The Statue of the Thief is one of the 9 statues found in the game.

Worshiping this statue gives an effect that allows the player to pull nearby enemies closer when your character uses skills.

  • A yellow circle is shown collapsing in on the location of skill activation.
  • Enemies within a certain range will be pulled closer to the center of the circle, and take 4 damage at the same time.
    • Immobile enemies, such as the Tentacle, cannot be dragged. However, they can be damaged normally.
    • Does not damage environmental features such as crates.
  • Your character also gains a boost effect same as the boost tiles if possible. The boost effect is not activated if you have the slow debuff or you already have the effect.

The statue ability has a cooldown of 3 seconds.


  • Use it with the Alchemist to pull enemies into your poisonous gas.
  • Use it with strong melee weapons with projectiles to maximize damage.
  • Use it with the Assassin to pull enemies together before attacking. You can also use the speed boost to hunt down your next target.
  • Use with Rogue to pull enemies together and hit them with one critical blow. Also for his skill and the statue's fast cooldown, you can use the skill as a speed boost to quickly run to a good position or simply flee away from enemies' bullets hell.
  • Use with the Berserker and a melee weapon to pull enemies close and hit them.


  • Since version 1.3.x, this statue effect does not steal gold from monsters anymore, defying its title of "Thief".
    • There was an exploit where you could activate this statue's ability outside of a room to earn gold from nearby enemies. This could be done repeatedly to earn "infinite" gold and "infinite" gems. For more information, check the Bugs and Exploits page.
    • This feature was likely removed due to players abusing this exploit.
  • The movement speed boost feature was added in Update 1.6.5.
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