The Statue of the Elf is one of the 9 statues found in the game.

Worshiping this statue gives you an effect that allows the player to release a shockwave whenever you use skills.

  • A blue circle is shown expanding outwards from the location of skill activation, similar to the one created by the Apocalypse mount.
  • Enemies within a certain range will be pushed away from the center of the circle and will take 5 damage.
    • Immobile enemies, like the Tentacle, can't be moved, but they can still take the damage.
    • Gold Mines and Crystal Mines can also be damaged but cannot be moved.
  • The blue circle will also destroy enemy projectiles upon contact and reflect them if the reflect buff is on hand.

The statue ability has a cooldown of 8 seconds.


This statue's effect is very helpful against bosses with many projectiles attacks such as Nian and C6H8O6 or even Zulan the Colossus, as it destroys all the projectiles around you. This gives you a lot of room to position yourself and can get you out of sticky situations.

It is not suggested to use this with a skill with limited range, such as piercing frost or dark blade, as pushing the enemies away might interfere with the skill's range and make it harder to hit your targets.


  • Before Update 1.4.1, the statue's skill did not destroy incoming projectiles, but had shorter cooldown.
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