Loop Mode Icon

The loop mode icon.

Loop Mode is a game mode enabled by interacting with the Loop Travel.

Game play

In Loop Mode, the game is looped after 3-5, such that it continues on to 4-1 and beyond. It follows the same sequence of stages throughout the run (e.g. Forest on 4-1 and Knight Kingdom on 5-1). The game will continue looping until the player dies, and as long as the player passes 3-5, it is counted as a win.

Looped enemies will still drop materials and seeds, while getting progressively tougher as the game proceeds.

This mode is very similar to The Origin in terms of how each loop gets harder.

  • For every loop (3 biomes), enemies deal 2 more damage.
  • For every loop, enemies have 100% more health.
  • For every loop, enemies are denser.
  • For every loop, enemies will be more dangerous and launch more attacks more frequently.
  • For every loop, enemy debuff time is cut in half.
  • Champions spawn more frequently every loop.
  • Gold prices also increase, such that some players may need thousands of gold to buy a single attachment in very late floors.

On the other hand:

  • Energy orbs will restore 4 more energy for every loop completed. (e.g., 12 energy in 4-1, 16 energy in 7-1, and so on.)
  • All 3-5 bosses will spawn boss chests. This still happens whenever they are defeated in further loops.


Recommended Buffs

Because of how difficult loops will be as the player progresses, they will need to use all means of survival. Without extra buff slots, the player still only gets to pick five buffs, so choose carefully.

The player should keep the Poison and Fire Buffs on their priorities list. The player cannot afford to focus on avoiding lava tiles or poison pools when they should be engaged on dodging extremely thick bullet hell scenarios.

The Strong Shield Buff is also extremely important, because in later loops, basic enemies can easily deal 2 digit numbers worth of damage, which will bypass the player's armor easily and may even instantly kill them.

Recommended Weapons

Although enemies have more health in loop mode, similarly to The Origin, there is no Weaponsmith to upgrade the player's weapons. The player must choose their weapons carefully and boost it as much as they can with attachments and statues.

  • Weapons that are good at crowd control and disabling enemies with stun or freeze are excellent choices. When an enemy is frozen or stunned for the whole duration of the fight, how much health they have no longer matters, because they will not be able to launch any attacks anyway.
  • Weapons that stays the same amount of efficiency no matter how much health the player's foes have is also a good choice. Currently, there are only 3 weapons that has its damage increase with enemy health. They are the Thunderstorm Warhammer (due to a bug), Staff of Anubis and Death Note.
  • Other weapons like Shield and Fine Magic Staff work good if the player need defense. Defensive weapons are important because in later stages, it is almost impossible to clear rooms quickly due to high enemy health. The main method would be to grind away at them, and defensive weapons are very essential if the player plans to be under bullet hell for full minutes.

Recommended Characters and Skills

Due to the absence of the stat boosting version of Mentor, skills that depend heavily on health are bad in later stages. For example, Priest without skill upgrade is pretty much useless when a single bullet can reduce her health from full to none -- there is no room for healing because all health is subtracted instantly. On the other hand, skills that restore armor are still of some use if the player has the Strong Shield Buff.

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