The Living Room is the starting room which has all the characters shown around it, the current pet, doors and other useful objects.

From the selection screen, the player can select a character and change the accompanying pet. To change any of these, the player must exit to the main menu and start a new game again.

Interactive Living Room Features

Entrance to the GardenEntrance to the Magic AreaEntrance to the WorkshopEntrance to the CellarBeverage Vending MachineTask BoardOfficerGashapon MachineTask BoardChestsDoor, Going through starts the runMailbox to receive rewards for completing achievementsGalleryLucky CatFridgePetsSafeTVFish TankElectric Sheep ShawnBook PileTrash CanPet FoodPlantMail GuyBadass TravelLoop Travel2.7.0LivingRoom
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​​​​​In the Living Room, there are many different objects and features the player can interact with for different actions. They include the following:
  • All the Characters (except the Robot if not unlocked yet).
  • Door - Starts the game. To start, run north towards the doorway and it will automatically start the player's progress.
  • Chest - Unlocked by a one-time purchase of 1,000 gems. It can provide a random "beginner" common-rarity weapon, or all the rings in multiplayer.
  • Mail Guy - The player will receive 500 gems when interacting with him (by signing his parcel). Available once each day.
  • Gashapon Machine - Costs 200 gems per gashapon and has a limit of 30 times each day. Since version 1.7.5, it replaces the Slot Machine in the living room.
  • Email - Used to collect Achievement rewards, and other rewards and notifications.
  • Fridge - Opens the currency shop, which contains in-app purchases of gems, a free revival card and free gems by watching ads (The player can only earn free gems for only 5 times every day; the first video gives 500 gems while the rest only give 200, adding up to a total of 1300 gems earned by watching videos per day).
  • TV - Gives 20 gold after watching an advertisement video.
  • Cellar - Enters the cellar through a long stairway. The first time visited after every run, there may be a big lag spike.
  • Lucky Cat - For purchasing Fish Chips and accessing the Lucky Cat Shop. The first purchase unlocks the Panda pet, and the second purchase unlocks the "Panda" skin for the Knight.
  • Safe - Increases the starting amount of gold coins. Upgradable by using gems.
  • Book Pile - Increases critical chance for all characters. Upgradable by using gems. It also has a chance to drop Paper Slip when checked.
  • Pet Food - Increases Pet health and damage. Further improved by upgrading it using Gems. In Level 4 and the Final Level (Level 5), it increases 1 attack damage and then 10 additional health.
  • Plant - Increases base speed for all characters. Upgradable by using gems. 
  • Badass Travel - Switches the difficulty into Badass Mode upon interaction.
  • Loop Travel - Activates Loop Mode.
  • Gallery - Shows fan art made by other Soul Knight players.
  • Trash Can - Drops the current weapon. This process cannot be undone.
  • Task Board - Displays the daily challenges and tasks along with the rewards.
  • Officer - Gives the reward of the challenge/task from Task Board after it has been completed. He is also a playable character after the 2.7.0 update.
  • Beverage Vending Machine - Gives a random drink at the price of 5 gold.
  • Fish Tank - May give a random fish weapon (Fish, Laser Fish, or Heavenly Sword).
  • Peddler Man - A promotion for the game We Happy Restaurant and some other games.
  • Secret Signal Room - May replace the Gallery. Sends the player to the in-game "ChillyRoom Office."
  • Electric Sheep Shawn - Unlocked together with Robot. Toggles the background music upon interacting.
  • Advanced Tutorial - This can be accessed through the Drillmaster next to the table. After the tutorial is completed, he will be found in the Garden, next to the Training Dummy.

Unlockable Items

While most of the items in the Living Room are unlocked by default, some other items need to be unlocked first. Mostly, they require reaching a certain level for the first time during a run to unlock. However, these items can't be unlocked simultaneously in a single run, since unlocking an item requires all the previous items to be unlocked first.

  • Cellar - Unlocked by reaching 1-5 for the first time.
  • Safe - Unlocked by reaching 2-1 with Cellar already unlocked.
  • Task Board, Book - Unlocked by reaching 2-3 with Safe already unlocked.
  • Pet Food - Unlocked by reaching 2-5 with Task Board and Book already unlocked.
  • Plant, Trash Can - Unlocked by reaching 3-1 with Pet Food already unlocked.
  • Badass Travel - Unlocked by reaching 3-6 (beating the game) for the first time, with all other items already unlocked.
  • Loop Travel

The Fish Tank and Beverage Vending Machine need to be unlocked with the corresponding blueprints and materials. Prior to their unlocking, the item's places would be occupied by a sign, which shows a prompt to unlock the item when interacted with.

Other Rooms

Since version 1.8.x, the left of the room leads to the Garden, the right side connects to the Workshop, and since 2.5.0, the lower side of the room leads to the Magic Area.

  • Garden unlocks at Level 2-1.
  • Workshop unlocks at Level 1-5.
  • Magic Area unlocks at Level 1-5.



  • Since version 1.10.0, when the player goes to the Living Room, there is a small chance that a Mahjong table will spawn, replacing the table that Elf, Assassin, Alchemist and Berserker are sitting around if the player has all four characters. Those 4 characters also have different quotes when interacted with.
  • There was a football (not the weapon) on top of the Pet Food that could be pushed around. When pushed into the goal in the Garden, it gave 10 coins. It was added in 1.9.x and removed in version 1.9.5.
  • In update 2.5.0, almost every single interactive item that there was at the moment was relocated:
    • The Fridge and Safe were moved over to the far right
    • The Task Board was moved over to the left
    • The Gashapon Machine was moved over to the right to make room for the Task Board and Beverage Machine
    • The TV was moved up to make room for the Fish Tank
    • The Trash Can was moved to the left of the stairs to the Cellar
    • The Plant was moved so it would stay to the left of the Druid, and the same was done with the Pet Food and Werewolf
      • This caused Druid's quote to change.
  • In update 2.5.5, the table where Elf and the others sit includes some sprites from other places, namely:
    • The plant shown on the left side of shops Planty
    • The coffee cup shown on the right side of a 3-item shop
    • A Health Pot L Healthpot L
    • A book from the Book Pile in the same room.
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