Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Soul Knight.
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Why do pets have health if they can't die?

Pets have health but losing all their health does not kill them. After losing all their health, pets will stop fighting and return to the player's side. They will then be idle for about 30 seconds. After this they will start fighting again with full health.

I can't unlock Badass mode, what do I do?

All other Living Room items must first be unlocked before Badass Mode is unlocked. Only when you can see a hostess at 3-6 on the after game screen can you unlock Badass Mode.

What does "Get [number]" under the weapons in the Cellar mean?

This shows the number of times you have acquired the weapon. You cannot get a weapon from the cellar.

What do stars under weapons, enemies and bosses mean? Do they do anything?

Stars do not affect anything in the game. Similarly to "Get [number]," they only help to show the number of times you have found the weapon or the number of times you have beaten a certain enemy/boss. The stars are just for completionists who want to complete everything 100%.

Can I play with other people who are not on the same WiFi (LAN) as me?

Nope, the feature hasn't been implemented yet. You can use a Mobile Hotspot as well, but there is no way to play with people far away.

What do fish chips do? (How do you get the Panda pet?)

Paying for any amount of Fish Chips through the Lucky Cat will unlock the Panda pet. The second one will give you the Panda skin for Knight. After that, the player can spend those Fish Chips in the Lucky Cat Shop if they wish to.

Do the effects of the same buff stack?

No, they don't stack with each other. After a certain version, it is impossible to get the same buff twice, unless someone starts a multiplayer game with two identical characters.

Do the stages affect what the other stages are?

No. The stages are all completely random and do not affect the following stages. It is a misconception that what the first stage is makes a certain stage in the second and third stage more likely. This is also confirmed by Chillyroom.

How do you give your followers different weapons?

Get your mercenary to walk next to a weapon on the floor. If they do not say anything, this means they cannot pick up the weapon. Certain mercenaries will pick up certain weapons (e.g. Headgear Hero picks up Rifles, Mercenary Intern picks up Shotguns, Royal Knight picks up swords, etc.). All mercenaries can pick up misc weapons. Also, an unupgraded mercenary cannot pick up anything above Blue/Rare rarity; you must upgrade them once with the Drillmaster so they'll be able to pick up Purple/Very Rare weapons and again for the other rarities, or get the Pet Buff to circumvent this problem. You cannot drop weapons from your hands without swapping them for another weapon.

How to unlock the Robot (without buying Engineer)?

For the Robot, you need the Engineer, 20 parts and 20 batteries. You are able to get a Free Trial Voucher (from the Workshop trader, as a drop in levels or as a reward from the Task Board), which lets you use locked characters once. This should be left unused until after you collect the parts and batteries and use it on Engineer to repair the Robot and unlock it.

How do you unlock "Coming Soon" skins that cannot be bought with gems or money?

"Coming Soon" skins are exclusive skins that are unlocked during certain events (e. g. "Musician" skin of Engineer on Brazil Independence Day) or can only be obtained through Chillyroom's events (e. g. "Police9102" skin of Robot). Some of Chillyroom's events have the reward "A skin/skins of your choice" so that you can unlock your desired skins. Event participants must complete the event's quest to claim the rewards. You should regularly visit Chillyroom's KTPlay and Facebook for their latest events. They may also be bought from the Lucky Cat Shop.

How to unlock Boss Rush?

You need to find an NPC named Valkyrie in the dungeon and buy the Feather of Valkyrie from her three times. Then, if you have unlocked Badass Mode, you can find Valkyrie in the Magic Area.

I cannot go into Boss Rush mode after three attempts. Why?

Boss Rush has a daily limit of three attempts. Along with that, you need to have a Feather of Valkyrie each time you enter Boss Rush Mode. The Feathers can be obtained from daily tasks.

Is Groundwater's price bugged? Why is it so expensive?

The price of Groundwater is a reference to a CS:GO skin with the same name, which was very expensive.

How do I unlock the Digital Space? How do I access it?

To unlock Digital Space, the player must unlock the Robot first. Then the Digital Space can be accessed by interacting with the Computer, which is present where the broken Robot was.

Where do I use the various Vouchers?

Use the Redeem Machine in the Workshop to get the corresponding items.

How can I reach the game devs/representatives?

There is a representative in the Discord server, @ChillyRoom#6451. You can also reach out to them on Twitter at @ChillyRoom or through Facebook.

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