The main goal of playing Soul Knight is to get through as many levels as you can by defeating enemies to retrieve the Magic Stone.

There is a total of 15 levels a player needs to complete. If the player survives through those levels, they win the game. If they are killed by the enemies, they lose and have to start over in order to win. You can revive once using gems or by watching an advertisement that will play at the end.

A player needs to choose a desired character to start the game. The game starts in the Living Room, where one can interact with the objects and NPCs. If the player comes in contact with the door, they are sent to the first level (1-1).

Upon using the controls, the player can defeat enemies with weapons and character skills. Weapons are found regularly as you progress through the levels. The HUD indicates everything the player needs to know about their current condition.

If damage is dealt to your character, you will lose a certain amount of armor. If your armor count drops below 0, health is depleted. If your health reaches 0, your character dies and you lose the game unless you revive yourself.

Energy is used for most weapons. If your energy count drops to 0, you will not be able to use any weapons that cost energy, unless they have melee attacks.

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