Normal Mode is a mode where the game is played at its original difficulty. Normal Mode is easier than Badass Mode and to unlock Badass Mode as well as all other items in the Living Room, a player needs to finish a run in Normal Mode.


  • Each time the player enters a level, they will appear in an empty room.
    • Players can come across nothing, a Scammer, a Vending Machine, and another unlocked hero as an NPC that the player is not playing as. It can be any other character the player is not playing as, if they are playing multiplayer. In that case, the NPC hero's services are only available for the player(s) who unlocked the character.
    • The items and characters in the room are randomized, and it is possible to encounter multiple items and characters at once.
  • Each time the player enters a room with enemies, the room barriers will lock the player in and they need to defeat every enemy they can encounter so the barriers will go down. Barriers can appear at the entrance/exit of every room, even if there are no enemies. If the room contains a Chester, the barriers will not go up and both the player and the enemy can leave the room, through the projectiles will not penetrate seemly "deactivated" barriers.
    • Sometimes in multiplayer, a glitch can occur, whereas when some players have defeated all enemies, the others have not, which can cause one player to see the other player(s) attacking and damaging dead enemies or dead enemies moving around. It can also cause a visual glitch whereas a player can exit a room with the barriers active.
    • All-Champion Rooms and Boss Rooms are marked with a red barrier.
  • In order to proceed to the next level, the room with a portal must be found. It's marked on the minimap with a blue vortex.
    • In the case of a Boss level, the room is instead marked as a black helmet with a red visor. The portal spawns after the boss is defeated. Defeating a boss would spawn a golden chest that may contain a better weapon or even the boss's motif weapon. Chest does not spawn if the boss was at 3-5.

Related Achievements

You Nailed It! You nailed it!

Complete 1 game in normal mode

Reward: 2000DailyGems

Speed Runner I Speed Runner I

Clear normal mode within 20 minutes

Reward: none

Bare Hands Bare Hands

Clear Level Mode - Normal with no weapons

Reward: none


  • The only time that Normal mode is referenced in-game is by the Badass Travel, with the quote "Switch to Normal Mode?".
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