Multiplayer is a gameplay mode where the player can play with other people. As of Update 1.6.0, up to 4 people can play with each other at the same time. This mode can be accessed from the starting screen.

Starting Multiplayer

  • One person needs to be the host. They press the "Host game" button, then decide the room name ("Soul Knight" by default). They will then be presented with three checkboxes that can be checked and unchecked freely: if checked, the first enables Badass Mode, the second enables Boss Rush Mode (only available if the host has unlocked the mode and has any Feathers of Valkyrie) and the third enables challenge conditions (random ones are picked every time conditions are enabled, allowing the players to search for the ones they want. These are always different from the ones on the host's Task Board). Then, they can confirm their settings, after which they will be sent to the Living Room. Once they are done in the Living Room, the host may enter the door to initialize the game.
  • Other people should first connect to the same Wi-Fi (or a hotspot created by the host), go to the "Join game" section of Multiplayer and choose the corresponding game to join. After joining the game, they will be sent to the Living Room. Once they reach the Living Room door, joining the game is completed. Guests can only enter said door after the host does.
    • The door, instead of the swords clashing image indicating battle, will have a GIF image of two devices connected, symbolising that going in means the player will connect to the others' devices.
  • All participants can roam freely in the Living Room before they enter the game and try to get any weapon or other possible items from the Garden and Workshop or forge weapons in the Forge Table like in a single player game. For the rings, the unlocked ones will appear by opening the chest next to the door. The only things they can't do is interact with the Task Board, Badass Travel, Loop Travel, the Valkyrie, the Drillmaster and the Ancient Portal. They'll react "Come next time when you play solo."
    • The Officer has the exclamation mark that usually indicates the player should talk to him above his head, but he does nothing in multiplayer.
  • When the player is ready, move to the door and the player will arrive in a standby room. Players in that room can practice freely on a Training Dummy.
    • There are four large screens on the wall of the room. If any player is in the Living Room but not ready yet, it'll show their skin on a monitor, and if they're ready, the corresponding screen will show the player with "READY" beneath the image. The player will also appear in the waiting room. Otherwise, the monitor only shows noise.
  • When at least two players are ready, the host can start the game by pressing a button with the play icon on it.
  • If a run has been interrupted and the players want to resume the game, they need to use the "Last game" button at the title screen. The host will get to start if at least one player is back.

Playing Multiplayer

In Multiplayer mode, many factors of gameplay change, such as:

  • Chests can be larger than normal. These chests require some players to stand on separate buttons at the same time to open. These chests will give more than one weapon, depending on the number of buttons.
    • For example, in a game with 3 players, chests may have 2 or 3 buttons while giving 2 or 3 weapons accordingly.
  • Shops may contain more items (big shops can contain up to 6)
  • Champion rooms come with more reward chests (one for each player)
  • Gold, energy orbs and materials are separated for each player. Only those for the players' character are visible.
    • Note that if any players have found a blueprint but any others haven't, the blueprint will not show up for all the players that have. This can be problematic in Turret Rooms where only one player can choose anything, and if the players that have the blueprint collect what is in that spot (as they have the blueprint, it'll be another material), it'll be locked for the others.
  • Developed weapons and armor mounts can appear randomly even if none of the players have developed them.
    • This also works for regular Mounts, which can appear even if the player doesn't have the right achievement.
  • Buffs that are chosen will apply to every player. Only the host is able to choose the buffs.
    • Buffs on fully-upgraded characters will also apply to all other players, even if they may be different for each character used. Buffs that anyone comes with will not show up in the choices.
      • For example, if a game starts with a fully-upgraded Knight and a fully-upgraded Wizard, the Knight will also benefit from the Wizard's Elemental Buff, and the Wizard will also benefit from the Knight's Strong Shield Buff.
    • In addition, buffs obtained from drinks from the Waiter will only apply to the player who bought the drink. The only exception is Tea, which adds an additional buff slot.
      • For example, if one player buys Wine from the Waiter, only they shall receive the extra 2 health and not their teammates.
  • Each Statue can be worshipped once by every player. Statue effects are independent for each player.
  • Each player can see a small life bar shown above other player characters. Their armor and energy values are not shown.
  • Players can revive each other if someone dies. The person who had died cannot do anything until another player revives them.
    • In order to revive another player, move to that player and interact with them. The player must then remain next to the downed player until their life bar has been fully refilled (the progress of revival is shown in green) and the player is revived. It takes 5 seconds to revive a player.
      • The other players will be automatically revived once someone enters the portal to the next level.
    • A revived player will revive with only 1 health and full armor. There is no limit on how many times a player can be revived.
    • The game is over when all players are down.
      • However, if the "You can revive twice" condition is active, the first time all players fall down, they will all be revived.
  • If a player enters a new room with enemies (thus making them aggressive), all other players will be forced to warp to that player to deal with the enemies together.
    • This also happens in Turret Rooms, where all players will warp to where the chosen item used to be.
  • All enemies have increased health. Every extra player will cause a 50% increase in enemy health, up to 250% of the basic value in a 4-play game.
  • Enemies will spawn more frequently. The more players in-game, the more enemies spawn.


  • Prior to Update 1.6.0, if the player disconnected, the player would be unable to continue their game in Multiplayer.
  • In the past, a dead player could switch weapons before being revived. This could cause an exploit if that player was carrying a Shield or other weapons that work upon switching.
  • Before version 2.3.0, the "You can resurrect twice" condition was useless in this mode.
  • The interface of starting a multiplayer game was simpler without the use of the Living Room before update 2.5.0.
    • As of version 2.0.5, at this screen, if the player is the host, their local IPv4 address (always 192.168.x.x) will be displayed at the bottom-left corner if they are connected to a WiFi (either router or mobile hotspot), or your own IPv4 (eg. if they're on mobile data. If the player is the participant, they will see the host's IPv6.


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