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23 July 2020
Update 2.7.1
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Here are the changes in Update 2.7.0:


  • Added a few rubber ducks in the lobby (Fish Tank, Forge Table, Magic Well, and one placed on the ground of Garden), indicating a summer update.
  • Added 6 new challenge conditions. Check the Task Board for detailed information.
  • Added Loop Travel in the living room. She can change your normal run into an endless loop.
  • Mentor now shows up in Level Mode to upgrade the skill of your character.
  • Added Lucky Cat Shop. You can trade fish chips for rare products like skins and pets.
  • Added 3 new seeds dropped by bosses, the Snow Lotus, Red Spider Lily and Golden Mushroom.
  • Added 6 new mercenaries.
  • Many NPCs in a run appear with corresponding background layout, instead of the usual small room.
  • The Panda in the Garden is moved from the center to the upper left.
  • While in the pause menu, it is possible to tap and hold the icon (buffs, drinks and others) to see their effect.
    • There is a yellow "R" letter at the lower left corner of the character icon. If the player has available revive counts, it is light yellow. If the player has used up all revives, it turns dark.
    • Some effects (like drinking water of Magic Well) have their own icon listed together with standard buffs.
  • Adjusted rarity of seeds such that permanent seeds have a rarity of Orange/Epic or higher.
  • Added a golden barrier when the player revives, indicating that the player is immune to all attacks for a short period.
    • The immunity has already existed from the beginning. This barrier is just a visual effect for this behavior.
  • Changed the wording when interacting with statues, removed the "worship" word.
  • Other improvements include:
    • Mercenaries can follow you to the next level, as long as they are surviving.
    • Points of damage taken by Training Dummy linger above its head a bit longer.
    • The gold counter is now closer to the pause button.
    • The ad and gem revive buttons have switched places.


  • Added 2 new characters, Officer and Taoist.
  • Added third skills for 8 characters.
  • Added new skins.
    • Some previous skins have new effects.




  • Berserker with Leap skill can jump through walls (and possibly out of rooms) with help of mounts.
  • In some regions, buying Fish Chips may cause the player to get extra Fish Chips whenever starting a game. This was quickly fixed.
  • Black Hole Missile does not show the black hole when used.
  • Full rooms disappear with a broken map on multiplayer mode.
  • Various Weapon Boost effects may trigger more than once. Examples include super large orbs in The Origin.
  • Tao Sword could not be forged. Fixed in 2.7.1.
  • Under "Monster split" condition, if an enemy is going to split by non-player damage (like spike traps,) chance is that the enemy will enter an invincible state, such that the room cannot be cleared.
  • The Mysterious trader shop Now sell only 1HP , or 2 for strange potion, patched in 2.7.1.
  • Certain new abilities could restore armor under the "Better defense" condition. Fixed in about update 2.7.2.


  • Paladin with Energy Shield can again gain energy from reflected projectiles.
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