Update 2.6.1 Update 2.6.5
27 April 2020
Update 2.6.7
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Here are the changes in Update 2.6.5:


  • Easter is over! Decorations in the Lobby have been removed.
    • However the Panda in the Garden inherited the ability of being fed with hammer weapons from the brown Rabbit.
  • The Trader in the Workshop has been updated:
    • The right two showcases are unified such that they both sell seeds, materials and vouchers.
    • Permament seeds (like Gem Tree) will not appear anymore.
    • The Trader can restock items 5 times a day.
    • Vouchers of attachments have been added.
  • Improved the skill effects and appearance of some skins.
  • Dev room is back!
  • Rogue has a new hair style for the default skin.
  • Keyboard support has been changed:
    • Before it was H to shoot/use, U for skill and J to switch weapons
    • Now it's J to shoot/use, O for skill and and I to switch weapons
  • While in any shop, the item price is placed after the name of item.
  • Cage gains an exploding effect when being destroyed.
    • It also spawns fewer.
  • The Pet Buff can also affect all mounts such that they have 50% more health or durability.
  • Some bosses can drop more materials which will spread into a larger circle.
    • However, sometimes some of the drops might go outside the room.


  • Added a new boss weapon, Golden Cudgel. May appear after defeating Gold Mask.
  • Updated the Cellar so that weapons are arranged according to types.
    • Also included mercenary weapons.
    • The "empty hand" showcase was given a "quick melee" icon.



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