The Statue of the Priest is one of the 9 statues found in the game.

Worshiping this statue gives an effect that allows you to place a magic circle on the ground when your character uses skills.

  • The magic circle is cream colored and emits small "+" particles.
  • The magic circle lasts for about 2 seconds.
  • Players standing in the circle will restore 10 energy for up to 3 ticks.

The statue ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds.


  • Characters like the Wizard (if it weren't for her high energy) and Alchemist are the best for this statue because during their skills, they don't have to move as much as the others.
    • Some characters' skills force or allow them to move around, so for them it would be less advantageous. In the case of Rogue, a good strategy might be to roll into a wall so that you do not roll far away from the circle.
  • A Priest with this statue effect will extend the range of energy regeneration to the full size of her Regeneration Pact. The effect and skill also have the same cooldown.
  • This statue is recommended for Knight because of his energy-consuming skill and not requiring to move around too much due to his very tanky nature.


  • The statue used to restore 32 energy over 4 ticks (8 per tick).
  • The statue's effect used to deal damage to enemies over 3 ticks (10 per tick).
  • When first added, the magic circle that the statue effect's placed down was just a yellow circle, similar to the poison pools, instead of its current one.
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