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Guidelines to follow when contributing to the wiki are as follows. This includes notes on language to use and consistency.

  1. Always categorise new or uncategorised pages. If you cannot decide on a category, add it to the Soul Knight Wiki category.
    • The Soul Knight category should hold all other content pages/categories/media under it.
  2. Always bold the first use of the page name, in the introductory sentence on a page.
  3. Clearly and simply document changes in the summary box whenever you edit pages.
  4. Add an appropriate title to images/videos when uploading them.
  5. Always capitalise names of Characters, Weapons, Enemies, Bosses and Skills.
  6. If you would like to add a infobox, use the "Soul Knight _______ Infobox" presets.
    • Always use infoboxes for Weapons, Characters, Enemies and Bosses.
      • For the infoboxes on Weapons, Enemies and Bosses, please add a cropped image of the sprite found in the Cellar (with a slight border). See File:Mace.png for reference.
        • If they are not present in the Cellar, add a reasonable cropped picture of the item/enemy in question.
  7. Follow the weapon, enemy, character and boss templates when making new pages for this content.
    • Please ensure you add a link to the corresponding pages when mentioning "weapon", "enemy", "character" or "boss" in the introductory sentences.
  8. Attempt to use correct terms consistently throughout the wiki.
    • Use the term "Living Room" instead of "Base".
    • Use the term "Skill" instead of "Ability" when referring to the character-specific specials.
    • Use the term "Armor" instead of "Shield", unless actually referring to Shield.
    • Use the term "Cellar" instead of "Basement".
  9. Use singular names for titles of enemy pages (e. g. Dire Boar instead of Dire Boars).
  10. Use a reasonable number of links when the same word/phrase is mentioned multiple times on a page.
    • This is usually a single link on the first mention of a word/phrase (that is not in a header) for the whole page.
  11. Make sure you include the entire word when linking to a page.
  12. Do not link a word in a heading, and instead the first word under the heading.
    • For example, do not link "Buffs" in "Recommended Buffs" but rather the first occurrence of the word "buff" after the header.
  13. Write in third person.
    • Do not use personal pronouns, such as "I", "me", "our", "we", etc.
    • Use "the player" and "the player's" rather than "you" and "your".

Feel free to leave a comment below or message the Visphiric (inactive) or xXQUEENXx to discuss these guidelines (including suggesting new ones).

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