Update 2.6.0 Update 2.6.1
10 April 2020
Update 2.6.5
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Here are the changes in Update 2.6.1:



  • In The Origin, when the player is holding more than two weapons or items, leaves, and rejoins the game, the extra weapons and items will be dropped on the floor and impossible to be interacted with. Relaunching the game in the next wave will make them disappear.


  • Fixed a problem where characters freeze after triggering an explosive crate with the upgraded Iron Fist.
  • Necromancer, when unlocked, can now be successfully interacted with as an NPC.
  • Fixed a problem where the Waiter serves no drink in multiplayer.
  • Fixed misplaced descriptions of some plants in the cellar.
  • Fixed misplaced effects on Enemies after death.
  • Fixed a problem where Baby Dragon Bros gave no fragments.
  • Nian is no longer subject to revival condition, thus removing the invincible boss glitch.
  • The Origin's weapon dupe glitch is fixed.
  • Nirvana Cross can no longer be placed in the turret in The Origin.
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