Where is the Badass Lady...?

The Pause Menu is a Menu that can be opened while playing a character by pressing the pause button in the top right of the screen.

It will display all your current buffs (and have placeholders if you have none).

You can also see a little "profile picture" of the character or skin you're currently using on the side.

Here you can:

  • Home Return to the Main Menu (If you have quit once already or you have died before the Revive Me prompt or the Game Over screen shows up, it will instead show a check and a cross. Clicking the check will make you lose your progress)
  • Use Record Video (Removed)
  • Music Mute/unmute the music
  • Sound Mute/unmute the sound effects
  • Lock Lock the controls
  • Moving Change axis mode
  • Screenshake Adjust the violence of the screenshake (caused by getting hit, explosions, or critical hits of Bows/Crossbows -type weapons)
  • Arrows Show/Hide the arrows that are on the enemies' bodies (removed)
  • Share Share your screenshot


  • The little profile picture didn't actually show as different skins in the early versions but only the source character you're playing as. This mechanic was added in the New Year Update.
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