The Statue of the Sorcerer is one of the 9 statues found in the game.

Worshiping this statue gives an effect that allows players to shoot 8 homing bullets when their character uses skills.

  • These arrowhead-shaped bullets start in all cardinal and ordinal directions, but will soon home in on the nearest enemies (ignoring all cover) within range.
    • Each bullet can deal 3 damage, for up to 24 damage in total.
    • They are similar to the bullets of Wizard's Staff.

This statue ability has a cooldown of 5 seconds.


The Accuracy Buff can make the bullets come out in a 180° fan in front of the player. Bullets will also turn faster while flying, thus making them better at homing.

  • Also increases the amount of bullets by 1.

The Shotgun Buff increases the amount of bullets by 2.

  • However, the additional bullets are not visible unless paired with the Accuracy Buff, as they spawn beneath the other bullets.
  • When used with the Accuracy Buff, the whole bullet fan will be wider than 180°.

The Pierce Buff makes the projectiles ignore Barriers and Environmental Features, being able to attack enemies behind covers.

  • In this case, the Bounce Buff should be avoided since it'll make the projectiles bounce off objects instead of piercing them.

If the condition You can worship multiple statues is activated, this statue can take the Weapon Boost from the Statue of the Berserker, such as the bullets will be bigger and deal 5 damage instead of 3.

The statue can be used effectively with Assassin because the arrows will combine with his charging attack for a very high and quick damage output.

This statue suits ranged combatants and spacious area with little to no cover, since the homing bullets spread in a wide angle and they are very likely to hit obstacles rather than enemies. Because of this, it is extremely useful in the Varkolyn Leader and Floating Laser UFO boss fights.

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