The Origin is the endless wave mode of the game.


Its premise is that it took place prior to the current game time.

The heroes tried to protect the giant Magic Stone from endless waves of bosses and enemies, until they were defeated and the giant Magic Stone was shattered.

The world then fell into chaos, until now, when the heroes attempt to collect the Magic Stones in every main run to restore balance to the world.


The entrance to The Origin is the Ancient Portal.

Entering it requires 500 gems.


The Origin layout

The Origin Layout

In this game mode, player must defend the Ancient Magic Stone from hordes of enemies that spawn in waves. The game will end once the player has died, or the Ancient Magic Stone is destroyed. The player can upgrade their defenses through the help of the NPCs inside The Origin. The goal is to hold off the enemies as long as possible.


Ancient Magic Stone

Ancient Magic Stone

The main objective of the game. Enemies will attack it, the player must defend it. The Ancient Magic Stone can take a certain amount of damage before being destroyed, and the only way for the enemies to damage it is to ram into it. Enemies will die instantly (including Bosses) after ramming into the Ancient Magic Stone, while dealing damage scaled to the remaining health of that enemy. The Ancient Magic Stone cannot be damaged by any other attacks.

Once it has been destroyed, the Magic Stones will scatter around in different directions and end the game.


Each wave spawns enemies. Before every wave, there is a preparation time for player to set up their defense. This is the enemies and preparation time for every 15 waves:

Enemy type
Preparation time
1st Mobs 15 seconds
2nd Mobs 15 seconds
3rd Many mobs 35 seconds
4th Mobs 15 seconds
5th All-Elite mobs 35 seconds
6th Mobs 15 seconds
7th Mobs 15 seconds
8th Many mobs 35 seconds
9th Mobs 15 seconds
10th All-Elite mobs 35 seconds
11th Mobs 15 seconds
12th Mobs 15 seconds
13th Many mobs 35 seconds
14th Mobs 15 seconds
15th Bosses 35 seconds


At the start of each wave, enemies will spawn from the Portals. The Purple portal in the minimap indicates the spawn and route of enemies for that wave, whereas the Blue portal indicates that that portal and route will be idle that wave.

They will try to ram into the Ancient Magic Stone, and attack anything in their way.

Enemies get a speed boost upon spawning, similar to stepping on a Boost tile.

Every 15 waves, enemies (including Bosses) will have their health increased by 100% of their regular health. This stacks with the double HP condition so enemies' health will scale to twice as high and doubling from there, reaching even five to six digit numbers in later waves.

Every 45 waves, damage of enemies are increased by 2 each hit, except for the lasers, shockwaves and ice trail attacks of Bosses which are not affected. Sometimes, the splash damage from an energy explosion will also not scale up acccordingly.

Enemies in every 15 waves come from the same biome, such that there won't be any possibility to have Goblin Giant (from Forest) and Snow Ape (from Glacier (Level)) together. In every 45 waves, the first 15 waves are chosen from level 1 biomes, the middle 15 waves from level 2 biomes, and the last 15 waves from level 3 biomes. If you complete all 45 waves, the game will restart the cycle.

Enemies that do not walk normally (like Frog, Battery (Enemy) and Devil's Snare) do not spawn from portals, but may appear as a result of the Summoner. In the case of the Frog, it may spawn after transforming an enemy with the Staff of Anubis as well.

Items and Upgrades

There are 3 pedestals to the right of the Ancient Magic Stone that look like the ones in the Turrets Room. During preparation time before waves, the pedestals spawn items for player. Each time player can only choose one item, causing other items to despawn. The items can be:

The player can get 10 buffs from the pedestals. The pedestals spawn buffs every 5 waves. Activating any modifiers related to buffs will increase or decrease the max number of buffs the player can get, but will not affect the number of buff choices, though this may be subject to change in a future patch. Getting buffs from the Garden, however, allows the player to hold up to 19 buffs. They can only provide buffs the player doesn't have and should they not choose a buff, it will offer a different selection of buffs after finishing a wave.

Note that if a weapon is placed on the ground for more than 12 seconds, it will disappear. Attachments do not despawn, unless the player quits the game.

There are some NPCs inside the Origin to aid the player in defending the Ancient Magic Stone. Once the preparation time for waves ends, they will be locked out of the battlefield and the player cannot get to them during waves unless they are already inside the NPC area. There are 5 NPCs:


There are many strategies to this mode. A recommended strategy for the player is to use their coins on buying and upgrading blindages. This creates an almost invincible wall (as long as the player doesn't trap themself) and will be very helpful during later waves.

