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8th April 2020
Update 2.6.1
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Here are the changes in Update 2.6.0:


  • The Lobby is in Easter theme.
  • Added Easter Statue in the Garden.
  • Digital Space has been updated:
    • It now supports adding a room of specific type. If it is an enemy room, it is possible to assign detailed info, like biome, enemy density, enemy durability, and so on.
    • It is possible to place gravity devices in the map. These will cause objects to move to a specified area.
    • For Android players, it is possible to output layouts into external files and share with others.
      Necro Bunny Lady
  • Added Bunny Lady skin for Necromancer. Collect skin fragments from Easter Bunny to develop it.
  • Added Cage which can be found in normal rooms. Defeat all enemies so that players can break it and rescue a random NPC.
  • Added Redeem Machine where players can use vouchers to get seeds or weapons.
  • Mail Guy will leave a package of random weapons after getting daily rewards.
  • When picking up weapons, if they have golden or silver frames in the Cellar, they will be displayed in the information bar below.
  • Necromancer can be met in the dungeon as an NPC. She will provide random drinks.
    • Using any drink will have a drinking animation, like using reusable potions.
  • The Locker in the Workshop can hold items in three pages: Materials, Seeds, and Vouchers.
  • Some armor mounts can be upgraded to have an extra weapon. This can be done by Armor Merchant by paying some gold.
    • Some mounts have their special attacks assigned to the extra button. This overrides the extra function of player weapons.
  • Optimized the triggering combat mechanism, reducing the possibility of getting out of the combat area.
  • The Forests is in Easter theme, with different details.



  • If "Enemies can revive once" is activated, Nian in Boss Rush Mode will be revived into an invincible state, such that it is impossible to proceed.
  • Player may target enemies while outside a room.
  • Some enemies have a strange death sprite.
  • May be unable to interact with unlocked NPC Necromancer.
  • May be unable to select unlocked Berserker.
  • Some plants have wrong entries in the Cellar.
  • In Multiplayer, joined players may find no drink when meeting the Waiter.
  • If the Rabbit in the Garden is fed, it becomes a dog (different from the player pet) after starting a run.
  • Certain attachments would keep their effects on the weapon whenever starting floor.
  • If an armed Mad Scientist appears from a cage and is killed afterwards, the cage can be destroyed one more time and another random outcome will appear.
  • The Aliens (Laser Gun) spawned by the Floating Laser UFO is able to be targeted and killed.


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