The Goblin Priest is one of 4 potential bosses found in the Forest.


The room has very little cover, which comes in the form of a tepee with 2 wooden totems (1 on either side of it).

Torches found at the edges of the room can be used as slight cover. However, they are not very effective.

The player's best bet is to use the teepee.

There are six crates on the walls, which will be pretty much useless with all the bullet spams.


  • The boss usually drops nothing, but it may rarely drop a Magic Fragment of any color. If it drops more than one, it will only drop one of each color.
  • The boss chest may contain Staff of Shooting Stars, the boss' motif weapon.


  • Before 1.4.1, two portals used to spawn after defeating the Goblin Priest.
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