • Before update 2.5.0, when the player interacted with the cellar's staircase, it would teleport you directly down the 1st floor. In update 2.5.0, the player has to go down an actual staircase to get down to the 1st floor.
    • There is always a large lag spike whenever upon entering the Cellar for the first time on each new game, as the game has to load in the Cellar all at once due to it not usually being loaded if it isn't used to optimize the game's performance.
  • The "Game Complete" certificates in frames look like the old way they were shown, where it only showed a seal, the name of the character you beat it with and the mode it was beaten in. However, when you actually interact with the frames you can see the current version of Game Complete certificates.
  • "Game Complete" certificates have drawings on all corners. All are grey except for the one that represents the final boss you beat, which will appear in the boss's color of Magic Stone (except for the one representing Anubis, which will appear in a different color). There is also a diamond at the bottom middle section of the certificate. Its color is also the color of the final boss you beat.
    • Both the bottom diamond and corner drawings will appear grey if the certificate is for Boss Rush mode.
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