The Statue of the Paladin is one of the 9 statues found in the game.

Worshiping this statue gives the player the ability to create a barrier around your character when they use their skill.

  • If it was present when the player takes damage, the barrier will disappear and the hit will deal 0 damage.
  • It cannot prevent the application of debuffs, but can tank damage from debuffs once each.
  • Since it counts as taking a hit, it will reset the cooldown of armor regeneration.
  • If untouched, the barrier lasts 6 seconds.
  • The vines from Elf's skill take priority over the effect (it receives damage before the barrier from this statue does).

This statue ability has a cool down of 8.5 seconds.


  • The shield is basically a back-up plan as it completely dismisses an attack whenever you accidentally get hit.
  • It is not a great combo with paladin, as his energy shield skill will negate all the damage and lasts just a little less than the statue's effect. However, in a pinch, if a dangerous attack comes just as the shield vanishes, the barrier offers some valuable help.
  • The Statue buff allows two barriers to be established, which gives you significantly more time to calibrate your combat actions against bosses or a swarm of enemies.
    • With the Skill cooldown -50% condition, it is possible to get four shields at once and due to the invincibility frames, the player can avoid multiple hits easily.
  • The Cooldown buff allows abilities to be used more often, which allows the barrier to be deployed more often, especially with characters that already have relatively short cool downs, like the Alchemist, Wizard and Rogue. The Rogue and Wizard make particularly great combos with this statue as they are glass cannons.
  • Try not to waste the barrier on weaker damage sources.
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