The Priest's healing skills (especially Regeneration Pact) are very helpful as the player can repair the turrets and the walls for free, allowing them to save money on more important subjects. The effect can be improved with Mentor's upgrades, allowing her to heal massive amounts per skill use and withstand longer against gunfire. It also prevents significant spending increments as the mechanical engineer's upgrades are rarely even needed unless the enemies are really overwhelming the defenses.

It is recommended to bring in Railguns, Launchers and Laser Guns since they can damage multiple enemies at once. Weapons that can Freeze or Stun like the Glacier are also useful for hindering enemies from damaging the player's defense. The Pierce Buff along with a powerful ballistic weapon, or those who have infinite penetration like Soul Calibre are also decent choices. Boosters, EMP Devices, and sometimes energy devices are critical too, as one boosts damage to compensate for the high health levels, the other can occasionally neutralize projectiles, and the final tool can potentially help with energy shortages.

It is not recommended to use melee weapons, as the Blindages would tank most of the projectiles anyways. Bouncing projectiles are still a major concern, however, as they can damage both the player and their defenses. That being said, the EMP Projectile can take some heat away from the blindages, but the player should not rely on them completely and instead, focus on taking down enemies as fast as possible.

Try to put as many turrets as possible and arm then with the best possible weapons, as their damage DO NOT scale. Therefore, 2-3 Boosters are recommended, as they can enhance groups of turrets at once. The weapon pedestals can even make the painstaking Star Bow absurdly easy to obtain, so keep an eye on what it offers. Implosion and Horn can help with damaging hordes of enemies by grouping them together, making them much easier to damage.

Taoist has a glitch where he can use multiple weapons of every kind. Get to the 6th upgrade and unlock Tao Arts, collect a weapon and then get anything from the Mechanical Engineer, use it and the weapons will be floating ready for attack, it is not known if there is a limit (Verification Needed)


As the game is endless, this mode will always end in failure.

In The Origin, enemies and bosses can still drop materials (though the rate seems to be reduced), the player still has to collect them manually.

After the game, Gems obtained can be calculated by the formula:

10*[Waves passed] + trunc(0.1*[Gold remaining]) + trunc(0.2*[Enemies killed])

(trunc() means rounded down.)

"Extra Gems Buff adds an additional of (0.05*[Gold remaining] + 0.03*[Enemies killed]) Gems each game.


  • This mode was added in the Update 2.5.0.
  • In Chinese it's called "Shrine Defense" or “守护神殿”.
    • The name of this mode is derived from the "Continue game" button on the main menu.
  • Enemies do not spawn in the portals where they are supposed to spawn. Instead, they spawn in front of them.
  • The amount of enemies/turrets/projectiles potentially appearing the game will be so dense, that one's device may suffer from significant lag or even crash outright, especially after reaching three and four digit waves. This heavily depends on the device, however, as well as it's processing abilities.
    • Due to this, all arrows lodged in enemies, wrecked blindages (which may take longer to despawn) and defeated enemies will always despawn after a few seconds. Still, the lag may be extremely high after some time without the use of the "Double damage and half attack speed" condition.
    • Easter Bunny's minions and Mummies/Frogs created from the Staff of Anubis don't despawn when defeated unless the player quits the game and re-enters.
      • The only exception to this is from enemies spawned via the Summoner. As they despawn after the next wave, the transformed mummy will also despawn, regardless if it's defeated or not.
  • The Christmas Treant is static at phase 1, so when spawned, it instantly enters phase 2 and starts charging, dropping energy in the process.
  • All lingering enemy attacks can damage the defenses even a wave has ended. This includes blindages who supposedly retreats under the ground until the next wave start. Additionally, turrets will not fire before the next wave even if there are enemies in front of them (As sometimes boss-summoned minions may not die when they are defeated).
    • A turret WILL fire at lingering enemies if it was placed after the wave ends, but only for that pause period, with the enemy still alive. When the next wave starts, they will be engaged like any other enemy.
  • For the re-rolling feature, the player can quit once per wave and progress is saved after completing each wave.
  • As the Staff of Anubis technically defeats enemies before spawning a mummy/frog to replace them, transforming all enemies with this weapon will automatically cause the current wave to end. The mummies will still attack the player's defenses, however. This glitch can cause extreme adverse effect as the turrets won't engage them, which may lead to the collapse of the player's defenses.
  • The ending cut-scene only appears if the magic stone gets smashed or if the player dies and have exhausted their revives.
  • Originally, the game had a bug where the player can't leave the NPC area if they are inside when enemies spawn. This can potentially cause the defenses to be demolished easily.
  • The Baby Dragon Bros in The Origin wouldn't drop anything when this mode was first introduced.


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