The Workshop is an area located to the right of the Living Room. It is unlocked upon reaching at least 1-5 for the first time.

In this room, the player can buy Materials, create weapons and armor mounts.


Interactive Workshop Features 

In the Workshop, there are many different objects and features the player can interact with for different actions. They include the following:


  • There is a damaged Robot connected to it.
  • After the player has unlocked the Robot, the Computer can be accessed. This is the entrance to the Digital Space.

Forge Table


The Forge Table

  • A weapon obtained at least 8 times will appear on the list of weapons of its category and can be forged at the cost of materials.
    • Merged Weapons cannot be forged.
    • The upgraded versions of Starter Weapons are unavailable as well.
    • All developed weapons will appear here after being developed.
  • Any forged weapon will appear on the table, so that the player can grab it.
    • The forged weapons can be used only in one run. After being brought into a run they will disappear from the table.
    • If the weapon is not taken away into a fight, it will appear in the extended area (see below).
    • A forged Fertilizer will also stay in the extended area without going to the Garden. It will not join with the stack of Fertilizer in the Garden once forged though, so it is a one-use item if forged.
  • The Forge Table is a convenient method to know how the game categorizes weapons. This becomes useful when putting weapons in a Reforging Furnace, as you now have a good idea as to what will come out.
  • The Forge Table and the extended area in total can hold 4 weapons. Attempting to forge a 5th one will cause the hero to say "No more room for weapons."


  • There is a small TV and items to be bought with gems.
    • The TV signifies the fact that the player can watch an ad for the weapon beneath it, yet cannot be interacted with and you cannot go between the item's pedestal and the TV.
    • The Trader will place a new item after the player has bought seeds or materials (up to 5 times a day).
  • Items for sale are as follows:
    • A single weapon of any rarity at leftmost pad. You can get it for free, but you must watch an ad. If you have a bad Internet connection, you won't be able to obtain it.
      • In some versions without that TV, this weapon can be bought with gems.
    • Seeds. Only standard one-time seeds can be bought.
    • Materials and Vouchers. Rarely, a Fertilizer or Free Trial Voucher can show up. Trader Skin Fragments can also show up here.
      • A fertilizer bought at this location goes with the rest in the Garden.

Design Table


The Design Table


One of the blueprints

  • Use blueprints and some gems to develop a weapon, Armor Mount, Skill or skin. Once developed, the player will gain a free copy of the item and it can be crafted at the Forge Table (for weapons) or Robotics Facility (for Armor Mounts). The Skills and skins are now a permanent option for their respective character that can be chosen at any time when starting a game.
  • Use special materials to develop skins and skills.
  • The Design Table will glow white intermittently as long as there is an item you have the blueprints for but haven't developed, as to remind you to develop it.
    • This glowing effect is the same for achievements in the Cellar you've completed and haven't viewed yet.

Robotics Facility

Robotics Facility

The Robotics Facility

  • Use materials and gems to create Armor Mounts to bring to a run.
  • The Engineer's second skill will summon a same Armor Mount as the one stationed here, if there is any.

Redeem Machine

  • Use vouchers to get random items of corresponding type. Vouchers can be obtained from achievements or sold by the Trader beside.

    The Redeem Machine

Other areas


The extended area

  • An extended area of Forge Table, where if you forged a weapon but did not take it before using the Forge Table again, it will be placed on this area the next time you return to Workshop.
    • There are an SMG M1, a Machete and a Glacier already placed in this area. They can be used only once, after which they don't appear again.

The Locker

  • A large Locker, which contains and lists the collected materials and seeds, as well as Fertilizers, Free Trial Vouchers, Skin Fragments and vouchers. It does not show what blueprints you have, however.


  • Due to a bug, when the 1.8.0 update was released, the forge table couldn't forge anything. It was quickly patched after a few days.
  • Before the release of version 1.8.2 (where this feature was added), some sneak peek pictures showed an alchemy table, which was not in the actual release. It was at the location of the shop.
    • Another picture showed the Forge Table with 6 weapons placed in the extended area, while it can only hold 3 in actual release.
    • The extended area had no weapons before a certain update. If the player logged in before the three other weapons are added, they will not obtain these placed weapons.
  • Due to a bug of 1.9.1, weapons gotten in a challenge will not count toward the total forge count that is required to forge the weapon, though the cellar get count remains unaffected. It was patched of 1.9.2.
  • During version 1.9.5, there was a mechanical pumpkin head placed inside the Robotics Facility.
  • Before version 1.10.0, weapons that required developing at the Design Table can't be found anywhere except the Forge Table. The player could only obtain them through forging.
  • During version 2.1.0 (2019 Easter), there was a present box (same as Shield in Christmas skin) placed at the right border of the room with the material Box. It could not be interacted with, however.
  • Before version 2.2.0, the Trader didn't restock the shop after the player bought something, and interacting with him will refresh the shop with new items, for the cost of 250 gems.
  • The Computer was non-interactive before version 2.3.0.
  • Before version 2.5.0, the collected resources were placed in a small green chest, named "box."
  • Since version 2.5.0, goodies are kept in a chest called Locker.
    • At version 2.6.0, it is separated into three tabs for materials, seeds and vouchers.
  • The Redeem Machine is added in version 2.6.0.
    • Due to a bug, it may not produce items corresponding to the rarity of the token. For example, it can give Bayonet in a Gourd from a white token.
  • Some texts from the Forging Table are yet to be translated and are still in Chinese for the English version of the game.
  • It is possible to take a voucher from the locker and hold it as a weapon, although it can't be brought into a run and can't be dropped. The player is still able to deposit it back at the locker or destroy it via the Trash Can but can't do anything more.
    • Additionally, the voucher can be fed to the redeem machine when in this form, though it's faster by using the machine directly. If it cannot produce any meaningful result (such as feeding an attachment voucher when the player's empty-handed or has a Legendary Weapon), it will refund the voucher.
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