The Statue of the Berserker is one of the 9 statues that can be found in the game.

Youre powered up

Berserker Statue's effect. Notice the bigger bullets.

Worshipping this statue gives the Weapon Boost, a projectile-buffing effect, making them bigger and dealing 2 additional damage each. Certain projectiles such as the Molotov Cocktail and Green Essence are not affected.

  • The effect also creates a red hexagon around players, similar to Ring red.
    • All projectiles that travel past the hexagon are also affected. Be careful if the character is moving in the same direction of a hostile bullet.
    • If an enemy bullet is reflected using the Reflect Buff while the statue effect is active, it will also become larger but doesn't deal more damage.
  • Also affects Railguns and Elf's Focus Fire skill, such that they can deal more damage and have a larger explosion radius (can stack with Laser Buff).
  • The statue also affects Melee and Laser weapons, as it adds 2 more damage, the melee attacks have better range, and the laser beams are slightly wider. This stacks with the Melee Range Buff and in case of shockwave-generating melees, the Laser Buff.
    • This affects projectiles of melee weapons as well. This includes

      Jack and Mary with Berserker Statue.

      projectiles provided by Energy Hilt, as long as it is generated inside the hexagon. Counter-example exist on weapons like the Hammer.
  • If the You can worship multiple statues condition is enabled and this statue is included, it will also affect other possible statues as well. Specifically, the statues of Sorcerer and Assassin. Although it does affect the TNTs spawned from the Statue of the Engineer, they don't deal increased damage.
  • This statue doesn't have any effects on continuous firing Laser weapons (such as Electric Therapy and Laser Fish), or skills of Robot, Vampire, Paladin and Wizard. It also does not affect ranged weapons without solid projectiles such as Death Note.
  • The boosted attacks will continue to deal higher damage, unless the attack expires (E.G. Melee swing ending or a bullet disappears) It's good for some weapons like Magic Staff and Fine Magic Staff, as if the orbs are affected and the player keeps using the staff, the boost will not wear off even if the statue's effect expires.
  • Technically, the Statue Buff only extends the skill duration by 0.4 seconds, as their effects do not stack.

The effect's duration is 5 seconds, and the statue's cooldown is 11 seconds which starts right after the effect is triggered, making the technical CD 6 seconds.


Sample toomanystatues

When the correct statues stack.

This statue adds 2 extra damage for each projectile, so use weapons with fast fire rate or many projectiles to maximize the effectiveness.

It can also extend the range of melee weapons, such that the player may want to clear out a safe area and wait for skill cooldown.


  • This Statue was added in the Update 2.0.0.
    • When players were holding Jack and Mary and activated the statue, the daggers sometimes work as intended or disappear when thrown and not do any damage. This glitch was fixed in version 2.0.5.
  • Before Easter Update 2.1.0, this statue added 3 additional damage, but it didn't have effects on melee weapons or laser weapons.
  • This statue is the only one with visible hands.
  • The red hexagon is similar to that provided by the shield, only in a different color.


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