This page explains the layout of in-game levels, floors and biomes.


  • Soul Knight is a roguelike game which means each level's map is randomly generated, as well as the enemies.
  • Each level will contain at least 5 rooms, including the entrance and exit. Level 3-6 is the only exception since it is the end of the game.
  • Every room will have a center tile so that there are 40 tiles between it and the center of its neighboring rooms.
    • All tile counts exclude bordering walls.
    • The 5 tile-wide corridors join each room, ranging in length because of the set distance between room centers and the varying dimensions of rooms.
  • Each level will contain:
    • An entrance room with a green house Base-1 icon, which may contain a playable character (as a NPC), a Vending Machine, an easter egg ,and/or the Scammer.
      • This room is always at the center of 11x11 tiled area.
    • At least 2 rooms with enemies. In the case of x-5, there will be at least 3.
      • These can have a variety of dimensions, with width/heights 15, 21 or 25 tiles long (e.g. 15x15, 15x25, 21x15 and 21x25 are all valid rooms)
    • A room labelled with golden box GoldenBoxy icon. This room can be:
      • A shop (large shops contain an area of 19x21 tiles).
      • A small room with a lone Weapon (turquoise or brown) chest (11x11 tiles);
      • A Turrets Room (13x21 tiles);
      • A lone Green Chest that only contains materials.
    • Up to 1 room with a big yellow exclamation mark Yellow!! (11x11 tiles), which can contain:
    • Up to 1 room full of champions, indicated by another exclamation mark.
      • If completed, the room will always spawn two chests, one containing a weapon and another containing a material.
    • An exit room (11x11 tiles) for non x-5 levels, or a boss room (21x21 tiles) for x-5 levels.
  • For any x-1 to x-4 levels, there is always a shortest path from the entrance to exit, that goes through 2 enemy rooms. The number for x-5 is 3.
    • Outside the shortest path, the branch routes will only go further for 1 room, unless it connects another branch room.
    • This can be affected by "More rooms in the dungeon" condition, with 1 more room to reach the exit.
  • Some of the rooms have a special icon on the minimap:
    • The entrance room is indicated by a green hut icon.
    • In levels x-1 to x-4, a blue swirl BlueSwirl indicates the exit room, where the exit portal is located.
    • In level x-5, A helmet with red visor Boss indicates the boss room, where the boss must be fought in order to advance to the next stage of the game.
    • The room where the Magic Stone is placed in level 3-6 does not have a special icon, but it will always be next to the room where the player starts.
    • If NPC Vampire appears and opens a portal, the map does not change.


There are 8 different basic biomes, 2 biomes for floor 3 and 3 biomes for floors 1 and 2. The enemies found in each biome can be found here.

Sometimes, there may be a special biome for a limited period.

Biome Name Floor Present On Biome Soundtrack
Forest Floor 1
Glacier Floor 1
Relics Floor 1
Knight Kingdom Floor 2
Dungeon Floor 2
Halloween Floor 2
Spaceship Floor 3
Volcano Floor 3


Floor 1

The layout can be Forest, Glacier or Relics.

  • Level 1-1 - Buff at the end of level
  • Level 1-2
  • Level 1-3 - Buff at the end of level
  • Level 1-4
  • Level 1-5 - Boss, Buff at the end of level

Floor 2

The layout can be Knight Kingdom, Dungeon or Halloween.

  • Level 2-1
  • Level 2-2
  • Level 2-3 - Buff at the end of level
  • Level 2-4
  • Level 2-5 - Boss, Buff at the end of level

Floor 3

The layout can be Spaceship or Volcano.

  • Level 3-1
  • Level 3-2
  • Level 3-3
  • Level 3-4
  • Level 3-5 - Boss
  • Level 3-6 - A simple level with only two rooms to serve as the end of the game. The Magic Stone is obtained in an altar there.


  • The golden box and exclamation mark icons on the mini map were added in Update 1.6.0.
  • Before version 1.8.4, the room with green chest was mistakenly labelled with a exclamation mark.
  • The green hut icon is added in version 1.9.0.
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