The Garden is an area located to the left of the Living Room. It is unlocked after reaching at least 2-1 for the first time.

Garden 2.5.5

The garden in version 2.5.5.


It includes eight Garden Plots; three empty and usable, and five unlockable. It also has a Shovel, a Watering Can, the current amount of Fertilizer the player possesses and a Training Dummy at bottom of the garden.

One of the Garden Plots can be unlocked with 5,000 gems, another costs $1.00, and another two cost $2.00 each. One of the plots can only be unlocked by completing the "The Last Wall" achievement in The Origin, by defending 46 waves of monsters.

  • All prices can be of other equivalent currencies.

There is a Panda pet in the center of the Garden. Once the player gets close to it, it'll follow the character around until they start a game. It can be fed with weapons that look like food (Bamboo, Green Onions, Carrot, Heavenly Sword, Fish, Laser Fish, Meat), and certain hammers (Hammer, Stone Hammer, Explosive Warhammer and Thunder Warhammer). Once fed, it can fight alongside the player as a pet in the current run, unless the "No Pets or Followers" condition is active.

  • When the player gets near the Panda, a "Feed" prompt will appear. If the Panda is fed, it will respond with a happy kaomoji (˜▽˜). Trying to feed a wrong weapon or empty hand will get a response of an angry kaomoji (┼゚Д゚).
    • If it is fed with a proper hammer weapon, the player character would say "Get me hammered." when doing so, in addition to the normal happy kaomoji (˜▽˜) that the panda will respond.
  • The Panda is counted as a separate pet from Garden Plant Pets such as the Devil's Snare and Titan Arum, and from the player's original pet.

If the player has the blueprint, it is possible to develop the Magic Well, such that it appears at top of the Garden.


Once the player has obtained seeds, the player can plant them in an empty plot. A prompt will appear and players can select the seed they want to plant. Then, the player needs to pick up the Watering Can and interact with the plot to water it- otherwise, the plant will not grow. The plot will become wet once watered. If the plant was watered before harvesting, the Garden Plot will stay watered for the rest of the day.

  • Some plants (like the Oak Tree and the Gem Tree) have many growing stages before they can be harvested. Thus, they need more than one day to grow. In this case, they need to be watered daily for 2 to 4 days.
  • Some plants (like the Gear Flower) have much shorter stages before harvesting. The player would only need to water them for one day before harvest.
  • Some plants (Carrot, Green Onions and Vine) grow immediately in the next visit.
  • Players can speed up the growing process by using Fertilizer on the plants. Once used, the soil will darken, and the plant will grow one phase (one day) the next time the player returns to the garden.
    • Fertilized plants will still grow even if the plot isn't watered.

After a certain amount of days, the plant will fully grow up and the player can interact with it to harvest it. The player can get materials, gems, pets, weapons or buffs from them.

  • Some plants can be harvested multiple times, though with their own recharge time. In this case, the plant will stay, and if the player waters it again, the plant will be available after fully recharging.
  • A plant can't be harvested twice on the same run.

If the player wants to discard a plant before harvesting, they can equip the Shovel and interact with the plot to remove the plant. Removed plants will disappear, and can no longer provide their resources.

List of Plants

Each type of seed has its own rarity color.

Seeds of Red and Orange rarity can only be found from specific sources. Otherwise, they are indicated as "Random drop", which means that they can be found in green chests, the Trader in the Workshop, the Gashapon Machine, random drops or provided by NPC Robot.

Buffs obtained from plants are added along with existing ones and do not occupy buff slots, and cannot be the same as the character's bonus buff. If they are the same then the prompt "You already have this buff" will appear and the plant will not be used up.

  • The only plant that gives a buff but cannot display the "You already have this buff" message is the Fantastic Flower.

Pets obtained from plants will accompany the player along with their own pet for the following run (unless the "No Pets and Followers" condition is present).

Since version 1.9.0, the effect of plants can be confirmed in the right wing of the lowest floor in the Cellar. In the spot where it would usually say how many times the player has obtained a weapon, it will instead say how many seeds of that plant they have.

Name Plant Sprite (Ready/Cooldown) Sources Growth time Reusable? Resource Given
Gem Flower
GPSprite 10
Random drop 1 day No 288 Gems GemPiece
Gear Flower
GPSprite 11
Random drop 1 day No 4 Parts Parts
GPSprite 1
Random drop 1 day No 4 Ironstone Ironstone
Trumpet Flower
Random drop 1 day No 4 Organic Matter OrganicLifeForm
Oak Tree
GPSprite 14
Random drop 3 days No 10 Timber Timber
Gem Tree
GPSprite 12
Random drop 4 days Yes 222 Gems GemPiece
Strange Flower
Strange Flower
Random drop 1 day No 1 random Magic Fragment MagicFragments
Random drop Next visit No a Carrot or Centennial Carrot.
Green Onions
Random drop Next visit No a Green Onions.
Random drop Next visit No a Vine.
Random drop 3-4 days Yes a Bamboo or Millennia Bamboo.
Xmas Tree
Sprite Agitated Trunk
Christmas Treant 2 days No an Agitated Trunk.
Devil's Snare
GPSprite 3
Devil's Snare 7 days Yes A pet that shoots 3-way poisonous projectiles


Dragon Fruit Tree
GPSprite 7
Baby Dragon Bros 4 days Yes Fire Buff each time.


