The overall appearance of the HUD.

The HUD, or Heads Up Display, is a factor of a game where players can see their character's essential statistics. In the game, the HUD includes a health bar, an armor bar, an energy bar, a counter of gold, and a mini map with a dungeon level indicator.

Player Vitals


The bars have fractions that show exactly the amount of a stat the player has. The health bar is red, the armor bar is gray, and the energy bar is blue. When the player loses health, armor, or energy, the color of the bar will drain, symbolizing loss.

The number in the bar will also decrease based on how much the player lost.


These stat bars will show an exclamation mark to the right, if:

  • Health is below half of max value;
  • Armor is depleted;
  • Energy is below half of max value.

The gold counter is next to the pause button. It has a number showing the amount of gold the player has. It can decrease or increase as gold is collected or spent.

If Badass Mode is enabled, a purple monster icon Badass Mode Icon will appear to the right of the stat bars.

If Boss Rush Mode is enabled, a red monster icon Boss Rush icon will appear to the right of stat bars.

If a challenge of Task Board is activated, the condition icons will also appear to the right of stat bars and the Badass icon (if enabled).



The mini-map shows the layout of the level a player is in.

The rooms are shown in squares and hallways are shown in rectangles connecting the rooms. The room the player is currently in will be whiter than the rest of the rooms. If there is a room that the player hasn't entered yet, it will be dark gray, but if they've entered it and left, it will be light gray.

There is also a dungeon level indicator below the mini-map, indicating which floor and level the player is in.

Room Indication

Simply a gray square

  • Indicates an enemy room.

A green hut Base-1

  • Indicates the Entrance where the player and their followers will spawn, along with an occasional Vending Machine, Scammer and/or character NPC.

A blue swirl BlueSwirl

A purple helmet with a red visor Boss

  • Indicates the Boss room.

A golden box GoldenBoxy

An exclamation mark Yellow!!

A gray cell

  • Indicates a room with a cage

Layout (Level mode)

  • There can only be one Entrance and Portal room. These rooms are the farthest apart from each other.
  • There will always be at least one Golden box room (there can never be more), and in almost every single case, one exclamation mark room.
  • The Boss Room can only be found on levels x-5 and will only appear once at the end of a biome. In that level, the Boss Room icon will replace the Portal icon.
  • There can only be one Cage Room per level.

Layout (Boss Rush mode)

  • The map will always be the following: at the bottom, the entrance, above it, an exclamation mark oe chest room and above that a boss room.
  • There are never any portals.

Layout (the Origin)

  • The map will always be the following: an area shaped vaguely like a plus sign with the magic stone logo at the left side and 6 portals at the other sides that will turn red if they will spawn enemies the next round.
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