Controls are an important factor of gaming. They can be used to play the game, switch settings, interact with the screen, etc.

Directional pad


Use this to move your character.

By default, the position of the d-pad is not fixed on the screen and it is reset each time you touch the left side of the screen. This behaviour can be modified in the options panel to lock the d-pad in place.

By default, a character can be moved around in every direction. This behaviour can also be modified in the option panel to only allow the 8 cardinal and ordinal directions.


Action button


When not nearby an interactive object, pressing this will attack with your current weapon.
When next to an interactive object, pressing it will cause you to interact with it. This will cause you to talk/use/open that object. Not all objects are interactive.


Switch button


Pressing this switches your current weapon.

  • A Character can carry up to 2 weapons at a time by default.

At the start of gameplay, a character only carries their Starter Weapon.


Skill button


Uses the character's skill. The skill is ready when the lightning bolt is blue. The white filling up the lightning bolt shows how long it is taking for the skill to cool down.

With skills that have a duration, the lightning bolt will turn white and start to drain from the top, indicating how long the skill will last.


Merge button

Merge Button

Uses for merging weapons. Place one weapon on the ground and equip other weapons, if they can be merged, this button will appear.


Switch Mode button

Special Button

Used to change the mode of weapons (said weapons include: Crimson Wine Glass (upgraded), Weapons with select fire and hard blocks and crates in Digital Space to switch to previously used colors). This button disappears when close enough to a weapon to pick it up, to make room for the merge button if it has to appear.


Pause button


Paused game window showing the Assassin and buffs

It shows the Pause Menu.

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