Statues are interactive objects found alone in rooms indicated by a yellow exclamation mark Yellow!! on the minimap.

By giving coins to a statue, the player character will gain a special effect that is activated when using the skill. The cost of doing so starts at 15 gold, and increases as the player goes deeper in the dungeon (as well as with challenge conditions), and can be reduced with the Sales buff.

Statue effects have separate cooldown times that can be longer than the cooldowns of the player's skills, especially faster skills, like the Rogue's roll. Statue effect cooldowns can be monitored by the outer colored circle around the character's feet, which appears if the effect is ready. The color of the circle corresponds to the color of the line under the statue. Once used, this colored band will disappear from the statue's bottom and appear beneath the player's feet, as if the statue's knowledge had been transmitted to the player.

Statue effects cannot be used without the player first triggering their skills.

Basically, the player can only have one statue effect active at a time. Giving coins to a new statue will replace the existing effect. It is also impossible to give coins to a statue with same effect in possess.

  • However, since version 1.9.0, the Task Board may give a challenge condition such that players can have multiple statue effects. In this case, the character may have multiple circles if more than one of them are ready.
    • Before version 1.9.2, extra statue effects would be discarded upon entering a new level. This was a glitch.
    • If the player has the Statue of the Berserker, other statue effects (Statues of Assassin and Sorcerer) will be buffed (larger bullets and more damage).

The player can use Holy Statue in the lobby to gain a random effect. Note that it can only be used once each run, and will always give the same effect until a run has ended.

Statue Picture Effect Cooldown (seconds)
All nearby enemies are pulled closer and take 4 damage. Gain a temporary speed buff. 3
All nearby enemies are knocked away from the player and take 5 damage.

All nearby projectiles are destroyed. Affected by Reflect buff.

Shoots 8 homing arrowhead-shaped bullets in cardinal and ordinal directions.

Affected by Accuracy and Shotgun buffs.

Creates circular symbol on the floor, regenerating 30 energy over 3 ticks during 2 seconds. This only affects the player if they are in the circular symbol. 12
Shoots 3 daggers in a cone arc with 4 damage each.

Affected by Accuracy and Shotgun buffs.

Summons a knight follower.

Knights die after taking significant damage or after 20 seconds. Knights are affected by the Pet and Reflect buffs.

Creates a force field around the player that absorbs the next hit within 6 seconds. 8.5
Places 4 TNTs around the user. Explodes after a few seconds or upon impact. Affected by the Fire buff and challenge conditions. 10
Gives the user and all allies nearby the Weapon Boost effect for 5 seconds. This effect can't stack. 11


  • When under the Drawfism from the Task Board, the size of the circle under the player's feet will not decrease such that it looks oversized.
  • These could be past versions of the various heroes.
    • Although the Thief Statue and Sorcerer statue are not named after any of the game's heroes, it's obvious that they are referring to the rogue and the wizard.
    • The Werewolf, Alchemist, Vampire, Druid, Necromancer and Robot do not have corresponding statues.
  • Before Update 2.7.0, interacting with a statue would say "worship" instead.
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