GPSprite 6
Random drop 3 days Yes Trap Buff each time.


Magic Flower
GPSprite 13
Random drop 3 days Yes Get Energy Buff each time.


Heptacolor Viola
Random drop

Grand Knight Dark Grand Knight

1 day No An empty buff slot.

Multiple plants can stack.

Snow Lotus
Snow lotus
King Snow Ape 1 day No +1 max health and +40 max energy
Red Spider Lily
Headless Knight 1 day No Pet Buff once.
Varkolyn Leader 3 days Yes Poison Buff each time.


Caterpillar Fungus
Volcanic Sandworm 3 days Yes Health Buff each time.


Crystal Mushroom
Giant Crystal Crab 2 days Yes Extra Gems buff each time.


Golden Mushroom
Giant Golden Crab 2 days Yes Sales buff each time.


Titan Arum
Random drop 1 day No A Pet that bites and deals 5 damage.

Titanaurum pet

Guardian Flower
Guardian Flower
Random drop 1 day No Strong Shield Buff.


Radar Flower
Radar Flower
Random drop 1 day No Laser Buff.


Mirror Flower
Mirror Flower
Random drop 1 day No Bounce Buff.


Binary Tree
Binary Tree
Random drop 1 day No Shotgun Buff.


Random drop 1 day No Charge Buff.


Fantastic Flower
Fantastic Flower
Random drop 1 day No A random buff. Can't be one the player already has.
Pumpkin Plant
Pumpkin enemies from Halloween (Biome).

(Only during Halloween versions)

1 day Yes Functions in the same way as an Easter Egg.



  • Trees are reusable (Gem Tree and Dragon Fruit Tree) and Flowers are single-use (Gear Flower, Fantastic Flower, Gem Flower, Trumpet Flower, Mirror Flower, Radar Flower). The only exceptions to this are the Oak Tree, Binary Tree, Xmas Tree and Magic Flower.
  • Before 1.9.0, buff plants used to take the first slot in buffs, such that clearing level 1-1 will not choose one.
  • There were four Garden plots before version 1.9.0.
  • There was a goal located on the left edge of the Garden. Bringing the soccer ball from the Pet Food in the Living Room into this goal would get 10 Gold before the run started.
    • These were added in 1.9.0 and removed in 1.9.5 Halloween Update.
  • During version 1.10.x and 2.4.x (Christmas update), the Garden was covered with snow, and there was a slate at the left end, with the letters "deja vu" written on the ground.
  • During Chinese New Year versions, a fireworks pod will appear at the left. When hit, it will be activated and shows a fireworks display above the garden (Only multi-colored flashing lights will be visible).
    • However, if it is hit by a fire weapon (such as Flaring Claw), railguns, or the Elf's Focus Fire skill, it will catch fire and make a huge explosion that covers half of the Garden, deals 5 damage and has a chance to deal burn damage. It will leave a crater of way larger dimensions than regular Red Traps, regardless of the damage being the same.
      • Furthermore, doing so when language is set to simplified Chinese will also show a quote "春节期间,请小心燃放烟花爆竹!" (Beware of fireworks safety during Spring Festival!).
    • If it is hit by the Ancient Bow, it will not ignite at all.
  • During version 2.1.0 (2019 Easter), the Garden contained some egg decorations and three rabbits. These rabbits (two white and one brown) would follow the player before starting a run.
  • Before version 2.2.0, the Panda pet only acted as a cosmetic item.
  • During 2019 Halloween version 2.3.5, the Panda in the Garden was replaced with a Bat. This Bat could be fed with meat weapons or red-colored drinks, such that it could work like the Panda. Feeding it three times would also unlock it as a main pet available afterwards.
  • Before Update 2.5.0, the Valkyrie was located on the top right of the Garden, and the Email was at the entrance
  • The Magic Well was added in update 2.5.0.
  • In 2.6.0,the garden add an Easter statue an removed after 2020 Easter.
  • During Update 2.6.0 (2020 Easter), there was a brown Rabbit in the center instead of the Panda.

    Easter Statue

    • This rabbit could be fed with hammers. This feature was kept after Easter season.
    • A glitch has been fixed in 2.6.1, where this Rabbit became a bulldog after starting a run.
  • Compared to initial implementations, the garden's "ground" is made from tiles instead of a pre-rendered background.
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