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The TNT is a Common Misc Weapon found in the game.

Merging Recipes

This weapon can be combined with:


TNT deploys copies of itself when used. These have a 3-second fuse time and will detonate immediately if damaged by any attack.

Notable Buff Effects

Buff Fire
Immune to fire, decrease explosion damage, and increase fire damage to monsters
- This Buff affects this weapon as intended.

Forging Materials

Version 1.8.2 3.2.0 3.2.2
Timber 3 2 3
Fragment 1 Red 1 Red
1 Cyan
1 Red
Gems 0 100 0



  • Despite the common rarity, the TNT is one of the rarest weapons in the game, even more so than Red/Legendary weapons.
  • The weapon sprite could possibly be a reference to the game Minecraft.
  • Using the effect of Statue of the Engineer each time will summon 4 copies of this weapon. The effect can stack with the Statue Buff causing 8 copies to spawn instead.
    • This might be a reference to how explosives are used in demolition jobs and the name "TNT" being a common alias for them.
    • These spawned copies are also affected by weapon attack rate/damage conditions, such that in the ideal circumstances, it is possible to deal 160 damage instantly after triggering the statue effect.
  • During Update 1.8.2 the weapon could be found in the shop for an absurd price, at 9999 gold or higher. This does not apply to Vending Machines.
    • This was a joke by the developers that confused most of the community, which lead to it being returned to a reasonable price of 30 at base.
  • Before Update 1.8.2, this weapon had an energy cost of 4 instead of 3, and could not be found in shops.
  • The Chinese name is "炸药包" which means "Dynamite Pack".
    • Formerly, the Chinese localization literally still reads TNT, but was changed due to government intervention.
  • Despite its appearance, this weapon is internally categorized as a melee weapon, such that it can be used under Melee Only Melee Only
    Melee weapons only
    condition, and that holding it disables the basic melee attack.
    • This is likely an intentional effect as otherwise it would be impossible to place it when the user is too close to enemies.
  • TNT is also used by the Explosive Worker and Gold Mask.
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Type Mythical
Mythical Weapons

Sprite Buddha's Palm Buddha's Palm • Sprite Butterfly Dance Butterfly Dance • Sprite Cytoplasm Cytoplasm • Sprite Dimension Travel Guide Dimension Travel Guide • Sprite Echo Amber Echo Amber • Sprite Emerald Crescent - EX Emerald Crescent - EX • Sprite Five-Color Pen Five-Color Pen • Sprite Flying Dagger Miss No Doubter Flying Dagger Miss No Doubter • Sprite Fu-Xi Shield Fu-Xi Shield • Sprite Golden-Dragon Scissors Golden-Dragon Scissors • Sprite Heaven and Earth Bow Heaven and Earth Bow • Sprite Jade Vase Jade Vase • Sprite Laser Lance Laser Lance • Sprite Moonshine Frost Blade Moonshine Frost Blade • Sprite Nebula-Cannon Nebula-Cannon • Sprite Sky Piercer Sky Piercer • Sprite Taiyi Hossu of Windrush Taiyi Hossu of Windrush • Sprite Three Pointed Double-Edged Blade Three Pointed Double-Edged Blade • Sprite Time Traveler's Gadget Time Traveler's Gadget • Sprite Walkie Talkie Walkie Talkie

Type Ring

Sprite Ring blue Ring blue • Sprite Ring green Ring green • Sprite Ring red Ring red • Sprite Ring yellow Ring yellow