There are 5 types of normal environmental features: crates, tiles, unbreakable cover, blocks and portals.

There are also types of environmental features found only in the rooms of certain bosses.


Crates Crate are a type of breakable environmental feature. They can be used as cover. There is a chance of dropping energy orbs if they are broken. Crates have 4 health, meaning some low-damaging weapons may take more than one hit to break them.

Crates may vary in design depending on the area, such that the room of Grand Knight and Grand Slime contains boxes of weapons Tools, and the room of Grand Wizard has pots of scrolls Scrolls. But they function all the same.

In a rare occasion with the Crate buff, crates may drop a health potion, so it is a worthy investment of the player's time to break them.

There are also 4 types of dangerous ones. Each of these does damage to all characters: the player, pets, any followers and enemies. These, unlike regular Crates, have 1 health and will be destroyed by almost anything.

They include:

Poison Crate PoisonCrate

When broken, these crates release a Poison cloud onto a small area. If anyone steps into this area, they will take 1 damage every second. The poison clouds can overlap. They will not affect the player if they have the Poison Buff.

The crates are green.

Explosive Crate ExplosiveCrate

When broken, these crates explode. Anyone caught up in this explosion will take some damage, may get inflicted with Burn, and get expelled outward. The explosion will deal 10 damage to enemies and 5 to players and their allies. The buff that renders players immune to burn and reduces explosion damage will reduce its damage down to 2.

The explosion caused by the crates can be used to damage enemies, but do so with caution and from a distance. Watch out for any chain reactions though, as enemies may unintentionally trigger the crates, blowing them up in the process.

The crates are red.

Ice Crate IceCrate

When broken, they shoot ice in 8 directions. If these hit anything, they do 1 damage and freeze the player. However, they will not take further damage while frozen. They will still take damage if the player has the Freeze Buff. Also, it has a 100% chance to freeze any enemy.

The spikes of the crate can be destroyed mid-flight with a melee weapon and can trigger other crates, similarly to other types of projectiles.

With the Reflect Buff, the ice spikes will not be destroyed, but instead fly in all directions and can damage or maybe even freeze unlucky enemies.

The crates are blue.

Knife Crate KnifeCrate

When broken, they shoot knives in 4 directions. If they hit anyone, these do 4 damage. The knives can trigger other crates, so treat with caution.

These are found from 2-1 onward and only appear as barrels.

The crates have a metallic, somewhat white tint.

Special Tiles

The Tiles are a type of passable environmental feature, but some tiles have special effects.

Spike Tiles Spikes

Spikes pop up and down at a regular frequency, doing 2 damage. If anyone steps onto a spiked tile, they will take damage every 0.5 seconds. However, the Trap Buff will completely neutralize the effect of spike tiles. It does affect enemies, unlike lava tiles. These look the same in every biome except the Halloween biome.

Boost Tiles Boost

These are tiles that have the appearance of a blue or yellow up arrow. When walking over these tiles, the character will receive a temporary speed boost. During boost, the effect cannot be cancelled by another tile. The effect's duration will not stack and or be reset back to full if the player steps on another tile. Can be neutralized with weapons that apply speed penalty when fire button is held down or improved with the opposite. Affects enemies. These look the same in every biome except the Halloween biome.

Slow Tiles Slow

These have the appearance of a green or red down arrow. When walking over these tiles, the character will be slowed down temporarily, similarly to the poison cloud slow, but causing no damage. During slow effect, the effect cannot be cancelled by another tile. The effect's duration will not stack and/or be reset back to full if the player step on another tile. Can be further worsened with weapons that apply speed penalty when fire button is held down or neutralized with the opposite. Does not happen if the player has Poison Buff. Affects enemies. These look the same in every biome except the Halloween biome.

Lava Tiles Lava

These can only be found in the Volcano biome. These seemingly-cracked tiles will turn into lava for a few seconds. Players standing on it will take 1 damage each tick, unless they have the Fire Buff which will cause the effect to be neutralized. Does not affect any enemies.

Unbreakable Cover


These include trees, torches, stones, gargoyle statues, walls, and other decorative structures.

There are also different textures for unbreakable cover in each stage and level.

Some objects, such as tables Table in the Knight Kingdom or trunks Trunks in the Forest are not good for cover since they allow certain bullets to pass through, but unbreakable and prevent movement. These are half-height objects.

If the player has bouncing bullets, the bullets will bounce on these objects instead of passing through.

  • This includes Bounce buff which makes bullets bounce on otherwise pass-through objects.
  • Not the case for laser weapons.


These are colored blocks. They are very much like crates, but they are much easier to break.

However, with the Increase the chance of potion drop when breaking crates Buff, these drop potions just like regular crates.

They often appear in pixel art, like the head of the pet cat, etc.

Related Achievements

Bomberman Bomberman

Kill 30 enemies with explosive crates

Reward: none


  • After Update 1.6.2, the appearance of the knives shot from the knife crates were changed to have a more metallic look, similar to the Spike Knives.
  • In the past, breaking an ice crate with a melee weapon while having the Bounce Buff would cause all ice spikes shot out to focus in a single direction.
  • There is a glitch where, somehow, a health pot spawned by the Crate Buff can get stuck inside an unbreakable wall.
    • The player can still consume them, though.
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