The Statue of the Engineer is one of the 9 statues found in the game.

Worshiping this statue gives you the ability to place 4 pieces of TNT in a square pattern around you when your character uses their skill.

  • The bombs will explode after a short window of time or when hit. Each bomb deals 8 damage.
    • You can detonate these bombs yourself by attacking them.

This statue ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds.


The effect can deal a lot of damage, and can take down Champions with relative ease, but it is balanced out by its long cooldown and relatively short range. As such, you have to use it carefully to ensure it is not wasted.

This is recommended to be used in combination with the Alchemist as the poison can drastically slow down the nearby enemies, which lowers the chance of them escaping.

The Assassin is also recommended because when his Dark Blade skill is used next to an enemy, the melee attack will be automatically triggered, which causes the TNTs to blow up immediately.

The double statue buff will, obviously, repeat its effect, resulting in a total of 8 units of TNT and some brutal damage.

The damage of the TNTs is affected by Task Board Challenges. As such, under the ideal circumstances, it is possible to deal a maximum of 160 damage instantly without considering debuffs or enemy defense.


  • It was added in the 1.8.2 Update.
  • At version 2.0.0, the fuse time of the TNTs spawned from this statue was greatly reduced. The handheld version is not affected.
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