Not to be confused with Staff of Illusion, a staff that summons a copy of the player.

The Illusion is an Epic Laser Gun found in the game.


It takes 0.5 seconds to heat up before firing.

Once it starts, it fires a purple laser beam continuously until the trigger is released.

If the laser beam is fired long enough, the damage will increase to 7 after 7 ticks, 8 after 15 ticks, and 9 after 23 ticks.



The drawback of this weapon compared to other continuous lasers is the high cost.

The player will need a good energy source in order to use this weapon, like having a no-energy alternative on hand or the Statue of the Priest effect.

Being the most powerful continuous laser weapon, it can clear rooms quickly, and chips off a large chunk against bosses.

If the player is using Knight's Superior Fire, a good combination is Laser Fish and Illusion, as the Laser Fish will not drain energy and will complement the Illusion's high dps, effectively finishing any boss in a matter of seconds. This is especially important when fighting a boss such as Anubis, where he will be almost impossible to fight when left enraged for too long.

Recommended Buffs

  • Laser Buff - Makes it more likely to be able to hit multiple enemies at once. However, it does not affect the damage.
  • Bounce Buff - Since the beam already pierces enemies.
  • Get Energy Buff - Helps somewhat with heavy energy consumption.
  • Charge Buff - Raises the damage per tick faster by half the time.

Recommended Conditions

Forging Materials

Version 1.8.2 1.9.0
Battery 12 10
Ironstone 6 5
Parts 6 5
Fragment 1 Purple, 2 Green


  • Before the 1.5.0 update, the damage range was 5 to 7 instead of 6 to 9.
  • The weapon's rarity is updated from Red/Legendary to Orange/Epic for an unknown version.
  • The weapon used to apply a speed boost before 1.8.0.


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